Blobbies Wars XNA Dream Built Play contest

We submitted a version of Blobbies Wars in mid September for the XNA Dream Built Play contest hoping for a publishing contract with Microsoft. The contest has now ended, winners were announced and sadly we aren’t in the finalists.

Honestly the quality of the game was already pretty much there but there wasn’t enough polishing and content on the gameplay side to compete with other talented game creators. In fact there was only a two player game mode while other games had tons of modes, even multiplayer ones. The 1st game has even a level builder included! Difficult to stand against that…

In the end, I don’t feel so sad because we lost. I’m even more convinced that we can achieve something better next time, we just hadn’t enough time to invest on the project. Anyway this was a great opportunity to make an important step on the game.


  • andrea di stefano

    Hope we’ll be able to see the game on XboxLive some time soon anyway :)