A fish in the sea #1: Funding

Here’s the very first short column I intend to write regarding Fishing Cactus company life. This column will talk about daily issues we face as a brand new company. We hope it will be interessting for any developer out there who dreams about starting his own company one day hahaha.

This particular post will talk about funding the company.

Funding is one of the first step when you’re starting a company and it is the time, using different tools, when the company tries to secure money to actually fund the studio (buy computers, rent offices, prepare its first project, this costs a lot of money). Most of the time people ask banks, investors or publishers to invest money in their company which leads those companies to start already with a loan on their back. This can be especially difficult if their first game is not a success (this can happen with original games for various reasons which aren’t directly related to game quality).


Julien and I decided to go the “difficult” path, meaning that Fishing Cactus is self funded. We have no investors and no bank loan on our back. This makes things more difficult because we currently don’t have money to invest on our projects. We are starting out like a lot of independant game developers out there. Some are really famous, many of them aren’t just known (I hope it won’t happen to us though). On the other side we have the advantage of complete freedom.

After several years in the game industry, we see freedom as a real advantage.