SESS : Data-driven Interactions of Characters with environment

At GDC 08, I had the chance to present the motion engine we developed at 10Tacle Studios Belgium. It was a great adventure and the results are really due to a fantastic team of programmers and game designers. Unfortunately, we did not survived to the 10Tacle financial storm. I really miss the mood we had in our office. This team was a family for a lot of us, with its good and bad days. But today, we need to walk forward.

The slides of this presentation were available on 10Tacle website, but everything vanished. I think it’s time to provide them again, as there’s not much chance to see Totems any time soon :-(

So from now on, the slides will be available from Fishing Cactus website

If you want to listen to my not-so-bad-English-with-a-French-accent, you can buy the talk audio here (Thanks to Julien Delezenne for the link )