Equilibrio Dev Diary #3: Pay the price!

This is the third Equilibrio Dev Diary posted on Fingergaming.

You can read our previous entries at the following links: Entry 1 and Entry 2.Today I’m going to talk about a slippery subject: defining the price of a game on the App Store.

As independent game developers and when you start the development of a new game, one day or another you’ll have to face the following question: what will be the price of this game? What will be our strategy to make a good game as well as a financial success? What?! This industry is not just fun and joy? Uh… in which world are you living? Developers are not only making games for the sake of humans’ entertainment, it is also a business and people are living of it.

For indies, careful thinking about the price, costs, Apple cut (30% of the price), marketing budget amongst other expenses is not really an option.

So defining the price is not an easy task especially if the price varies a lot like on the App Store where you have really good games at 0,99$ and some less good games at 7,99$… It is then difficult to define a price that will make your game stand out. You have to correctly analyze what other games propose and find a way to interest the gamers in buying your game.

There are different marketing strategies. Some “bigger” games have the following commercial principle: start with a very “high” price point which they lower every month or so thanks to the App Store’s flexible system. Other games remain at a high price point. Some other games offer different versions of their game with more or less content depending on the price (lite, normal or premium versions).

For Equilibrio, we are thinking about launching the game with a low price point (less than 5$). We also want to explore the option of additional content packs which can be purchased and downloaded with new bonuses and levels. We plan on making content packs available for less than 2$.

We think that this way the game stays accessible for a wide range of gamers and their budget while those who enjoyed the experience can invest more money if they want to.

Don’t hesitate to post comments if you want to share some ideas and comments about the price and trends in general on the App Store or for Equilbirio. I think it would be very helpful for Fishing Cactus and the whole iPhone developers’ community.

  • Flavien

    Quand je lis “Don’t hesitate to post comments if you want to share some ideas and comments about the price and trends in general on the App Store or for Equilbirio.” et que je vois “No comments” en bas de la page je me dis qu’il faut être sacrément passionné/courageux pour trouver la motivation nécessaire à l’entretien d’un blog aussi calme.

    Perso je trouve que votre stratégie de prix est bonne. Cela dit je n’ai pas d’iPhone et le dernier jeu que j’ai téléchargé sur portable c’était il y a 5 ans…
    (On me signale dans l’oreillette que parler tout seul sur un sujet vieux de 2 ans et demi ne sert à rien… C’est pas faux. Mais je me dis que si quelqu’un repasse par là genre en 2013 ça pourrait l’amuser donc pourquoi pas. ^^)