Thanks giving

Thanksgiving is not something we usually celebrate in Europe, but I think every occasion we have to thanks people should be taken. First of all, I would like to thank our wifes and girlfriends. They agree to give us our chances, they suffer our absence from home, nights working on tight deadlines. All this without complaining. They also support us when things does not happen as expected.

After that, there is all the guys working with us, not counting on high salary but just there with the same goal as us: having fun creating games! I can’t count all the hours they spent on new projects, even to proof some concepts we had. We really have a wonderful team and we couldn’t have dreamt of any other.

For all you’ve done and are still doing for Fishing Cactus, thanks! If it becomes a renowned studio, you will be able to tell that you’ve played a huge role in it.