Fishing Cactus is a Nintendo Official Developer

We recently received our access to Nintendo development tools. Dev kits have been ordered and are on their way. We are really excited to see our projects taking life on such amazing platforms. Until now our Wii targeted softwares have been developed on PC. We hope it won’t take long until our games run on the console as we’ve already quite an extensive experience on GameCube (it’s not that different from the specs point of view). The next step is to play with the Wii Remote and see if our concepts prove to be correct.

Stay tuned, news will soon flow about our first Nintendo project.

  • Raptor

    Yeahhhh .. good news …

    I hope you won’t lose through the Nintendo documentation especially on the new TWL (Dsi) features :p

  • julien.hamaide

    We start with Wiiware project, Dsi is something we plan, but we already have a lot of work. We may need some help ;-)