Mojito on Linux – Diary #2

As you may have read on this blog a week ago we began porting the Mojito Engine on the GNU/Linux platform.

It’s going pretty well, faster than I originally expected. I started by translating the display part, initially running with DirectX on the Windows version and now running with OpenGL. The result was as expected, and that’s how we were able to post the first screenshot you’ve seen in an earlier post. We rapidly figured out that the input system provided by GLUT was not exactly what we needed. So we decided to rewrite that specific engine part with SDL in order to have not only the keyboard but the joypad too!

And I’m proud to say that everything is now fully working :) My next task will be to port the sound system of the engine.

As you can see in World of Goo, created by 2D Boy, they had about 17% of their sales on the Linux platform. It looks like a lot of open source gamers are just waiting for some stuff to play on the penguin!

So, be ready, Linux-users! Because in a not so distant future, you will be able to run on your hardware some Fishing Cactus games and show off in front of all your friends!