Fighters Uncaged Kinect trailer

Fighters Uncaged KinectSome of you already figured out (check last posts if not) but Fishing Cactus has been quite involved in the development of Fighters Uncaged, a Ubisoft title developed by AMA Studios (Fishing Cactus closely collaborated with the AMA team).

Fighters Uncaged is planned as a launch title for Kinect next November so be prepared for an overwhelming number of posts on the blog as the release date is getting closer.

To talk a little bit about the project, Fighters Uncaged is a street brawling game, its roots deeply in the arcade combat game genre. It isn’t a Street Fighting knock-off as Fighters Uncaged is less Street Fighter and more of the Punch Out type of game. The action is viewed from an over-the-shoulder perspective and main character Simon can punch, kick, elbow, sweep kick, head butt, and a whole lot more. Of course everything is done without a pad thanks to Kinect.

Fighters Uncaged Kinect Screenshot

The game features over 70 different moves to perform and has a tactical depth (getting in close or mid-range, far reaching moves…). You don’t have to be a martial art expert to play the game as the game emphasizes all your movements and will make your avatar always look very cool.


Stay tuned for more information about the first Kinect fighting game and watch out for its release next month!

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