Fighters Uncaged previewed on Destructoid

Fighters Uncaged on DestructoidDestructoid did a first preview of Fighters Uncaged, a Kinect launch title on which Fishing Cactus collaborated with AMA studios (game published by Ubisoft). You can find the complete preview here:

In a nutshell, here’s what Ben Perlee says about the game: “I can say that Fighters Uncaged could be a novel alternative to the swarms of sports titles coming to Kinect. It’s not outrageously violent, but it is certainly different from the swarms of candy colored games ready to hit the market. Between the recognized long kicks and short punches, it’s clear that the game is putting the device through its paces in recognizing different moves, and that in itself is a step up from other motion controlled fighting games.”

Fighters Uncaged Kinect