Fishing Cactus presents R.O.G.E.R, the first Medical Kinect Serious game

Together with the support of the Microsoft Innovation Center and a cluster of 4 therapists, we have created a prototype Serious game dedicated to patients who suffer from a lack of logic and organizational skills
(typically post-stroke patients, Alzheimer, hemi-negligent patients,…)

We have been getting a lot of press and attention about this project since we are pretty much the only studio in Belgium and maybe Europe who master the technology to build this game, the reason is that we have used Kinect Technology, a controller less movement recognition camera.

This allows our game to be piloted by any generation, and especially non digital natives who have never used a game controller or keyboard and mouse (very good indeed since most patients with those symptoms fall under this category).

The scenario for this prototype is simple, we have created a photo-realist environment running directly on the X360 composed of a bedroom, bathroom and a dressing. Each room has a certain amount of inventory spaces in which representations of objects are placed.

The therapists can task the patient to do his luggage for a specific destination (the mountains, the sea, a city-trip,…) and can observe how the patient reacts to the environment and the type of objects he gathers in his luggage. It helps the therapists to analyse and observe if patients are disorganized and see where they have lost their common sense and focus on those points in therapy. Of course we create several pertubating elements to make them lose focus (phone ringing, radio and so on).

The game is evolving and the 2 year goal from here is to have a very innovative and collaborative project.