R.O.G.E.R In Game Demo

Hi there,

As you all know, our Kinect Serious game R.O.G.E.R has made quite a name for itself, we thought it would be a nice idea to show you a little bit how it looks inside the game.

It’s quite simple, patients are asked to fill their luggage for a specific destination (Sun, mountain,…). The Therapists are able to follow their moves and actions in the environment and try to get a feeling of any problem that may arise (spatial awareness, logic, rationality,…)

We hope this will give a good enough feedback to the therapists so they may not have to take patients to “test” appartments to see if their mental abilities are still accurate enough to let them live by themselves.

  • http://drealmer.tumblr.com/ Drealmer

    Maybe we could use it to train people not to put car keys in the bin.

  • http://pole-sthelier.fr Fabienne Dauvergne

    I’m french and I’m interested by your application ROGER. Does-il exist in french ? Can we try the prototype in my rehabilitation center in Brittany in France ?

    Thank you for responding in french if it is possible

    Fabienne Dauvergne
    Pôle MPR Saint Hélier