Shift Extended lands on EU & US PSN stores

Shift Extended PSP minisShift Extended, a brand new version tailored for the minis and, of course, based on the successful Shift series, is now available on both EU and US PSN stores (available on both PSP and PS3 in the minis). It is available for 3.99$ / 3.99€.

It features unique set of levels (160 in total) as well as never seen game mechanics in the Shift series. If you don’t have an iPhone, are addicted to platform games and you have a PS3 or a PSP, this is a must buy! :)

Zallag, our publisher on this game did a great communication job and posted several trailers around the web. Here is the second one!

  • Maarten

    I first thought the rotating levels were a new feature. Would be kinda cool actually :)