Fishing Cactus on Android!

Hello world! Our games on the Android platform have just been released!


Android device owners (2.1 and up) can now enjoy our Shift, the critical acclaimed platform/puzzle game when and where they want.

This version of SHIFT was developed together with Handmark, whose SHIFT page is the central point to find all the necessary information about the game.

Click here to check it out!



2 other brand new games are available

OXO is similar to the Tic Tac Toe game you loved as a child, but a bit more challenging and now available wherever you go with the mobile game.

If you’re a fan of challenging casual puzzle games such as sudoku, crossword puzzles, jumble, dots – OXO is the game for you!

This game is available both as a free ad-supported and a classic ad-free versions.

Subway is a fun retro, arcade-style game testing your reflexes! Control your own subway network by triggering rail switches to make sure the trains arrive on time to prove you are a cool-headed station master! A retro 2D game featuring fast-paced gameplay that will get you hooked ’till the last train has reached its stop!

Featuring 5 survival maps with different art and music, Subway is a stylish survival game!

Now go ahead on the Android Market to get hours fun!