Announcing Creatures 4 on iOS, Mac and PC

creatures 4 norn icon ios apple iphoneTime to reveal one of the big project currently going on at Fishing Cactus, so here we go.

Bigben Interactive, Gameware and Fishing Cactus will re-envigorating the adorable CREATURES series in 2011! A little history, from 1996 to 2001, those lovely felines have entertained over 2 million players on PC, Playstation and handheld formats. Many awards have been won for the AI running behind the game and a major global game franchise established.

10 years after, Fishing Cactus, Bigben and Gameware are set to deliver a brand new game based on this incredible license. For thos who already know everything about Creatures, what this version is all about? The approach will be to maintain the characteristics and integrity of the earlier games. The new opus will be free-to-play and available on PC/Mac and iOS platforms – iPod, iPhone and iPad. A collector gift box full of surprises will also be created.

creatures4 new artwork screenshot

For the new born, what is Creatures all about?

Creatures models real biological systems inside your device. They come complete with their own biochemistry, brains, digital DNA, and an environment in which to live. It is a simulation game very much like the Sims but in a much more complex way!

None of the behaviors you will see in the game has been specifically programmed. The Creatures make their own choices, and learn from their mistakes. You guide them through their lives, helping them through the bad patches and enjoying the good times. When they become adults, your Creatures can mate, and their children have their own unique genetic material (meaning look).

The possibilities are boundless. Everything from their poses to the individual chemical reactions inside their bloodstream are genetically specified. Who knows? A tenth generation creature could possibly be considerably more intelligent than those you start with.

Creatures is all about Artificial Life. By modelling the building blocks of life, we believe it is possible to recreate life-like behaviours inside a digital device. From the original Creatures, released in 1996 to Creatures Docking Station, our free, internet-enabled, fully-featured title, we’ve been releasing the Norns, Ettins and Grendels of Albia to the world, where they’ve charmed players of all ages and introduced countless to the wonders of Artificial Life, genetics, biochemistry and programming through Creatures’ unique and advanced technology and engaging gameplay.

Benoît Clerc, Head of Software Group, Bigben Interactive : « We are very pleased and proud to participate to the rebirth of such a precursor of the videogame’s history, a title which become mythical and has left its mark on many gamers. This new opus, in Free to Play for PC and iOS, keeps all mechanisms of its distinguished predecessors and will gather new genuine gaming principles which will certainly seduce everyone».

Jeremy Cooke, CEO – Gameware : « Gameware is delighted by the vision that BIGBEN have demonstrated in updating the CREATURES game franchise for the Creatures community and socially engaged consumers alike. Both old and new fans are just going to love the new CREATURES. »

Bruno Urbain, Studio Manager Fishing Cactus : “As huge fans of the original games in the series, we are thrilled to be working on bringing it back to today’s audience. We are determined to create a new great Creatures chapter, both modern and respectful of what made it the best virtual life game in the first place.”

About Gameware
Gameware is a Cambridge UK based company that delivers AI, AR and 3D products via TV,PC and mobile. Gameware own IP rights in “Creatures”, “James Pond”, “Creebies” and share commercial exploitation rights in respect to CBBC mixed reality gameshow “Bamzooki”.

About Bigben Interactive
Leader indépendant de la fabrication et de la distribution d’accessoires pour consoles de jeux vidéo, Bigben Interactive est également éditeur de jeux vidéo, principalement sur les consoles de salon. La société, installée près de Lille dans le Nord de la France, est présente sur les principaux marchés européens, grâce à ses filiales au Benelux et en Allemagne et à des accords avec des distributeurs partenaires dans les autres pays.
Bigben Interactive est une société cotée en bourse sur le marché Eurolist d’Euronext Paris, compartiment C.

About Fishing Cactus
Fishing Cactus is an independent game development studio located in Belgium and founded by four industry veterans. With a team of 20+ developers, Fishing Cactus delivers all kinds of games across all the major gaming platforms, based on both existing and original IPs.

  • C2marrie

    CAN’T WAIT!! :O

  • Dave

    Want to see this!
    Remembered the game today and went searching for Docking Station.
    Ended up here.

    Great news :)

  • Strix

    You’re my new deity! I still play to this games whenever I can (even had to import new CDs when my old ones broke because I couldn’t stand losing such good games) and I just love them, they are brilliant and not so “fluffy and easy” when you really know them. A game so full of possibilities, much better than The Sims!

    Thank you so much !

  • steffex

    just wanted to say i was looking for my old creatures 2 disc and found out that there was comming a creatures 4.. its like it is meant to be =D and now i see its also for ipad and iphone? =D how more perfect can this game get? just awesome news :D

  • vincent

    Bonjour, j’ai vue les dernières vidéo et je tiens a dire a qu’elle point je suis déçu.

    Vous promettiez que le jeu ne serais pas accés enfant, ce que j’ai vue sur les videos c’est un vulgaire tamagotshi au couleur flashi et criarde absolument désagreable…
    Ou est passé le sérieux du jeu de ses débuts ???
    Des petits coeur qu’on ont le caressent… Franchement c’est d’un ringard… La loose total et je puis vous assurer a qu’elle point je suis fan des 3 premiers volets mais la franchement c’est la débâcle total, j’ai 30 ans et je me vois mal jouer a un jeu ou la moindre petite interaction est congratuler de petit coeur ou je n’ai pas vue mais sur la voie ont peut continuer, des petites tête de morts s’il est malade ou des petite fleur s’il est joyeux…
    On se retrouve dans un vulgaire jeu de customisation. Choisie la couleur de ton singe, fait le manger dormir et regarde le comme il t’aime pffffffffffffff LA LOOSE !
    Ou sont passé les décors en 2D fouillis et sublime ?? Pis les espèce de bruit de singe pour les norns pareil c’est loose total, encore le skin singe pourquoi pas mais la c’est vraiment pas sérieux… Le décors et a peine potable, la faune avec des scorpions moisie seulement. Je vous le dit en toute franchise en tant que gros fan de Creatures et parce que sa jacte fort et en mal sur les forums, VOUS ETE EN TRAIN DE TUER CE JEU en voulant le rendre accessible dés 3 ans…

    Les 3 premiers volets n’etais pas aussi flashi et c’etais très bien… Il n’y avais pas de petit coeur quand ont les caresser et c’etais TRES TRES bien, la 2d etais sublime et tres fouillie et c’etais TRES TRES bien, la faune etais remplie et complexe il n’y avais pas de “troue” dans l’ecosysteme comme le votre qui se compose de seulement d’un espece de baobab remplie de petite echelles en lianes, franchement votre level-designer ne c’est pas casser la tête, il n’y a aucune inspirations des trois premiers volets pfffff ma déception me rend de mauvaise humeur…

    Voila a voir tout ca, comme beaucoup de fan je suis vraiment déçue, vous avez surement beaucoup bosser je vous respecte pour ca mais votre patron il as abuser de vous votre design est infect et a des milliards d’année lumière de l’esprit et de l’ame de Creatures vous nous avez menti en précisant que ce jeu n’étais pas accée enfant j’aurais préféré un jeu accée néophyte que ca… Et surtout vos petit coeur et compagnie a la petshop de Nintendo c’est la cerise pourrie sur le gâteau amère a avaler… Violente déception sur fond de cartoon c’est triste apres tant d’année d’attente j’aurais aimer voir la véritable suite de Creatures 4, le votre je n’y toucherais pas comme bon nombre de fans de notre communeauté de 500 000 joueurs…

  • Joy

    Oh man, I remember when the original Creatures 1 first came out when I was just a kid! I was hooked instantly. Got Creatures 2 and 3 upon their release, even going into the chemicals and genetics of it, splicer-mania haha! Loved Creatures 3 with the Docking Station, played even after I was out of high shcool and into the military… Even went back and played the games a year or so for old times sake. Always wished there was another more updated Creatures game with all the new AI technologies we have now – that would just be so incredible! Lo and behold!!! You guys are absolutely incredible! Hope you guys realize you’re going to have a bunch of mid 20′s to earlly 30′s players from the original cult following reeling to play once more! With that knowledge (that I’m sure you guys already realized) PLEASE don’t make it too much of a kids game! I have all the faith in the world in you guys that this is gonna just be the Creatures Trilogy amazing and beyond. I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

  • Ryusui

    Any chance of the Norns being redesigned just a little to better resemble the originals? I was psyched for this, but now that I’ve seen the slightly uncanny valley Norns you’ve got going, I’m having my reservations.

    At the very least, considering that the retail box will have the original three and Docking Station, I hope you’ll include some of the original Norn breeds (White-Haired Pixie Norns FTW!), or the option to make these new Norns look more like them.

  • Kay

    Hello, I am a player of C1, C2, C3 and Dockingstation.

    Will there be grendals or ettins in C4?

    Will there be ponds, rivers or lakes or an ocea in C4?

    Does the boxed version rely heavily on the online version? Does the box version connect with the online version?

    If you buy “golden eggs” and purchase things in the game, are these things purchased with real money able to function in the “boxed” version or should I say the stand alone version?

    Will we get to “make” items and use them in both online and in the boxed version? Will other people get to use them online or their boxed version?

    Will we get to tinker with the genes?

    Is the box version a full complete stand alone version?

    There is a going trend of online games (google buying and then shutting them down) closing their doors and leaving players high and dry after they have purchased virtual goods. ie

    I want to know if we purchase through the online if that purchase will be able to be used without being connected to the internet.


  • mysti

    Just saying, since I’ve never norns differing in skin-tone in this game, I think they should, so we can have norns with green or blue skin, as well as a broad range of naturalistic colours like leucistic and melanistic colours, or piebald, yes piebald animals have black and white skin as well as fur.

  • Zwitter

    Holy crap. I only played Creatures on the PS1. I am really looking forward for this!!!

  • Andrea Di Stefano


    Ok. Big news, we’re NOT bringing back the pink fairy from Creatures on PS1.

  • Alesayr

    I remember playing Creatures One when I was a kid, and it had just come out. Of course, being a kid I didn’t quite understand the intricacies, and one day my sister (who also played) lost the game :( We even forgot the name of it, but have always had a place in our hearts for those ‘awesome wierd computer furby thingies’… Especially the one I bred which had telekinesis (and a strange love of lemons)

    Anyway, went on a wiki walk on the TV Tropes page, and when reading the Creatures page there, thought it sounded… strangely familiar. So now I’m here. And can’t wait until sister comes home from her part-time job to tell her the news.

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  • misy

    Er… felines? Norns are not felines, they aren’t even mammals.

  • Riley

    Oh, how nostalgic. I remember playing this when I was younger (lost the disc when we moved, sadly). Sounds like fun!

    As a side note — Felines? Norns are supposed to be feline?