Creatures 4 1st screenshot & creature artwork

norn creatures 4 iconSo it is official, we’ll be at GamesCom with an early demo of Creatures 4, our amazing AAA Free to Play game coming on Mac, PC, iPhone & iPad and based on the Creatures series! BigBen Interactive, our publisher, has planned several square meters of space on its stand to feature the game and let you play it, no pressure here :)

We know we already have tons of people asking for this game with great expectations/ideas/features and we are reading all those comments very carefully. The demo is still very early (several months from release) and there is still a lot to be done and we hope you guys will find it exciting. Just keep in mind that this is just a glimpse of what we are going to bring.

However Fishing Cactus team is working like crazy to make this possible and start building the excitment (two guys are just leaving as I write this blog post after an all nite long crunch).

Also last but not least, enjoy one of the first screenshot of Creatures 4 as well as the revamped Norn. We truly hope you’ll like them as much as we do!

Creatures 4 iPhone iPad PC Mac Environment Screenshot

Norn Creatures 4 new design

  • DanCattDotCom

    Im soo excited by all of this… the wait has been far too long! – Iv been playing creatures since it first arrived and have been an avid player ever since – my best bits (more from creatures two and three) were playing with the environment and critters, working out how to keep an ecosystem florushing and seeing what happens when you add new species into new areas etc, this became a whole new level of fun when people stared creating new agents, flaura and fauna to add to the world – I can remember the days of sitting at my school computer (had no internet at home) finding new agents and copying them onto a floppy disk to take home and play..then came the excitement of seeing the creatures three release in shops etc… I have been soo waitning for a new game to explore and play!! Creature was the game that inspired me to look into creating my own digital paintings and design my own worlds etc although I wasnt too good at it back then i have since worked out how to paint in photoshop and now with this new release I hope that we can still create our own metarooms and agents still … iv got loads of nw ideas bubbling away.

    I think that the main points that are a must in my opinion for this creatures game to work is to have thriving and diverse areas with loads of interactable plants and animals each complimenting the area they are living in. Keeping the areas vibrant and full of life is what made the creatures game magical to me.. Also I know from the comments that a few of you didnt like the machinery so much – I really like it in creatures two and I think it would look great to see some new living machinery and also have some older machinery that has been overgrown and re absorbed by the natural surroundings – lost of hidden stuff will be great also, I always like the feeling when I discover a new area or some new gadget to play with.

    I like the new world and can’t wait to see more of it, it maybe needs a tad more detail to take it away from looking too cartoony and child ish, I think c1 & 2 really captured the beauty of the world Of albia.

    I don’t think I like the new norn so much, – it looks too far removed from the norns i have grown to love over the years and more monkey like in it’s facial features. I think the Norns should perhaps keep the older facial features that made them unique, such as their brow ridge and large bright eyes and their cute almost cat like pointed nose.. Loving the fur idea and can’t wait to see what new things you can do to the much loved world of creatures with so much more advanced technology at your disposal.

    Looking forward to more updates :-)

  • DanCattDotCom

    Oh and another thing sorry, are you going to be re releasing the older versions of creatures to work on modern pc’s and more importantly mac’s as I cant really play them so much any more as my mac is too new :-(

    It would be great to see the older games on a hd port with vibrant upscaled graphics.

  • Sfot

    I only just found out about this, and I am in love with it all. The artwork, the few changes we’ve heard of, and the fact that as I go through the comments I’m recognising names and figurative faces. The community used to be a huge thing for the games, after all, and if you get that right, a lot of good times will follow.

    …I think.

  • ChosenPredator

    you know what would be a good idea – we hatch the norns ourselves through machines basically what if there is also wild norns already on the planet with their own genetics..they could look completely different from the norns the player makes could be a interesting possibility to dabble in.

  • Jessica

    I keep getting more and more excited about Creatures 4 as I read through all of the comments here and within the Creatures community! There are a lot of possibilities for the game, and I have a lot of confidence in everyone here at Fishing Cactus. Can’t wait to hear more during Gamescom!

    DanCattDotCom: The older versions of Creatures are available for newer PCs: Check out Good Old Games ( Macs are a little more tricky, but I recommend trying a virtual Windows machine/environment. Good luck!

  • Yngve

    Will you still be able to teach Norns to talk? Do they have internal organs, like in the older games? Is this game an improvement in artificial life, like C2 was to C1, and C3 was to C2?

  • MK_Grendel

    after i saw this video i asked myself what options would be there for those money coints?
    only money or maybe a official shop site – something gamers can create and upload own norn breeds and objects. In case others buy them with real-money-coins, the creator would get 5-10% of that money-coints (or similar)

    in this case we could still create objects, you would get money from them, you would get a really big collection of those objects and everybody would be happy

    take a look at some c1/2/3 breed or object lists and think about it ;)

  • Amy

    I saw the interview. Show us more about the science of the game :) how do we heal Norns when they get sick?

  • Norniff

    I just wanted to say that I’m really excited about this game. I’ll repeat for the thousandth time, I’d love to hear more about the inner workings of the creatures, as you originally said you would be using the DDNA design from the previous games. You haven’t said anything on that, though, so some people are assuming that you’re not going to be, or aren’t going to give Creatures brains, and such. Like you’re going to dumb them down, or something.

    Also, during the interview, a lot of community members weren’t sure what talk of races and stages meant, and whether or not we’d be seeing the beloved (usually) Grendels and Ettins from the previous games. You’ve already given Norns a spectacular makeover, so I’m sure you’ll do awesome stuff with them. I’m sure a lot of people would be disappointed if you dropped them entirely, as they are an integral part of Creatures. ^_^

  • ChosenPredator

    Really I hope there is wild norns that we don’t have to hatch and other species besides the grendel/ettins – one of the great things about creature is people can create their own things for the creatures will this be left out for us to be forced into buying stuff? pleasssseee don’t dumb it down – it would be cool if we could increase and decrease the fur length besides changing the colors as well.

  • Kami

    I get the impression from the interview video that this is going to be more of a cute virtual pet game, not an Artificial Life game with brain lobes, neurons, organs, biochemistry, and digital genetics. Where is the science, the biology?

    I was so excited, I thought, even if this is mainly a reskinning of one of the old Creatures game, with a few tweaks, it could still have the potential to be wonderful, but I did not see ANY of the things that attract me to Creatures in that video.

    Also, whose idea was it to backhand your Norns, instead of the original slap on the backside? That just seems wrong to me…

    Fishing Cactus, I dearly hope I am wrong, and you have all these good science/biology things hidden up your sleeves. Please prove me wrong. I would love that. I want to love this game, but from what I have seen, it just looks and feels like Petz, not Creatures.

  • Rimf

    Gotta say I agree with the Kami… a massive part of Creatures is the ALife and science, and I found the video a little off putting. I don’t like the creature maker and 3D petz style look. However, it may be just that it’s a big change, and as long as we get some science released shortly I will be happy.

    Good luck FC – it’s great you’re bringing the game back, and I look forward to seeing the results!

  • Amy

    Actually, Petz was more complex than you’d think.

  • Azumizai

    Of what I’ve seen so far of the video, I am pretty excited. I know that some people are sort of worried… but I know that what was shown at GamesCom was a DEMO version of the game, and not the full-fledged thing. Demos defiantly don’t shown how the game works as a whole.

    I DO have faith that it will be pretty close to Creatures in the end, but I don’t expect it to be exactly what “we’ve wanted” n’all, considering the fact that it’s 10 years later and they ARE trying to market it to a wider audience, not just making it for the Creatures Community. We’ve got the previous Creatures games if we want to play Creatures ‘as we know it’.

    So I’m really going into this not expecting it to be exactly what I’ve wished Creatures 4 to be, but I’ll be excited by whatever they manage to create! Something different to add to the Creatures world!

    Great job so far guys, I’m pretty excited. I hope that the game is detailed and in depth, and by the people that were stalking our forums, I hope they got the impression of what we want!

    I’ll defiantly get the game and enjoy it! I can’t wait to play with breeding the norns for size and fur-length, and whatever awesome surprises that there might be!

  • Kami

    Amy, I have played Petz since the original. I made hexed petz for years. It’s nowhere near as complex as Creatures. Petz don’t have brains, don’t have organs, don’t even have genetics. If you breed two pets, it just mixes the two parents’ appearances (Ball size, color, ball location, fur length, etc.), randomizing it a little bit to get different offspring each time. It’s pretty cut and dry, and it’s all hard-coded, including behaviors. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the first few Petz PC games a lot (up to Petz 5), but I don’t play those games for the reasons I play the Creatures series, and I do not expect biological systems from a Petz game. When I am presented with a Creatures game, I look for brains, with neurons you can watch as they fire. Learning. Biochemical reactions. Organs that can fail. Old age. Real digital genetics.

    I love both Petz and Creatures but for completely separate reasons. Petz is a Virtual Pet game with a few elements that mimic genetics. It’s essentially a MUCH more complicated tamagotchi.

    The Creatures games are actual Artificial Life simulators. It’s a different genre.

  • Kami

    Sorry, Amy. I think I got a bit defensive there, it wasn’t my intention.

  • Bruno Urbain

    If this can make you more confortable about the project, we are using the exact same codebase as the original Creatures game. This means that the Norn is driven by stimulus directly influenced by its bio-chemistry, organs and environment, all is there (even in this early demo). We haven’t removed a thing from the original!

    It isn’t because Julien doesn’t talk about it (in the interview) that the system doesn’t exist behind the scene. We actually have to select the level of abstraction (speech language) we use when doing such interviews, we must show that the game has a lot of potential (and all fans know there is plenty) while staying high level enough not to confuse the people who are not Creatures experts with too abstracted concepts.

    Also one of our goal is to make the whole Creatures series more accessible (for everyone). We met several players of the old Creatures series and the most recurring feedback coming from the discussions we had was the complexity of the game and sometimes the lack of feedback. This usually led the player to abandon interest in the game because they didn’t understand what was going on with the Norn they was taking care of. It looks like some concepts were definitely too complex for the average player.

    So what we are trying to do is to build meta-systems and feedback loops that will give that average player enough understanding of what’s going on without having to dive into complex chemistry. However it doesn’t mean that the complexity is not there anymore. Just presented more intuitively.

  • Jessica

    Thanks so much for the clarification, Bruno! Many of us know that this first demo is just a first glimpse into Creatures 4, and that it would have been impossible to show every single element. It’s great to know that there are some more complex features working in the background, and taken from the original Creatures! By “original,” does this refer to Creatures 1, or a combination of the first three titles? Either is great!

    I also think it’s an excellent idea to try to open up the game to a wider audience. It’s true that many members of the Creatures community could go on and on about genetics, biochemistry, D-DNA, and the like for hours! Honestly, though, that could scare away the casual gamer, when Creatures is a pretty approachable game. Having a better idea of what’s going on with the Norns also sounds like a good idea, albeit a little different.

    Great job! I appreciate the time you’ve taken to answer some of the community’s questions about Creatures 4. It seems to be coming along quite well, and I look forward to reading more information in the near future!

  • MK_Grendel

    sounds great!

    by the way – we will be able to edit the first norns and later breed unique ones – but i saw this here in a forum and i wonder if this will be a unique one time puppet/statue or if we will be able to buy hose things with the patterns of our favorite norns? (maybe in a later patch – after you know how big the new fanbase becomes and in case the norn still looke similar enough up to the standart moddel)

    oh by the way- do all 5 norn breeds have no tails?

    and as far as i saw the demo – the new born walked – i guess in the final game the baby ones will crawl for the cuteness (i guess you have bigger problems until you start making them crawl ^^ )

  • Amy

    @Kami ok then, “Petz is more complex that most people think”

    Hmm, yes, C1 did lack accessibility, I have friends who just dropped it because they got confused (though I really don’t see why, at 9 I’d keep 10 C1 norns like it was nothing) Allright I see the point here. It’s a bit of a shortcut to keep people interested through quests/achievements but it does help players get familliar before they get frustrated.

    I still hope the science is accessible, Creatures was cool because it got us kids interested in biology, chemistry and conputer science. Hey since it’s supposed to be the same as C3, I hope we can convert norns from there! Through a bit of hacking, if not automatically through the game.

  • Silvak

    Bruno, thank you for reminding us what we already had already been told. I know it had slipped my mind about what had been said previously. It’s been a hot topic lately.

    Sort of along the same lines as what Amy said, you really could create a C3/DS norn breed based off your C4 design, and possibly include it with your “Box” version or make it available online. It would be pretty easy now that you have a working model.

    Regardless, I’m rooting for you all there in the “lab”. Make them Shee proud!

  • MK_Grendel

    @Amy converting a norn would be a bad idea in my mind – every creatures had their unique genome and i guess it won’t change this time, therefore a converted norn would be incompatible with the normal norns out of this world. And if you just change the sprites up to c3 – it won’t be real converting

    As far as i remember the c12c2 converter did just the same, convert the sprites without the genome, because they are incompatible
    I tried it once to transfer a creatures adventures genome up to c3 because the datas where really simmilar, but the creatures was not possible to stay alife without genmanipulation and it behaved really odd

    besides – why should you? in case c3 norns have some genetical abbilitys the new norn won’t have, you could still try to breed/manipulate/hack them into those norns

  • Norniff

    It’s nice to hear that you’re keeping all the underlying genetics and organs. On that topic, sort of, do you plan on having the kits C1 and C2 had, such as the science kit? It was a very complex aspect of the first two games, all those little kits to play with, but I always found them endlessly useful, and extremely interesting.

    Also, I guess this ties into genetics as well. Will there be any way to insert into the game new Norn (maybe even Ettin and Grendel) models, and then edit their genetics somehow (or just the latter)? To, say, make them able to breath under water, get all their nourishment from sleeping, live longer or shorter lives, breed like rabbits, and so on?

    One last thing, which hasn’t been cleared up just yet, is if people can make things for the game. New food, toys, and critters (like the chameleon featured) for our Norns and other Creatures to interact with. This has always been an integral part of the community, the ability to make brand new things to make our games better. All three previous games had this down pat, and with this now being a 3D game of sorts, I’m curious to see your approach to this. :)

  • Amy

    Oh Grendel. that’s the point, they DON’T have a new genome.
    The only new thing is the new appearence system, they’ll have to make new genes for that. That’s why I’m not sure it could be possible to use a C3 genome in C4. And “why should you”: so you don’t have to remake every breed. (imagine a Fiona norn unleashed… or at the very least we could use CFE genomes.)

    Hey FishingCactus… I do hope you have changed the genetics a little, and I mean making fastagers impossible. Otherwise in a month or less every norn in the exchange will be one that grows instantly and breeds endlessly… I hope you fixed that, or will before release!

  • Kami

    Bruno – THANK YOU! You DID prove me wrong and I am SO HAPPY!

    Now I more or less have the same questions as most people, I.E. ecology and community-made objects.

    @Amy, I hope you’re right. I’d love to be able to use a CFE genome!

  • ChosenPredator

    Nice that you cleared that up Bruno I still hope you guys do what a few other people have done and presented the game themselves so it represents the game better and more clearer for the original community and new ones.

    Like everyone else is saying having the community get their hands dirty creating things for the game is what makes this game spread like rain fire word of mouth I really hope you allow user created objects in perhaps one center place with a rating system of the top user created items. (think of how much people make videos on youtube showing of their minecraft worlds…people love showing things off..self promotion for creature will be big)

    I do agree with you for someone who doesn’t have the patience it was hard for anyone i knew to get into creature but for the people who did it really did pay off because the game is so deep – maybe you can make some type of easier mode for new people and have a more in depth hardcore mode for the core people.

  • MK_Grendel

    @ amy oh – i don’t know – the same genome? this changes much! I can’t wait to check the differences of those genomes and create new genomes!

    And you remind me on something, this was the mainproblem with a DS world – as soon as 3 norns come into my world – one of them was generation one, the other was a fast ager and the third was a immortal fast ager breeding like a rabbit! – you forgot that the most fast agers become immortal really soon… I hope this won’t happen this time.

    It would be really easy for avoiding this. When a creatures ages from e.g. baby up to child – it need energy out of the body – and removing the mortal games out of the creatures and import them into the game itself – if a creature would be a fast ager – it would be killed bevore it reach the breeding age….
    Besides – a really popular official norn breed was immortal – you can’t kill a toxig norn with hitting – a genetical defect made them immortal. That’s the reason they always killed my grendels -.-

    I like the idea of a rated creating platform – and it should be possible that fishing cactus could get money from that and the creatuors, too – i ment in second life there was something like selling selfmade things up to others (i played it just a hour) And if creators would get some % of the real-life-money in the game, they won’t mind and would start to promote their products better and increase the spread of your rain fire ;)

  • Norniff


    Money from the creators? I’m pretty sure if I had to buy new agents, I’d flip a virtual table end over end. It’s just… Not a good idea. Second life may do just fine with it, but Creatures has always been about at the very least cheap, if not free content made by members of the community. Norngarden 2 comes to mind as one of the only things you had to pay for, and it is gigantic, and beautifully made. Well worth the price, in my opinion, even though I haven’t bought it.

    I’m not trying to kill your idea or anything, but for a game that’s supposed to be almost entirely free, a Second Life like buying system doesn’t seem to fit. ^_^

  • ChosenPredator

    @MK_Grendel@Norniff – Yeah, i mean why not? even diablo 3 has an auction has that sells items but it’s solely based on in world items and rare drops, not sure what percent blizzard/activision would get off of that though.

    there also has to be some sort of tool and perhaps a video attached showing how the certain item works, attached with reviews and a star system, that way the community is always updating the game and fishing cactus is still making some money off of user items and their own store…maybe they can focus on stage building/norns/other unique world creatures…I don’t know it’s choice an idea maybe someone can refine it more then i can

    p.s. max I’d spend on user created items is free to anything in between of 5 dollars

  • Kami

    I agree on the subject of free/cheap user-created items.. As a freemium game, this new C4 will need to make money off of content it can sell to users. However, we the community want to be able to easily develop and release new breeds and objects…

    The Norngarden distinction is a very important one, I think. It’s a similar comparison to the official Mall Breed Packs. The Mall packs were very popular because they perfectly matched the game’s aesthetic, despite that not all the mall breeds had unique genomes. Typical free community content had functionality, but the graphics and aesthetics were varied, and often disparate from the original, depending largely on the (often limited) graphical talents of the creators, and their personal tastes. Norngarden 2 had a very different aesthetic to C3/DS, but it was still lovely, and it had so much depth and complexity in its ecosystems. It’s easy to see why people say it’s worth the money, I myself lost and re-purchased it three times over the years.

    I think this is very important for Fishing Cactus to recognize. They have more people, more resources, and therefore can more easily produce an add-on the size and complexity of the Norngarden, than could an individual or even a small community group. I am pretty sure the community has shown a willingness to pay for such higher-end add-ons. This means that it is perfectly possible for them to design their game to handle community-created objects, areas, and new species, while still being able to make money off of their own official add-ons.

    …It just took me a very long time to say so.

  • Amy

    Wait, I think I read things wrong, they’re using the original game, Creatures one as the base, not C3!
    That’s actually a very good idea. C1 norns were more lovable, though more fragile. I still hope we can port genomes between games :) Plenty of people still play C1 (like, dozens!… :) )

  • DanCattDotCom

    I think the creature creator has great potential when it comes down to the breeds – perhaps I could suggest having two types of creator one thats just a dubbed down version for the new players etc & on that is specifically catered for the more experienced players like most of us that want a bit of science.

    The simple one would just allow to change the colour, body, fur etc and maybe allow us to choose the specific personality traits fro our norns a slider for the angry, happy, playfull etc etc kinda like the sims personality chooser.

    Then for the more advanced players a load more options could replace the personality sliders so we can directly influence the type of genome that our norns will have. Can you imagine having an app where we can create our own norn breeds with an endless combination of genetic and visual combinations – it really will allow for some amazing crossbreeding – especially if there is a way that the warp is introduced and creatures can travel between worlds :-)

    Oh and fishing cactus please please make sure you create some amazing ecosystems – I know I keep saying it but the critters and plants that all interlink and thrive off each other really made the world of creatures so magical to me :)

    great job by the way and Im so glad to hear that your keeping to the same coding with the norns!

  • Kami

    If they use C1 as a base, does that mean no ettins? Can’t have everything I guess.. Maybe the ecology will be fantastic?

  • MK_Grendel

    @kami – actually – norn ettin and grendel genomes weren’t really different at all – many 3th party nornshad much more genetical differences.

    the main problem would be the sprites – or maybe the stages – if those stages won’t be to big – they would be forced for interacting. They where fun because they could appear and disapear like they want

  • DanCattDotCom

    They seem to be listening to us pretty well, so im sure if enough of us request that we would like ettins and grendels in the game they should note if they havent already and put them in the game. They seem to be reading the forums pretty closely (taking bruno’s last message into account) and if you think about it they have got a major benefit when creating this game and that is us, a hugely active community that will tell them exactly how the game will work best – and surely our imput is worth something seeing as we have had 15 years playing the game, most of us have learnt the inside workings of it and probably(i know i have on occassions) played it for over 6+ hours a day so with all our collective experience and know how there is the potential to create a really great creatures tiltle albeit slightly different from what we are used to. We have just gotta make sure our voices are heard, and that any suggestions we have make sure they get put to fishing cactus..

    So Fishing Cactus if you are listening… pleeeeaaaase bring back the grendels and ettins, machinery, ecosystems and make the worlds/metarooms/stages big enough to spend a long time exploring :-D

  • ChosenPredator

    if there is ever a time a dev team needs to listen to their community it’s now – judging from all their other blog post, creature 4 is their hottest commodity (85 comments in total some repeat user but still amazing) that isn’t even including the fan sites/facebook/youtube/other gaming websites everyone is expecting this to hold up to their prior experiences with perhaps some new innovations but keeping intact that deep DNA/Science that the hardcore community loves..and if they accomplish that the community will sell the game for them.

    I am still hoping they create their own signature species next to the ettin/grendels would be interesting to see what they come up with.

    anyways that is my last post until the next update, can’t wait !

  • MK_Grendel

    @chosen predator

    i wonder what the 4h race could be – they have cute norns, maybe aggressive grendels and shy ettins – what is left? and just a new race for creating a new rce – no thanks….

    besides, i rarely saw my ettins and therefore don’t care for them. Sure they could include the Shee – but i guess it would be better if they stay a myth with some hints up to them.

    Therefore just norns and grendels – maybe ettins would be enough. Exept someone got a really interesting and great idea…

    or they exchange ettins/grendels with an other race

    besides – one species option would be there, a creature that does nearly nothing exept eating plants like a cow, elephant or llama – but who wants that?

    and i doupt the world would be big enough for 4 different races (maybe i’m wrong in case you can use all stages at the same time like the c3 rooms/metarooms)

    besides, as far as i know, the main recource is c1 with the small grendels and without ettins.

  • Don

    @ChosenPredator @MK_Grendel They say there are five breeds/races of Norn, so there might not be any other species. We’ll probably find out later today though :)

    Hopefully we’ll also discover if third party addon development is possible, and if the Windows/Mac games can be downloaded free as well as being available in box form. Oh, and how many different Norn figurines there are for the box versions. I’m also curious about how Norns can be shared between games.. So I can’t wait for this next update :)

  • Kami

    I thought they said five races in the video (Just checked – It’s at 00:47). Isn’t it possible they meant breeds, not species? That’s how I interpreted it.

  • C.A.Lockwood

    My hope, however, is that the latest incarnation of the franchise isn’t shallow: That it is more than a higher-budget virtual pet. What always made Creatures great was that it could surprise you, spitting out results that no one, not the programmers and not the players, could have ever expected. Norns learned, strived, and succumbed to foolishness and tragedy.

    Creatures 2, way back in the dark ages, was probably the closest thing to a true simulator of living things ever made… and still is today. No one else even tried to do what the makers did, not even industry favorites like Will Wright with Spore, and it thrills me that I may again see the industry put to shame by a dark horse.

    Don’t disappoint us, Fishing Cactus. You have one shot to show the world that you can pull off what all those before you were afraid to even try.

  • Ettina

    Here’s an idea if you want to do it – rework boredom so instead of being just a drive dealt with by pushing certain objects, it’s a need for novelty. Basically have a time-delayed echo of the attention lobe, and boredom is generated when the attention lobe and this lobe have the same neuron firing, and reduced when they’ve got different neurons firing.

    Oh, and perhaps that idea could lead into sequence learning, such as ‘push dispenser then eat food’. The current norns can’t learn stuff like that. They have instincts that are supposed to handle that (the half-strength instinct trick) but I think it would be great if they could actually learn short sequences of actions. Would make them considerably more intelligent.

  • mysti

    I think Don’s reconstruction is how norns should look
    Norns have always had Tails, animalistic faces and bigger eyes, they just would not be right without them.
    Come on, the way norns look has changed dramatically between the previous games, but the fact they have tails, snouts, animal noses and huge, slightly oval eyes has never changed, and never should.

  • mysti

    Actually, now I think about it, I don’t mind the new eyes at all, I just wish at least one breed had snouts,tails, and animal noses.

  • mysti

    Also I think what’s really missing is the creatures having variable skin-tone, we should be able to have norns with green or pink skin! Just like the fur, breeding the creatures to a colour scheme will really be hindered without that ability.

  • Lyn

    Great to see the series is alive again! :)

    Just some feedback on the Norn redesign: I pretty much agree with Mysti on Don’s reconstruction. I think the new Norns are fine except for their heads – the bodies and fine and recognizably Norn-shaped, tails or no, but the heads just don’t look right to me. They don’t look like Norns and honestly they don’t look very appealing on their own, either – they’re just *too* rounded and soft looking. I think that the ears and nose are much more “Nornlike” in Don’s redesign, and that the eyes are more appealing… really, what bugs me most is that the nose is so featureless – I miss their little snouts!

  • Cactus Facts

    I have to say the new revamped Norn looks great! It is appealing and cute looking. I think it will draw a new generation of gamers for the game itself. Keep up the good work.

  • Atlas

    Wow that’s so freaky yet cool, I sent this to all my friends that were old Creatures fans but stopped after Docking Station.
    They were so cute back in the day and I’m glad someone else is picking up the flag and revamping them once more!

  • Malkin

    Will the new norns grow in steps, or gradually? Norns in the previous games each undergo a growth spurt when they change life stages, changing from one sprite set to the next – will this be true of the C4 norns?

  • ringo

    nice artwork you got here. This is talent in a cartoon picture, let me tell you. Now it just needs some animation and movement and that’s it. Good work, nice site too.

  • Marya Clare Predko Brown

    I kinda like the redesign, looks really cute:D