The uncensored truth about Creatures 4

Hi Creatures fans!

We’re finally back from Gamescom and it’s been an incredibly exhausting yet satisfying experience. The Creatures 4 team worked extremely hard to get the game to the state it was at the show and while we’re still far from our goal, most of the guys on the team have not slept for some time and really worked their ass off to deliver the demo on time.

Since the lid on the project PR has been lifted I can now talk more freely about the game and give you most of the information you’ve been eagerly waiting for. Before reading on, please keep in mind a couple of important points:

Creatures 4 is more than a new chapter in the series. It’s a complete reboot for the Creatures IP and this means several things I will tackle in this post; most of all, it means that we wish the game to be an evolving product which will hopefully stay with us a long time. Free-to-play games  live as long as there are players to support them and who allow us developers to listen to community requests and feedback to make the game better and richer with content. We see the initial version of the game as a starting point which we will improve upon with updates and new content.

So, let’s get to it…

How the Creatures 4 project was born and what about Mr.Grand

We get this question quite a lot and it’s a good starting point in my opinion. Thanks to some community members, I‘ve learned there have been previous attempts to revive the Creatures games in the past (commercially I mean) with at least another development studio on the project. Surprisingly, Creatures 4 is in no way related to any previous attempts to create a new Creatures game.

Actually the project’s idea came from Fishing Cactus. Several of us here are fans of the series and at one point we were talking about which “old” game series would fit in today’s ever-shifting gaming market. Creatures was one of these and we decided to try our luck and contact Gameware about it.

While understandably on the fence about it at first, Gameware was very open about discussing ideas and their stance was “surprise us and we’ll talk”. It took Fishing Cactus some time but we finally came up with a very early, new vision for the game, one that was based on current gaming trends: iOS, Facebook, free to play and whatnot. This was almost two years ago.

I think that our work convinced Gameware that we meant good and that they could trust us with the project and allowed us to go ahead and search a funding partner for the game.

Some months later, Bigben Interactive came into play. When we pitched the project to them, very quickly they saw potential into the project and how passionate we were about it and decided to move forward with us. For those that don’t know Bigben, this is a publisher that traditionally works on game accessories and accessories-related games. Free to play and AI-simulations aren’t their cup of tea and their willingness to take on this adventure with us says a lot about their belief in the project. On top of that, their knowledge of merchandising and accessories made awesome stuff like the Gamescom figurines possible. Hopefully we’ll get to do many more figurines and goodies when the game is released: Creatures 4 is a game that is suited to this kind of collectibles.

Another question we’re getting a lot (understandably) regards Mr. Steve Grand involvement with the project. This will disappoint some of you but up to this point we’ve had no contact with Mr.Grand and I don’t think he is related in any “official” way to the Creatures series anymore but I’m not privy to the details there so don’t flame me about this (you can about other stuff though ;-) ). We are very respectful of the work he and his team have accomplished and we’re definitely carrying this over to Creatures 4.

To answer a very passionate email about it sent to us by CosmicSpore, yes, he’ll be in the credits as most of our work is based on the incredible things he did with the series waaaaay before we got to it. The more we get our hands in the original code, the more impressed we are with it and there’s no way we’re not acknowledging that.

If you’re still not convinced, Fishing Cactus is betting a lot on this project: up to some time ago we were mainly focusing on the mobile market while moving slowly to consoles and generally “bigger stuff”. As of now, Creatures 4 is our biggest project yet and we see it as THE project that will allow a small indie developer like us to emerge in a very crowded market where we learned that the best way to succeed is by listening to the players while keeping a strong focus.

Creatures 4 is as much a big deal for you as it for us, we’ve been living 24/7 with this game for several months and we still have a long way go, there’s no way we could do that without loving it so much. For the anecdote, Julien Hamaide, our chief engineer, was happy to bar “working on the Creatures AI” from his “things to do before I die list”.

Some facts about the release date and supported platforms

The game is planned to be released at the start of next year on iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPodTouch), PC (online client), Mac (AppStore, online client). I’m vague about a date as we need to see how much time we still need to accomplish the quality we’re aiming for. We are still investigating the online platforms for PC to see which one answers our needs the best.

Many people are requesting Android/PS3/Toaster/Fridge ports. All of these are possible but nothing’s set yet and we’ll need to see the response to the game before taking any decisions. Ultimately Bigben calls the shots in regards to financial decisions.

A boxed version will be released for PC shortly after the online release. It will include all the old chapters in the series (1, 2, 3, DS at least), a goodies of some sort and the equivalent of the game’s price in in-game credits. We don’t have more details about this yet.

Graphics and World

It’s 3D, yey!

Seriously, it’s more than a simple makeover as we hope we’ll be able to make the Norns feel even more alive with current animations techniques which are obviously more advanced than what was possible with 2D sprites. Think about facial animations for example.

There will be 5 environments to play on the game’s release. You saw the treehouse, I can say there’ll be a “hatchery” environment and more details about the other three will come in time. We’re definitely taking notes of your suggestions on Facebook though J

We’re still thinking about the ecology and what to make of it. Our idea is that it needs to be linked to the gameplay to be relevant and more integrated with the content.  We know it’s a big part of the Creatures appeal but in our opinion in can be made more relevant to game itself and more than simple decoration.


Free to play model

This is a big point and one of the main differences with the previous games. Creatures 4 is a free-to-play game and this means several things that will most likely shock/upset/depress those of you that are completely happy with a classic buy-to-play game.  Please give it the benefit of the doubt; the transition might be easier than you think. We’re ourselves a bunch of hardcore gamers and we haven’t sold our soul to the devil or whatever, we just think this model works both for us and the user base.

  • A Creatures 4 online profile will be required to play so that the game will be able to keep track of all the relevant data (progress, currency, etc.)
  • There will be a leveling system linked to the player’s progress. The player’s level will increase as in-game goals are completed. Higher levels mean new unlocked content in the Shop and in the machines (more customization options for example).
  • There will be an in-game Shop that will house all the content you will be able to insert into the game: toys, genetic mutators, food, medicine… Most of this is still being designed so don’t take this as final.
  • There will be two currencies in the game: Coins, which are gathered in-game with various interactions. Golden Eggs which are either received in the game on special occasions or bought in packs from the in-game Shop in exchange for real money. Golden Eggs will allow buying some stuff from the Shop (a payment option in Coins will be available too) and speed up production cycles in machines.
  • All the content will be free, provided you have enough Coins/Golden Eggs to pay for items in the shop. Most (if not all) the content will be available for a set number of Coins so you can get all the content just by playing. Players willing to get things faster than they would by simply playing the game will have the option to do that by spending Golden Eggs. Practical example, let’s say you want your hatchery to create a new Egg, it will take a variable amount of time depending on the Norn breed you chose. You will be able to speed the hatching process by using a Golden Egg or simply waiting for it to complete.

For those of you that are familiar with social games, the model we chose is fairly classic stuff. I know some of you see it as controversial as social games have several detractors. In truth we believe this business model has several advantages. First of all it makes the game really accessible to a lot of players who can play the game for free and still experience all the content. Not all gamers know about Creatures and this is the best way to get people on board (after delivering a great game of course).  Also, to give you a little bit of developer’s insight, one of the reasons we chose the free-to-play model is that it ensures we’re getting a regular income that will allow us to provide continuous updates to the game and do some basic stuff like, you know, eat :)

A full-content “pay 50$ to play” version is definitely possible in the future but not planned at the moment.


State of the demo

The state of the Gamescom demo was very early in terms of polish. We wanted to introduce the player to some of the game features and by doing that we ended up driving the player through a series of guided steps. In hindsight, we probably should have offered a simple sandbox with the Norns living and doing their Norn-ish things.

Still, it was really heart-warming to see people laugh in front of the game. Creatures 4 seemed quite popular with women and kids!

The customization interfaces you saw were meant to show our system’s possibilities in terms of procedural texturing and body morphing. While we will offer the player a lot of customization options, these will come progressively as the player levels up. Natural breeding (no customization) will still play a big role as it will be the only mean to get unexpected results like random mutations and so on.

Complexity vs Accessibility

The Creatures games have always been very complex. Creatures 3 was awesome in many ways but it also managed to lose a lot of players due to its complexity. One of our major goals is to build on the existing foundations while making the series accessible to a new audience. No easy feat let me tell you!

The major change here will be a series of objectives which will need to be completed to advance and unlock new content. These will be designed to be very short-term and initially they will offer guidance among all the game features and mechanics before opening up to the full sandbox experience.  This won’t be a tutorial but an evolutionary process that will give you all the tools to achieve what you want in the game.

Achievements will be a part of it too and will encourage experimenting with the tools and machines.

AI and DNA

It’s still all here, rest assured. We’re recoding some of the tools for ourselves. We’re certainly not dumbing this down, but we’re still thinking about what the players will be able to do with all this from inside the game and how to keep it reasonably simple to grasp (those of you that messed with Norn genetics know it can be pretty daunting right?).

Proof below …


User Generated Content

This one’s another critical point. We know the importance of it for the Creatures community but it’s simply not possible for us to support user-generated content on the initial release.

First of all, badly handled, user generated content would be disruptive for the game as it would mess up the free-to-play-model balancing. Secondly, working on tools to make the game open to modification is a big deal: it requires a lot of time and a larger investment than we can afford right now without being sure the game will meet a large enough audience first.

Don’t lose hope though; we have some ideas on how to open the game in the future: we’re looking at what Valve did with Team Fortress, allowing users to produce and distribute content in the game and actually support that process. There are very good ideas there and we’ll be looking in that direction in the coming months.

And also, hopefully the customization options in the game will keep you busy in the meantime :)


Norn races, Ettins, Grendels

As you’ve probably heard/read, we’re bringing our own ideas to the Creatures world, with 5 Norn breeds, two of which were available in the Gamescom demo. Each breed will be linked to an environment and will have a unique visual look.

We’ve come up with a breeding system that allows mixing these Norn breeds to create millions of combinations in terms of color, fur, body shape and genetics.

While Grendels and Ettins won’t be in the initial release of game, I think it’s pretty much clear that they’re high up in the wanted features list of the community and thus high up in our todo list as well for after the game is released. Once again it all comes down to how the game will perform.


Social features

I can’t go into much detail about this at the moment but we’re definitely including some social features (sharing Norns is the first on the list). Again, more info about this soon.

That’s it…

I think I’ve touched the major points.  Feel free to comment but please don’t get mad if we’re not answering…

We don’t have a community manager here so we’re taking time off from production to handle emails and comments. This is not ideal and soon a dedicated Creatures 4 website will be available so we’ll be able to better answer your questions about the game.

Before ending this post, let me express our gratitude: we are doing our best to deliver a great game and your support matters a great deal to us. So do what you can to spread the word, I’m confident that in the end both you and us will be happy on how the game will turn out.

  • Jelle De Loecker

    Just give me all the Science and Neurology kits from C2 and I’ll be one happy camper.

  • MK_Grendel

    a question up to the ‘color the newborn’ topic. Will it be free (after you got that tool) or does it need ingame money every time?

    I hope it need ingame money – so people won’t change colors like they want and focus more on the breeding part

    (and you would earn more money, because people would love to change the color and will use ingame money)
    (also i guess we will be able to exchange a golden egg against some not real-money-points (e.g. 1egg=100points or similar – don’t know)

    (maybe make the first 10 colorchanges for free if you are mean/know your buissnes)

  • Andrea Di Stefano

    Both actually. Once you unlock the machine you’re free to use it but the initial customization options are linked to the parent’s dna.
    You can bring in an external genetic modification but you need to earn these “modifiers” ingame, for example by completing a goal (presumably, you won’t get many modifiers this way), or buy them from the store in exchange for coins and/or golden eggs (in this case, modifiers would be expensive items)

    I think that’s a good balance between old and new. From our demo we gathered that a lot of players love to simply customize the Norns. So it’s important for us to cater to these players while making sure the old system is respected.

    Fun non-related fact, a lot of people spent most of the demo slapping their Norns! Bad, bad people :-D

  • MK_Grendel

    hmm – sounds good – like in the real world – buying genes. I guess some really interestig genes can be buyed later (e.g. under water breathing or even swimming and a fishtail for that)

    and therefore i guess we will be able to get a genetical modification tool (similar to that thing you use), but for really much golden eggs.

    but it’s great that we can’t just moddify them like we want at the beginning – otherwise it would become a simple spore game -.-

  • Jessica

    I like how the customization seems pretty deep, but is still realistic! As MK_Grendel said, it was possible to modify the appearance of beings in Spore far too much: It was evolutionary impossible for the creations to go from one form to another in one generation. I have a feeling I’ll enjoy the Creatures 4 customization, yet I would enjoy some realistic limitations, rather than having every option open. Offspring should usually semi-resemble their parents, barring any color mutations.

    That’s crazy how so many people spent a lot of time slapping the Norns! That goes back to some of the previous ideas about making tickling and slapping difficult to mix up… Although this just sounds like people liked to be a bit cruel. Ha! Hopefully we won’t end up with a lot of abused Norns!

    A couple of quick questions, which may or may not be able to be answered:

    1.) Will we be able to pause the game at will as in the other games?
    2.) What is the population limit, and will we have control over this as in Docking Station?

    Thanks again for keeping such an active dialogue going! I would ask more, but time might be better spent working on the game. Ha ha!

  • harraps

    Are you that much surprised ?
    I remember, once in docking station, I put about 10 norns in the little cubicle (in the lab metaroom) without any food and let them die of hunger while i was taking care of a new generation of norns

    Also those genetical modifications should look like needle wich contains virus

    but does the collector edition will contains a converter to convert creatures from a game to another ?

    Anyway great work !
    Like said before you don’t need to answer to all of our questions.

  • Azumizai

    @Andrea Di Stefano
    Hearing that they spent a lot of their time slapping the norns is rather amusing! Sort of harks back to way back in the “Norn Abuse” days in the height of the Creatures Community between the C1 and C2 phase. (Golly, how long ago THAT was…)

    I do have a rather minor question.

    I sorta-kinda LOVE breeding through generations and picking out traits, I was wondering if there’ll be a easy way to export a image of the norn. Not so much a PHOTO, but sort of a image that represents the way the norn looks. (I figure it COULD be possible, seeing the screenshot of the baby-customizer from the above post)

    I think that it’d be awesome for when I decide I want to build a family tree.

    And speaking of that… A family tree option? Something like that would be epically-awesome.

    I’m just too curious and excited to hold my tongue. XD

    Keep up the epic work guys! I’m really excited by what I’ve seen. (Both here and Youtube).

    I can’t WAIT to play with the genetics. *cackles*

  • C-Rex

    Creatures 4 looks absolutely awesome, great work guys!

    I do have a few questions though: will you ever think about making an offline version of the game so players without a persistent internet connection can play? Also I noticed in the demo videos that baby Norns can walk straight away after hatching, in the full game wouldn’t it be a better idea if they crawled instead? I’d love to see little baby Norns crawling around their parents feet.

    Still, I can’t wait for the game to come out! Unfortunately I might not be able to play it that much because I’ll be at college.(studying a game design course would you believe!)

  • Spykkie-sama

    The “slap anywhere you want” method worked well in the black and white trilogy, because the creature there was an immortal pet of all powerful god… It does look a bit excessive for a fragile little norn, from what we could see in the video…

    I haven’t yet seen any example of typing in commands and questions like in the previous games… With that method we could always say ‘no’ and get the same effect as a “slap”, once they knew what the heck ‘no’ meant, but then we still needed the slap from time to time…

    if it were button based, it would be simple to make a ‘punish’ button, but since it’s cursor/movement based, how about making the petting and slapping possible only in certain zones? :)

    in black and white, the creature reacted differently if you accidentally move over the crotch area while petting it… I’m pretty sure that would be possible in this game too! :D
    upper body(head): Petting
    lower body(butt): Spanking

    seem acceptable to me, and very true to the original game(s)!
    and if it’s still too violent, there could be a limited range of movement and limited speed for these actions to avoid extremely powerful slaps. :)

  • ChosenPredator

    I got two question for you guys – has there been a mutation of a NORN that has made you go whoa you never expected something to this degree being born? like a unique look or an authentic personality separating itself from previous packs of norn?

    Also if I am reading this right do you buy DNA parts ? so I can mix and match with ease as long as I put them in the modifier?

  • ChosenPredator

    I forgot to add someone side prior on the comments is this game going to be like farmville where you plant something and have to wait forever for it to grow, I strongly dislike those aspects and I hope it’s not so much as a punishment to wait for something like that for 24 hours or 60 minutes – I just want to play this game and enjoy it and not have to wait for it – so I really hope the coin system is really rewarding so when i do plan on using my real money it’s something I will really need.

  • vincent

    Bonjour, j’ai vue les dernières vidéo et je tiens a dire a qu’elle point je suis déçu.

    Vous promettiez que le jeu ne serais pas accés enfant, ce que j’ai vue sur les videos c’est un vulgaire tamagotshi au couleur flashi et criarde absolument désagreable…
    Ou est passé le sérieux du jeu de ses débuts ???
    Des petits coeur qu’on ont le caressent… Franchement c’est d’un ringard… La loose total et je puis vous assurer a qu’elle point je suis fan des 3 premiers volets mais la franchement c’est la débâcle total, j’ai 30 ans et je me vois mal jouer a un jeu ou la moindre petite interaction est congratuler de petit coeur ou je n’ai pas vue mais sur la voie ont peut continuer, des petites tête de morts s’il est malade ou des petite fleur s’il est joyeux…
    On se retrouve dans un vulgaire jeu de customisation. Choisie la couleur de ton singe, fait le manger dormir et regarde le comme il t’aime pffffffffffffff LA LOOSE !
    Ou sont passé les décors en 2D fouillis et sublime ?? Pis les espèce de bruit de singe pour les norns pareil c’est loose total, encore le skin singe pourquoi pas mais la c’est vraiment pas sérieux… Le décors et a peine potable, la faune avec des scorpions moisie seulement. Je vous le dit en toute franchise en tant que gros fan de Creatures et parce que sa jacte fort et en mal sur les forums, VOUS ETE EN TRAIN DE TUER CE JEU en voulant le rendre accessible dés 3 ans…

    Les 3 premiers volets n’etais pas aussi flashi et c’etais très bien… Il n’y avais pas de petit coeur quand ont les caresser et c’etais TRES TRES bien, la 2d etais sublime et tres fouillie et c’etais TRES TRES bien, la faune etais remplie et complexe il n’y avais pas de “troue” dans l’ecosysteme comme le votre qui se compose de seulement d’un espece de baobab remplie de petite echelles en lianes, franchement votre level-designer ne c’est pas casser la tête, il n’y a aucune inspirations des trois premiers volets pfffff ma déception me rend de mauvaise humeur…

    Voila a voir tout ca, comme beaucoup de fan je suis vraiment déçue, vous avez surement beaucoup bosser je vous respecte pour ca mais votre patron il as abuser de vous votre design est infect et a des milliards d’année lumière de l’esprit et de l’ame de Creatures vous nous avez menti en précisant que ce jeu n’étais pas accée enfant j’aurais préféré un jeu accée néophyte que ca… Et surtout vos petit coeur et compagnie a la petshop de Nintendo c’est la cerise pourrie sur le gâteau amère a avaler… Violente déception sur fond de cartoon c’est triste apres tant d’année d’attente j’aurais aimer voir la véritable suite de Creatures 4, le votre je n’y toucherais pas comme bon nombre de fans de notre communeauté de 500 000 joueurs…

  • Don

    Regarding the punishment actions — In Black & White you would also drag the mouse to and fro over the creature to slap it around violently. I think Creatures had a better method where if you single clicked around the Norn’s bottom the hand would offer a single short smack. Ideally though a water bottle spray punishment (with sound effect) when you click on the Norn’s behind would be less controversial. Then single clicking on the head offers a reward tickle.

  • Yngve

    Will it be possible to genetically engineer Norns, like we could in the older games?
    In all the games, the creatures community have had to engineer norns that work a bit better… You had a choice between a few in C1. In C2 most people used canny norns, allthough I was allways the most successfull with the uppdated genome that cyberlife made, and in C3 you got the FCE Norns, that fised a tweeked a lot of odd litle bugs.

    People have allso made Norns that breast fees their babys, and Norns that do not breed with relatives…

    So, how are you handeling this? It’s awesome to have Norns that actually breast feed their children, like the Kai did, in C2.

  • TreehuggerNorn

    Je ne peux pas dire que l’aspect “social” du jeu me plaise, en particulier pour les petits coeurs et les objectifs qui me rappellent bien trop les jeux facebook et peuvent nuire au choix de jeu de chacun ; mais j’avoue attendre ce jeu avec un peu d’impatience pour voir si l’intelligence artificielle et la complexité dissimulée derrière le style “boule de poil” existe toujours.

    Il est également important pour moi de soutenir la communauté Creatures puisque je suis fan de ce jeu (et uniquement de ce jeu) depuis mon enfance.

    Je crains malheureusement que cette tentative soit au goût du jour mais tombe dans la simplification parfois, j’espère avoir tort mais il est vrai que cet article ne rentre pas réellement dans les détails quand aux maladies et autre (on pouvait injecter directement des substances chimiques dans Creatures 1, 2 et 3, en particulier dans les deux dernier opus).

    L’aspect free-to-play me semble être un bon choix et me rappelle Docking Station. Honnêtement, je trouve le pay-to-play rebutant et je ne pense pas qu’il soit gage de qualité mais plutôt d’un désir de s’enrichir (il est légitime de vouloir gagner de l’argent, mais je trouve que le prix des jeux vidéos est abbérant de nos jours).

    Il est vrai que l’absence d’Ettin et de Grendel est un peu à déplorer mais il faut avouer que beaucoup de joueurs choisissaient de limiter/supprimer les grendels et ettins de leurs jeux sauf lors de Wolfing Run ou d’élevage de grendels/ettins.
    D’ailleurs, sera-t-il toujours possible de faire du Wolfing Run ou faudra-t-il surveiller 24/24h nos norns ? J’ai l’impression que les possibilités de jeux seront plus limitées, il y aura-t-il des machines à connecter pour les bidouilleurs ? De quoi faire du mixage génétique pour le fun ? De quoi injecter des choses… plus ou moins… bonnes pour nos norns dans leur organisme ?

    Je suis un peu rebutée par le fait de choisir l’apparence du rejeton (comme nous l’avons vu dans la vidéo), j’adore le hasard qui participe à l’évolution de mes norns mais je pense que cela peut aussi avoir un côté amusant pour orienter l’évolution des hybrides ou d’une race donc ça peut être un aspect intéressant. De toute manière, j’ai toujours C1, C2, C3 et DS offline pour retrouver d’autres habitudes de jeu.

    Le système récompense/punition a l’air un peu long et inefficace à la longue et je n’aime pas trop l’idée des pièces non plus mais j’imagine qu’on s’y fera. Le côté jeu “social” (définissons social) est un choix sérieusement discutable et peu sembler infantiliser le jeu mais j’imagine que nous verrons bien à la sortie.
    Disons que le jeu a un vague air de ressemblance avec Spore et Les Sims (customisation, etc.) et qu’on peut avoir peur que l’intelligence artificielle en soi à ce point (sérieusement, Creatures n’a RIEN à envier aux Sims, c’est bien plus complexe et détaillé). L’article est rassurant mais il reste des parts d’ombres pour tout fan, des questions qui se posent.

    Chaque Creatures est unique tout en faisant suite par l’intermédiaire de l’histoire, c’est pour cela que chacun à son volet préféré et qu’il est plaisant de reprendre la même base pour transformer son jeu. On ne joue pas à Creatures comme on joue à Creatures 2 ou Creatures 3 (radicalement différent mais bourré de nouvelles possibilités). Je reste donc optimiste vis à vis de cette tentative de résurrection et de mise à jour du jeu puisque la série, à mon avis, est toujours en évolution et non figée sur un principe premier.

    Le design en partie épuré, flashy et un peu enfantin me rebute également mais il faut l’avouer : Creatures a toujours joué sur le côté enfantin. Ma boite de The Albian Years stipule même qu’il est accessible dès trois ans (“Papa, c’est quoi un progesterone ?”). Le style graphique correspond à son époque, on ne peut pas le nier.
    Le design des norns ? Pour le moment, je n’accroche que moyennement, c’était l’une des choses relativement constante d’un jeu à l’autre et qui donnait une cohérence à l’espèce. C’est surtout pour le norn-ours que cela peut être génant. Cela dit, les races créées par les joueurs étaient parfois très surprenantes ! En revanche, je suis fan de la figurine et c’est l’une des motivations pour avoir le jeu. :-p

    Mais vous ne faites jamais référence à l’histoire, Creatures est une série qui a une immense mythologie derrière le simple jeu. L’aspect est mineur mais cruellement amusant et intéressant, je pense que beaucoup de fans aiment le côté satirique et humoristique des Shees (et du Shee Solitaire) qui justifie le “setting” du jeu.

  • harraps


    Parce que créer un nouvel épisode à une série morte il y a 10 ans c’est la tuer.
    Tout ce que tu reproches à ce jeu c’est ses graphismes
    Si tu étais un peu malin tu te rendrais compte que même si ce jeu ne te plait pas, un succès commercial annoncerait de nouveaux épisodes toujours plus complexes et élaborés.

    Moi aussi l’aspect graphique m’a rebuté non pas par son design mais par l’environnement un peu vide mais cela permet de remplir l’espace avec de futurs objets (cadres photos, écran TV, meubles)

    Moi je dis good work Fishing Cactus

    Seules les critiques constructives méritent d’être lue.

  • vincent

    j’etais de mauvaise humeur Harraps, et je suis français je sait juste ce que je n’aime pas et je critique gratuit lol !!

    je me suis gourer pour le son, les cri sont pareil qu’avant la vidéo est de mauvaise qualité, mais ca ne change pas le reste, j’espère me tromper, la vidéo est courte et tout ce qui est montré est nul, on parle tous d’IA de chimie et d’écosystème et c’est de la récolte de pièce ou une chasse au caméléon qui est montré omg c’est niais, associé au design flashi a l’environnement vide et au baobab on est loin des débuts des autres creatures encheteresque… Pour une équipe qui se dit a l’écoute des joueurs la, les démos montré, je vois juste de la comm auprès des enfants.

    Et franchement les petit coeur quand tu chatouille les norns c’est la grosse loose. Dans la vidéos il y avais même un zoom sur la creatures, si le zoom s’active a chaque foi qu’il faut le baffer ou lui faire vomir des coeurs c’est pareil c’est absolument horrible.

    Une autre chose importante a noter, les norns n’ont pas l’air de parler, j’ai juste vue des espece de symbole dans les bulles :-( , si elles ne s’expriment plus toute lettre c’est un gros point noir de plus.

  • harraps

    “si le zoom s’active a chaque foi qu’il faut le baffer ou lui faire vomir des coeurs c’est pareil c’est absolument horrible”

    - c’est pourquoi les 1er commentaires ici proposaient des alternatives

    “Une autre chose importante a noter, les norns n’ont pas l’air de parler, j’ai juste vue des espece de symbole dans les bulles :-( , si elles ne s’expriment plus toute lettre c’est un gros point noir de plus”

    - comme ça ?
    il semblerait plutôt que ce soit un indicateur pour nous aider à soigner sa creature
    D’ailleurs Fishing Cactus ne c’est pas exprimé dessus
    Je préférerais encore qu’on puisse aménager l’environnement ou leur apprendre à s’habiller en fonction du climat
    que leur apprendre à écrire correctement.

    “Et franchement les petit coeur quand tu chatouille les norns c’est la grosse loose.”

    - Tu voudrais des giclées de sang ? (A la limite tu peux, en changeant le fichier image :) ) Bien sûr que c’est un jeu pour les gamins et alors ? encore une fois c’est un indicateur
    pour savoir précisément si tu récompenses ton norn ou pas (au passage, quand tu lui fout une torgnole tu entends un “OUCH”)

    Encore une fois si succès commercial il y a, les jeux suivants seront encore meilleurs

    pour les français que ça intéresse

    On apprend qu’il y aura des norns aquatiques et des norns des cavernes…

  • Dan

    Just a thought, but since third party development and expansion is the backbone of the Creatures Community, and what made our little corner of the Internet so unique, doesn’t discounting it as a ‘mode of play’ seem shortsighted?

    Let me explain – the CC threw up some serious A* developers; people like Lis Morris, Slink, Frimlin, LummoxJR, Helen; many of who went on to work for CL in one way or another, and inspired us to spend our Saturday mornings learning how to COB. Playing and talking about Creatures was all very well, but once you had your own object inside that world, your sense of ownership doubled. There was a learning curve in getting there, sure, and many of our first attempts were at best a bit lame. But that requirement of time, dedication and intellect to get involved at that level made the quality of our community outstanding. You knew you would get a great conversation on the newsgroups with these ‘A’ Listers involved because they had a level of understanding and passion. As an online space it felt less transient; people were invested in it.

    Now maybe I’m missing a major point here, but if C4 is to be a ‘free-to-play’ title, and you are relying on the sales of ‘golden eggs’ and other expansions and addons to fund the project, then doesn’t opening up development to create more quality bonus content make good business sense? Yes there would have to be a vetting procedure to anything being added, and yes this would take considerable time and investment, but if you could offer golden eggs to developers in return for their efforts, surely this would be motivation for those who want to submit to develop the skills required to produce content of a certain standard? Furthermore, if there was some kind of vetting procedure for new addons whereby they had to be approved by Fishing Cactus, would overcoming the barrier to entry, and seeing your own creation in the game, not be a greater motivation for the community?

    The likes of Helen didn’t only produce great objects, she wrote tutorials that allowed everyone to do it. I’d hope that with the launch of C4 this kind of inspiring community feeling will return. And to me it always seemed obvious that Creature Labs should monetize their community. If you’re going to have an in-game currency, backed by a real world currency, it seems silly not to give players the power to grow your virtual economy?

    I don’t think the community was so strong, and has lasted so long, because Creatures was a brilliant game in isolation. I think the level of involvement the game offered in expansion, science and development to players created a stickiness that led to obsession for thousands of people. I feel like you’re missing a trick if you overlook that.

  • Alex P. Twigg

    Dan, I don’t think they’re overlooking it, I think they are focusing on the core game at the moment. It was stated earlier that the biggest hurdle in making 3rd party development possible is the creation of appropriate tools for general use. I think the plan is to get the game out and established, and then think about developing that side of the business.
    I think it is also worth pointing out that CL had all their tools for sale, and they weren’t given away for free until Gameware came along. I think Fishing Cactus would be missing a trick if they didn’t do the same.

  • Andrea Di Stefano

    @harraps,@vincent,@TreehuggerNorn: merci pour vos critiques et/ou pour votre support. Vu que nous jouons la carte de l’honnêteté, je pense qu’il est important de comprendre que malgré la passion de la communauté de Creatures, elle ne représente pas une base de joueurs suffisante pour que nous puissions rendre le jeu rentable , notre objectif étant de ramener la licence Creatures sur le devant de la scène pour de bon et que ça ne soit pas un coup dans l’eau. D’où le besoin d’atteindre le grand publique qui aujourd’hui est familier avec les « jeux sociaux » et leur accessibilité à toute épreuve. Le challenge pour nous est de réussir à trouver un juste milieu et réussir à respecter les valeurs de la série tout en renouvelant le jeu. Alors oui, le jeu sera différent, certainement moins compliqué sur certains aspects, mais aussi construit sur les mêmes bases technologiques qu’avant (IA+code génétique) et tirant partie des technologies d’aujourd’hui pour vous proposer des Norns plus intéressants et plus diversifiés. Et oui, la nouvelle direction artistique ne pourra pas plaire à tout le monde (surtout pour les fans de C3, qui était bien plus dark), mais nous assumons complètement notre choix : en gros il s’agit pas pour nous d’apporter notre touche au jeu et pas de « casualiser » la licence. Au fur et à mesure que nous dévoilerons des détails sur le jeu, j’espère que nous pourrons vous convaincre que l’aspect plus adulte du jeu sera toujours là (l’empoisonnement aux métaux lourds, merci Joystick ;) )

    @Dans, @Alex P. Twigg : indeed we’re looking at ways to bring that to the community (probably with a vetting process so that we can make sure users pay for quality content) but let us finish the game first and we’ll move on from there. It’s too early for us to make promises about what’s going to happen after the release but we’re writing everything down on our todo list :)

  • TreehuggerNorn

    Merci pour cette réponse honnête.

    Personnellement, je comprends entièrement le choix puisque la série n’a réellement aucune chance de revivre si elle ne se vend pas (j’ignore ce qu’il reste de la communauté anglophone ou germanophone mais en France, nous avons été bien decimé). Ce n’est pas pour rien s’il a toujours été difficile de trouver les CD des anciens jeux…

    J’avoue aussi ne pas comprendre cet abus envers le terme “casualiser”, la haine envers les joueurs du dimanche me rebute. Chacun est libre d’apprécier un jeu vidéo sans être connaisseur, mais passons (et je me répète mais même C3 avait une ambiance enfantine -grands yeux, grosse tête, voix féminines, couleurs, rires, cyan… non pas ça- , seulement les graphiques enfantins étaient différents à l’époque. Il suffit de comparer les dessins animés pour le voir… Et ne parlons pas de Creatures Village).

    Je voulais surtout vous remercier de prendre le temps d’interargir avec la communauté pour nous convaincre ET prendre en compte nos remarques (que ce soit pour les suivre, le conserver pour plus tard ou simplement expliquer pourquoi ce n’est pas possible, tout le monde n’aurait pas eu cette gentillesse).

    La note sur les métaux lourds m’a fait sourire. :-)

    Je dois réitérer ma question mais… pensez-vous faire un petit récit rapide pour expliquer en quoi C4 est lié aux aventures de C1/C2/C3/DS avec les shees (un nouvel abandon, un monde alternatif, peu importe) ? La mythologie derrière le jeu n’est pas forcément poussée mais amusante (et puis, ça fait de bons articles dans le creatures wiki).

    Je ne sais pas si la question a été posée mais, sera-t-il possible d’avoir une petite démo avant la sortie pour nous convaincre davantage ?

    (Au passage, magnifique logo.)

  • norngirl

    I do have many questions myself,but that can be seen on the CreaturesTopia forum,
    But I bet I wait til the C4 site is up,hopefuly I can somehow shorter my questions there then I did on the forum.

    But some of them is:
    will the norns get back there tails?
    I think those pics of those C4 norns are sweet but they do lack tails and make them more
    like a norn-mogwai,took Gizmo the mogwai from gremlins as a example here along with
    pasted in the various past norn tails there is.
    (again sorry for making a collab like thing – just a way to show ^^’ )

    Compare to the past norns:

    There allways been tails on the norns,
    as that make them more like a norn in general.
    (even on Clabs norn concept pic you spot tails ;P )

    Also I do hope we be able to see baby norns crawl?
    I also wondered – will there be a option to choose and hatch a egg then the direct norn edit thing?
    Just wondering..

    I also have my wonders about the online feature on this game,will it be a bit like creatures DS?
    In that way we can still be able to play offline? Whenever the server is down it just mean no gameplay at all.

    I also do hope the level-unlock and goal/mission thing won’t resemble too much like online RPG/MMORPG,
    because that means sitting infront the computer more then you do for the regular creatures games ^^’

    Thats just a few but most things that come to my mind,spare the other to the C4 site I guess…

    I also want to say the squirt bottle would be a good alternate punishment I think as well (had it on my C4 concepts)
    (if interessted – here is my C4 concept doodles,made in summer 2010 – have to click on pic to zoom in for full veiw)
    and at artist comment under the pic – some explenations (along with quick links)
    the first two pages has most texts ^^’

    (Main Info)
    (starter norns )
    (grendels & ettins)
    (baby creatures – failure >_-<'

    I know you guys haven't show us the final stage of it,and a lot will be worked on.
    So I fully understand more will be improved/added on it's way. :3
    Im just going to wait and see what you guys will bring more info and pics about it ^^
    But please do bring back the tails to this tail-less norns *_*

  • harraps

    je ne sais pas si ils prendraient le temps de faire une histoire vu qu’ils doivent finir le jeu pour noël
    pourquoi ne pas faire un concours tout bête pour élire l’histoire officielle et la soumettre à Fishing cactus ?


  • Achenar

    This leaves me cautiously optimistic; despite reassurances I’m not sure that this game will be close enough to the C2/3/DS world that I fell in love with to hold my attention, but on the other hand I had been resigned to a C4 never coming out. So if this is good, fantastic – if not, I haven’t lost all that much. ;)

    I very much appreciate your openness thus far, though.

    Given that it sounds like the Gamescon demo was fairly solid, is there a possibility that it will be released online int he near future? It’d be a great way to build some hype and clarify some parts of the gameplay that are distinctly different from the previous games.

  • vincent

    @Harraps: Je ne veus pas non plus de giclé de sang olol !! Juste que ca reste une phase rapide, un chatouillis suivie d’un ptit rire ou d’une claque suivi d’un ouch sans fioriture inutile autour ou de zoom. Qu’on puisse passer au reste vite et continuer d’avoir la vue d’ensemble, d’autant que quand les norns se battent il faut les baffer a la volé, si le zoom reste ca va compliquer la tache. Pour les premier commentaire ou tu indique qu’ils proposent des alternatives, j’ai pas trop vue je suis allergique a l’anglais et google traduction me donne des traductions un peu hasardeuse. Par contre désolé, mais je voit pas l’intérêt d’humaniser des norn en les habillants je prefere l’idée de cycle naturel et de son interaction sur la faune les virus etc…

    @Andrea di Stefano: C’est sympa de répondre, je comprend que vous avez besoin de faire de l’argent, on bosse pas pour la gloire ça c’est clair et net, mais je ne suis pas non plus d’accord avec vos choix de grand public, surtout en free-to-play, les enfant et ado ne gagnant pas leur vie la tranche d’age qui rapporte c’est plutôt les 18ans+ ceux qui bossent, enfin je présume que je suis dans l’erreur l’étude de marché ayant été faite puisque que votre projet est en création lol.
    Mais peut être pourriez vous gardez un esprit enfantin tout en retirant les fioriture qui infantilise le jeu (les petits coeurs et le zoom, je peut vraiment pas, c’est LE truc a retirer), j’ai jamais été rebuté par l’aspect mignon des premier creatures, les machines les découpes intérieur des norns et toute les choses a injecter et leur aspect visible sur le norn donné une ampleur et une profondeur adulte dans un jeu ou des enfants peuvent se contenter d’aligner des générations consanguine et attardé tout en s’amusant au ballon avec eux.
    J’ai envi de me faire convaincre, je reve d’une suite a ce jeu (auquel je joue toujours c3 <3) et j’espère que vous pousserez plus loin les ecosysteme en les rendant encore plus riches et varié c'est tellement important dans creatures, on y passe des heures a l'entretenir et a découvrir et a tester les autres bestiole dans des habitat qui ne leurs sont pas propre. Si vous avez besoin d'idée ou si vous ne savez pas trop, ou que vous chercher des concept innovant pour l'ecosysteme, pourquoi ne pas proposer a la communeauté ici de vous proposer leurs idées ?? Je suis certain que vous en trouverez des idées génial a associer aux votres en un minimum de temps. Pareil pour l'histoire Treehuggernorn a raison ont y a tellement passer de temps dans creatures que trouver une histoire connecter aux autres creatures serait très facile avec la communeauté.
    J’espère aussi qu'a l'avenir, même si vous en avez l'air satisfait, vous modérerez l'aspect flashi des graphismes, c'est vraiment trop clair a mon gout et je sait que j'ai bon gout :p !! J'ai presque envie de faire la comparaison avec Diablo 3 qui trop clair au début c'etais vue très critiqué par les joueurs qui c'est soldé par un remaniement pour le rendre plus sombre (c'est pas le même genre de jeu je sait, mais j'aime les comparaisons).

    i love Joystick j'ai tellement rigoler a l'epoque du test mouarf pauvre norn il a mangé !!!

  • Nick

    Great Q&A, definitely helps to answer questions. I’m a long-time fan of the Creatures games, so have been cautiously optimistic, like a great many of the other players, to this new reboot/installment to the series. Obviously one of the biggest draws with the series has been user-generated content, and I do hope toward and look forward to the release of content-generating tools for that very purpose, or some way of including them. It’s certainly something that’s kept me coming back to the series for so long – one of the first things I do upon loading Creatures 3 or DS onto whatever new hardware I’ve got is spend a while downloading breeds and agents and metarooms! So fingers are crossed both for yourselves financially and for the fans that this becomes viable in the future.

    @Andrea di Stefano: One thing I am curious about, knowing that it’s a reboot, is the mythology with regards to the Shee, Albia and its departure and so forth. Will there be anything of this still present in any way, no matter how small, tied to the game? With Docking Station there were short stories released periodically to explain new breeds as the universe unfolded, along with offering tantalising glimmers of the Shee story. I’m a sucker for this kind of stuff, so I would love for it to be included in some way, shape or form.

    Keep up the great work, and looking forward to any responses you might be able to provide.

  • Rhue

    Thanks for the post! I’ve been following the blog for a couple of weeks now, and I’m really looking forward to the new game.

    I was just playing Creatures 1 (I know, welcome to 1996), and it occurred to me that it would be neat if you could incorporate some sort of “family tree” record for norns so that rather than going back and looking at birth certificates or individually tracking parentage, a user could just take one quick look to see how current norns are related to one another. Of course, a function like this would probably just highlight how incestuous norn relations can be, but I still think it’s worth it. :)

    Keep up the good work!

  • Will

    Must say I am liking what I see so far. Like a few others I am wondering how community creations will be handled when the time comes. I honestly would like to say that it should at least be a 50/50 on what we can get with coins and what we would need golden eggs to get. Another thing I would like to ask about is if there would be an offline mode being thought of for C4. It would tie into the online portion with the more you unlock online the more you can do offline or pay for it with golden eggs/retail box version. And what you do offline does not have any effect with what you do online.

    I do though agree with the whole tails thing though. Our little guys and gals need their tails back or at least have them on the 3 remaining breeds for more randomness with the breeding process. Another thing with the whole breeding aspect and choosing what your next gen little one will look like and adding new genes to it. I would like to say thanks for allowing us to have the option for you to allow nature to take its own course as in whenever you have two adults kisspop or the female lays her egg the screen pops up for you to alter the little one for it not to or at least in some way. This was one of the more exciting aspects for me and I am sure a lot of the other players who dealt with Albia, the Shee Ship, and the Capitilla.

    As for the Gendels and Ettins, I agree that now is not the time to focus on these guys right now and rather get the game going good then bring back our scaly bullies and absentmined\kleptomaniac builders (put in both descriptions of the ettins as it all depends on if you remember how the C2 or the C3 ones acted). But I would like to say when those guys do make it in that it should be a golden egg purchase or an extremely random mutation to allow the norns/grendels/ettin to look like the other and open up a lot more variety in breeding.

    One other thing about the retail box version you guys are going to try and release after C4 comes out is the older games. Even now when I want to play them I have to switch my color on my computer to 16 bit mode. Are these versions going to support 32 bit mode color so I don’t have to do a force switch each time or still be the old versions

  • Jelle De Loecker

    I guess you have to keep in mind that to a lot of people it isn’t just a game: it’s science!

    Playing around with those science kits, and the norn splicer, was amazing.

  • allaze-eroler

    anyway, i think you will laugh quite hard if you watch that video about between bots :p

    sorry for the out of topic, i couldn’t resist to share it ! XD

  • Ryusui

    Any chance of the classic Norn breeds being included and upgraded to full 3D? I’d preorder ASAP if you could do justice to the White-Haired Pixie Norns from the first game…

  • vincent

    need news :p !

  • Jeckunev

    Will we see the Wolf Control make a return, as well as fast ticks? I love leaving the game on and letting the norns fend for themselves and evolve just from natural selection

  • ChosenPredator

    It would be nice if we could get updates or something every friday or monday sort of like undead labs is doing with their zombie MMO for the xbox 360 – they have a community person who participate in the forums and allows us to ask questions for certains devs (art director/producer) and little updates on what everyone has worked on…you know something like that so we can feel more attached to the dev team and feel like we’re along the ride – just take a look i think you guys should follow suit..we are desperate for some news or anything for that matter

  • fredigar

    I was hoping the next Creatures game to be full 3d. But I’ll settle for this, Does anyone know the estamated release date for Australia?

    The Norn generator seems a bit Spore-like, just hope that there PG rating still applies.

  • vincent

    Ce que ChosenPredator propose je le soutien à 100%, ce jeu est attendu depuis trop longtemps, need news même la plus petite pour éviter que la pression redescende :p !! Je viens sur le blog tout les jours en espérant du croustillant ^^ et je ne pense pas être le seul, un rendez vous autour d’une petite news par semaine ce serais super. Besoin de frais :p !

  • allaze-eroler

    @vincent : c’est bien vrai ! :)

  • emmy


    sorry i really had to say that

    are they bringing back the norndolls in the boxed versions? i’d love to see more of those

    and don’t say no one cares

  • Kay

    I would like to know if the Boxed version for PC is a stand alone version and can be played on it’s own. There is a trend of online games folding and leaving players high and dry after they have put some serious money in these online games.

    I also would like to know if anything we buy with these “golden eggs” will be able to be used in the the boxed version offline?

    The answers to these questions will impact my decision on if I will play this online game (being as I was totally burned on an online game before that I purchased for 3 years “items” that are now being taken away with no stand alone version)


  • Annika

    Whats going to happen too the ettins/grendels?

  • allaze-eroler

    i think you will be interested to read that : it talk about finger difference between male and female :)

  • Kay

    Why was my comment not approved and removed? I was asking about the boxed version and if I can play offline? Is the boxed version like the Docking Station and can it be played offline or to keep our norns alive we must be online .. line a face book game?

    It makes me nervous that you call the box version a client?

  • ChosenPredator

    Yeah Vincent I was hoping they would keep the community stimulate with conversation so we keep talking about the game, it could be simple things really to start conversation and add to the growth of the community, they said they are going all in with this game it would be great if there was a developer who does updates once a week so people don’t forget and new people can come aboard – I know the typical response would be their working hard on the game or something like that but so is the other link i showed with most likely a similar sized development group..anyways my rant is done just craving some interesting tad bits to keep people talking about this game.

  • Andrea Di Stefano

    Hi guys, sorry about the delay in answering to you, the fact is that I’m abroad at the moment (holidays, we get them too sometimes :-) . I’ll back next week with some answers for you but there’s no new major announcement at the moment due to the fact that we’re in the process of solidifying what we showed at Gamescom, thanks to all the feedback we gathered.
    We’ll see what we can do about more regular updates. As I’ve said before it takes a lot of time and there might not be always something new to share, and I’d rather not start to artificially distillate information and stick to keeping the information fresh and honest.

    One note:
    - we do not have the habit of censoring the messages posted here. The fact is that our system requires all the messages to be approved by someone at Fishing Cactus to avoid spam messages. Sometimes it happens we forget to approve a message (send us an email if after a couple of days it’s not online) or we’re simply not in front of our machines (weekends, sleeping time etc.).

    Thank you so much for your support!

  • Kami

    I guess I feel the same about some kind of offline mode… The Creatures Community has seen what it means if the creators drop the ball with their online servers (Docking Station). At least someone made a login disabler to enable offline play when the servers are down.

    When you guys stop supporting this new game it in however long (Five years? Ten years? – And you’ll have to eventually. You can’t keep your servers up forever), then without some way to play offline, it’ll become completely unplayable.

  • Kay

    @Kami What you posted is what I am talking about, Thank goodness for that person that made that patch or else docking station would have been a lost cause. I want the same thing for this new version! Alot of us are experienced with loss like this and if we felt more secure in that we won’t lose our creatures no matter what we will invest more into the game.

    I know they say that the previous version will be on the cd, I already have every version and add-on and tools (also all the creatures releases), so having yet another copy is good but I just want the answer to the offline play.

  • Silvak

    @ChosenPredator, it’s still pretty early and we will be getting an official site and, from the sounds of it, forum. We only found out about C4 after years of development, and even then we didn’t learn too much. I’m not expecting major updates until the site goes up. By then there will be a dedicated PR/Moderator/Community Liaison person, and I’m sure they will be able to answer more questions and update more.

    @Andrea, as others have inquired about, it would be beneficial to include a version that does not require an internet connection. I know that when I was younger I was not permitted to go online very often or for long.

    @Kay & Kami, the DS server is down, but it is being worked on to get back up. I vaguely recall someone mentioning a virus or something on the main Gameware server, which holds the DS server along with Gameware websites. If Gameware decides to ever refuse to get the DS server back, there is supposedly a contingency plan, but I doubt that. With C4 coming around, I expect they’ll get it back, reopen the Mall and possibly release some new breeds. Because why shouldn’t they? It would be a great way to get some more revenue.

    As always, make those Shee proud!

  • Kay

    @Silvak I am talking about the CD version of Creatures 4, I want to know if it will run as a stand alone. I am happy to hear the the DS sever might be back up (that would be awesome!), but I am also wanting information about Creatures 4 the boxed version and if we can play offline in case the Creatures 4 people disappear.

    I really hope the Creatures 4 is like Docking Station but bigger! If they put the Docking Station Server that would be great seeing as I play with Docking Station most of the time.

  • Tom

    As an avid and somewhat addicted fan since creatures 1 first came out i have to admit i am some what unconvinced by this forthcoming version. I have to agree firmly with Dan about the freedom to create objects, mutations,science packs and life packs. This offline ability is what attracted an awful lot of players to the game originally. I haven’t yet seen any screen shots which show a development from the original games and it feels somewhat wrong that the original story line has not been kept to and followed on from DS (e.g. landing on a new 3D world with the shee) I get the 3D addition however it seems the majority of the world is just a reproduction of the previous ones with a tree house and hatchery and less of a progressive development…what has happened to the so called exciting new world? Perhaps this game should really be named Ablia 3D rather than implying a continuation to the game itself … a continuation of the game would be to continue the story laid out….rather than just reproducing a game in 3D that we already have and love in 2D.

    I am very unsure whether the excuse that cost implications means that there will be no ettins or grendels, 3rd person developments, life kits, science kits or norn exchange is really a good enough excuse to cut main areas expected by previous users with the hope that these will be added after. Why launch a half completed product? surely a half completed product will draw less users than a completed one?

    The ability to alter your norn colours at birth (which is not true to the game without a science kit and skill), having to purchase items and collect coins and eggs along with the game purely being an online one all seem to draw the game further and further away from the original games which were the success and i cant help but feel this is heading towards a cheap online imitation.

    I really wish i was feeling more convinced and excited about this new game as i was when i first heard the news however the more i hear the more i dread such an original game being trashed. Do you not think the game would be better and truer by being offline and combining a communication centre and warp teleportation system like in DS. Many young people are limited in their use of the internet as i was years ago and this alone will limit your market and success rate by limiting the game to an online version, both facilities should be immediately available.

    Creatures 2,3 and DS (the complexity of 3 and DS were what attracted players) were superb examples of an intense gameplay which devoted players loved and many such as Helen mentioned before worked extremely hard on. A coin collecting egg trading game sounds terribly like some face book game (and all of those are disappointing) with no real substance or even worse a remake of the kids creatures adventures…. hardly the substance for teenagers and adults (who will play the creatures game far more than kids)

    I really do hope im wrong and pleasantly suprised but it does seem that Fishing Catcus purely dont have the finance to produce a fully functions all singing and dancing stand alone follow on….a follow on which is expected. This being the reason why no one has taken on creatures 4 including the original designers…money! Better to not produce a follow on at all than to produce a substandard one.