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Best Wishes For 2013 and Happy Holidays

Wednesday, December 26th, 2012


Time has come to thank every single person who supported Fishing Cactus during this smashing year. Last year, we were in a hurry for sharing our wishes but this time, and because it’s beginning to look a lot like 2013 (and because we survived the 21st of December of course!), it seems like it’s the right time to have a look at what we have done this year and what’s coming for the new year.


Walking on a Cactus Wonderland

The time when we’ll put our spiky foot on the floor of the Fishing Cactus brand new building is approaching. Santa signed our loans and validated our plans. All we have to do now is to place the first concrete block. Planned for early 2013, we’ll of course celebrate it accordingly!

Fishing Cactus goes to China in 2013

Fishing Cactus just signed for a video games training in China from the 4th to the 15th of March. For the occasion, one Artist and one Game Designer will fly to Asia to represent us there and coordinate small art teams (think GameJam).

Tales From the gaming trenches

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when at the glow of their screens, the cacti asked themselves: “what have we done this year?”

First of all, we worked for a very well-known publisher (soon to be announced). The work we have been delivering opens us doors to other collaborations. You’ll learn more about the game by the end of January.

We collaborated with Reak-Lab and White Laser Games on a web browser game called Thormae. It should reach beta stage just before February. The team in charge of the game has spoiled their baby and it is now time to see all pieces come together for the final polishing phase.

Next, we are quite glad to say that Creatures 4 which we have been developing with Big Ben Interactive for more than a year is finally on a roll. After quite long wait, we are on the verge of signing a distribution deal with a big player in the online games industry who will be responsible for the distribution of C4.

Then, as many of you already know, Fishing Cactus has been working for a while on Serious Gaming. Our passion and our faculty to simply turn serious things into awesome games, gave us the opportunity to work on many different projects this year.

One of those projects that makes us very proud is called Algo-bot. The game aims to teach you, in a very Fishing Cactus fun way, the basics of programming logic. But we’ll tell you more about it on a next post :-)



Last word

As you can guess, it has been a very interesting year and from the team point of view, things have been rockin’ around the Christmas Tree! Best wishes for 2013 and have a happy holiday!

Promos to Redeem Before the World Ends (Update: World-End delayed – Promos cont’d thru Xmas)

Wednesday, December 19th, 2012

Edit: The End of the World got delayed apparently. The Mayans must have mis-calculated the timeline; we know the feeling ;-) In celebration, we extend all promotions through Christmas!

Edit #2: Rumor has it that the World did end yesterday, but the government covered it up. Not sure what to believe anymore :-/


Christmas comes early this year as we’d like you to have at least a few days to enjoy our promoted titles before the End of the World, which apparently is scheduled by the Mayans for this Friday.

First of all, Swappin’: our iOS and Android spelling game is now FREE to download! If you didn’t train your brain by playing it yet, this is your chance to die a bit cleverer. Wanna find out how it fares among other spelling games? Check out the AppAdvice quick review.

If you happen to be a French-speaking word-lover, you might also be interested in “Mots Croisés”, from our friends over at BigBen Interactive. It has also been dropped to FREE for the holidays season. Grab it now!

The last present is currently half-priced during the Holiday Season, also in partnership with BigBen. Judge Dee will bring you to medieval China in an iPad investigation game that is temporarily available for only US$ 3.99 (€ 3.59) instead of the usual US$ 7.99 (€ 5.99), for a limited time only!

Swappin’: spelling-race word game for iOS and Android

Monday, November 19th, 2012

Hi gyus!

Hpoe you’re fnie. Is tehre soemthnig worng wtih my psot? Srue not! Atcaully you hvae jsut knid of plyaed our new gmae Swappin’ avialbale tdoay.

Our new spelling race style word-game is available on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android for only 0.99$ / 0.79€ and is playable in English, French, Italian, German and Portuguese.

In a nutshell, Swappin’ is a simple and addictive game in which you have to find the swapped letters to progress forward. If you didn’t get the point yet, I guess it’s time to start playing it and train you lzay barin! ;-)

Swappin’ is not the sole creation of Fishing Cactus as Stefan Nicholic, creator of the concept, has put a lot of efforts into the flash version of the game (released a couple of months ago). For this specific iOS/Android version, Fishing Cactus added quite a lot of new concepts including the double swapping mechanic. We hope you’ll enjoy it!


Creatures 4: GangNorn Style, Instagram Voyeurisme & something for the Ladies…

Tuesday, November 13th, 2012

A packed update this time around as we’ve let a bunch of norns go wild and loose and we all know what can happen when you do that ;-)

Our animator has spent a few days on a funny angle to present you our latest progress on the Norn Creatures. See, after getting viewed over a cool billion times down on Earth, Psy’s intergalactic hit Gangnam Style has now reached Sphericus, the planet where the cute intelligent Norns race now (tries to) live. Enjoy ;-)

You probably have already noticed it on the official web site, some lucky few have even been gifted one while visiting Paris Games Week, a limited sample batch of small Norn figurines has recently been produced… And one of them has escaped from the box and is now hiding in our offices, stealing sneak peek photographs of our gang at work, paparazzi style! Follow our little Norn reporter’s Instagram feed right here.

Our Sophie Schiaratura has also opened up a little something for you girls*: a Pinterest account full of cuteness all around. We will soon run some special activities there… If you’re into nail-art and that sort of things, go subscribe immediately and pin away, ladies*!

(* If you’re a male, you’re welcome to take a look around too – We won’t judge you.)

On a final note, some of you heard rumors about it so we might as well go on the record: we won’t be ready to launch before the end of the year. The team is knee-deep in crunch time, learning to adjust their bodies and brains to less sleep at nights and more caffeine during the day, but there are still a few bullet lists to cross out. We currently hope to enter bêta phase in January. “Hope” means: it might as well be February that we wouldn’t be totally shocked. That’d translate into a live date around March/April 2013 or so. “Ship when it’s ready” is our stance on this one. Expectations are high and we know it — We can’t afford to drop the ball by rushing it out. We’ve spent too much care on this so far. We will very soon deliver you with a more thorough, radically transparent update about what’s been happening on the development side of things this far. Keep an eye on this space.

History of Creatures: Landing on Sphericus

Monday, November 5th, 2012

Here we go again for the last, but not the least, lesson of Creatures’ history. Today, let’s learn a bit about Creatures 3, the latest episode released… until we get to write our own chapter together with you folks ;-)

Living on their little coin-shaped planet, the Shee were not happy at all with the growing disturbances from the spreading Grendel species. Watching the stars, they spotted a fantastic spherical planet which looked much more impressive than Albia. Soon enough the Shee were on their way to Sphericus, embarked on an Ark with their creatures, the Norns and the Ettins.

However, approaching the planet of their dreams, the Shee found out that the Grendels’ Mother had snuck aboard. So they were forced to abandon the spaceship, leaving their poor creatures to their own fortunes.

Naturally it fell onto us, gamers, to help them again, educating those Norns as well as we could. Some of them were reluctant to say “gadget” because of a brain mutation but we did our best. Although we all ultimately failed to create an absolute balance within the spaceship’s environments, we still managed to create some amazing twins (identical or not). And that alone is pretty awesome!

In a word, the third opus of a pure gold series, although more technology focused, was still fantastic for expressing biological creativity, and was filled with a lot of humor and a touch of cuteness

Slash Monsters: Frantic Deep Sea Action for iPad, iPhone, iPod and Windows 8 (updated Nov 9 / bug-fix report)

Thursday, October 25th, 2012

UPDATE – Nov 9th: A new update for Slash Monsters has appeared on the Apple AppStore this morning and it fixes absolutely all the bugs that had been previously reported. No more memory crashes when restoring, no more unwanted pop-ups when playing offline, no more trouble — Just plain fun. If you have Slash Monsters installed on your stylish smartphone or tablet, you can head on to the AppStore right now, where the new update will be pushed to your device in a flash. Apologies for the inconveniences! If you haven’t downloaded Slash Monsters yet, now is the right time to do just that ;-)

Destroy the deep sea invaders and save the ocean! Our brand new “Slash Monsters” is now available on iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod) and on just-out Windows 8, and even better, it’s a free download!

Everyone already knows that the ocean is in danger, but now the sweet starfishes are extinguishing even faster, and not because of pollution! Some nasty pink octopi are after them and they’re not coming alone! Jellyfishes, sandworms and even sea urchins want to kill these helpless creatures! At the power of your fingertip, you’ll perform awesome combos to slash your way through them all. For an invidivual presentation of each enemy type, along with exclusive tips on how to defeat each and every one of them, head on to our Facebook. Oh, and if you find the artwork as gorgeous as we do, keep in mind that there are 6 different worlds to explore, through 36 adrenaline-pumping levels ;-)

Naturally, you’ll also get to compete with your social and virtual friends through leaderboards, achievements and whatnot. And while talking online, you can visit the game official web site through the url. You’d think we paid top dollar and carefully planned the acquisition of such a cool-ass domain name — But funnily enough, would you believe that we found out it was available totally in accident just last night, and snatched it for a few bucks right on time for today’s launch. Now, ain’t that good karma?

Slash Monsters iPad & iPhone

Published by our friends from White Laser Games, Slash Monsters has been under development internally since the beginning of the year, with no less than eight of us working on the game. Guillaume Bouckaert designed the game with our mighty Bruno Urbain, who also served as producer. Programming has been performed by our resident wizards, but on this one they’ve used a tremendous amount of help from Maarten De Meyer, who has been moonlighting with us for the last six months. Cédric Van Putte handled quality control testings, while the Windows 8 side of the project was managed by Laurent Grumiaux. Besides our own, we can’t thank the guys over at Tokkun Studio enough for their wonderful visual art! (and Amandine Flahaut for reworking them here and there). Here’s hoping you lot enjoy playing the game as much as we enjoyed brewing it :3

History of Creatures: Lone Shee’s amazing journey through the Warp.

Monday, October 22nd, 2012

Master Shee is calling you back to school and this time to teach you about the Docking Station incident.

This story related to the Lone Shee’s journey aboard his spaceship, the Capillata, looking for other members of his species all around the galaxy. And what a journey! Lone Shee took the opportunity to travel through the Warp. Many different worlds he visited and many beautiful Norns he managed to shelter in his spaceship. Some of them discovered, some of them created, each and every one of them extraordinary.

Lone Shee had a pleasing journey overall, except maybe for the lack of teas and cookies. However, he had never imagined that he’d find some Grendels in his own spaceship. But he did nonetheless! He wondered how they managed to get there and then begun to suspect that they knew about the Warp

Helped by some incredibly scrappy Norns he knocked the intruders down but found they dropped something in the Capillata. While inspecting it, Lone Shee noticed a “B” marked on the surface of it and remembered a creepy old fairytale about some evil kind of Shee called Banshee. Could those things be some Banshee’s eggs? So, in the nick of time, he threw some eggs, through the Warp.

At last, landing on Sphericus, our mad scientist attempted his journey’s final act. He didn’t quite encounter what he was after though: staring at him with his ruby-red grindelish eyes, a Banshee welcomed him.

Oh, and one more thing… While touring space, Lone Shee crossed paths with weird species called Eyeball Invaders – Check that out over on Steam Greenlight (and do cast your vote! We need your help to make the cut. Lone Shee is ordering you to!)

Fishing Cactus wins regional AWEX Export Award and goes on national TV!

Friday, October 5th, 2012

(For those of you who don’t understand French, please relax: we are working on an English subtitled edition that we will upload to our Facebook as soon as it is ready.)

Le_Manege_Theater_thumbOn 25th of September, in a really selective  setting , at Le Manége Theater in Mons, took place the award ceremony for one of the most important events in the area: the XIIIth edition of the Wallonia Export Grand Prix organized by the AWEX (the local governmental branch dedicated to export). The theme of the evening was ‘the flight towards success’, so the show was filled with circus acrobats in every corner.

Acrobat_thumbFishing Cactus was granted the “Export Springboard Award” (“Tremplin à l’exportation” in French), to reward our huge growth in overseas sales over the last 3 years.

Prizegiving_AWEX_thumbHonored and privileged we thought of sharing a couple of pictures with you folks from the award ceremony and TV videos from the media coverage. For more of those head onto our Facebook page! We ave been literally invaded by television crews this days and it was really fun seeing each others on TV!

So here’s your chance to know us a bit better, grab your popcorns, ‘cos it’s gonna start! Quick!

Get a stake in Piratoons through Gambitious!

Wednesday, September 26th, 2012

Ever dreamt of being a big shot producer or a powerful entertainment mogul? This is your chance to get started.

Piratoons_title_thumb We have listed our next hit project on Gambitious, and everybody is welcome to invest in it and actually own a piece of the revenue share! Think of it as an evolved Kickstarter: by investing, you get more than a few perks and collectible gifts; you essentially become a stakeholder in the venture. Gambitious is basically like an online stock exchange for game properties.

The game project we have selected for this, titled Piratoons, is in very early stages of development and has been identified as having strong franchise potential.

Now sit back and relax, Mr. Big, here’s our mind-blowing pitch for you:

Piratoons_Interface_thumb«Steer your ship along the tropical coastlines, upgrade it with new powerful and magical artifacts, recruit the most greedy pirate crew and engage in exciting real-time Match-3 battles to prove your skills and gather hefty amounts of doubloons!
Set sail for the search of the legendary Pelican Tooth, meet a great cast of wacky cartoon pirates, trade extraordinary goods, capture, protect and build harbors.
Piratoons lets you experience the warmth of the Caribbean Sea, its lush colors, seducing rhythms and extraordinary stories.»

Mind blown away? Feels like this is something you want to help making happen? Smells like a profitable opportunity? Then hop on board and let’s go quest for those hidden treasures together! Oh, and if you’re broke and want to help us get our games made anyway, you can still vote for Eyeball Invaders over at Steam Greenlight completely free of charge ;-)

Help us Greenlight “Eyeball Invaders” on Steam!

Monday, September 24th, 2012

It started as a collective effort … Pretty soon Nature prevailed.

Eyeballs Invaders have landed on a mysterious planet and they need to get as many energy orbs as they can to build themselves a new spaceship. Only one tiny problem: there’s not enough room on the replacement shuttle for all of them. Let the massacre begins, cause in the end, only one will survive and go home!

The Eyeball Invaders is a free to play fast-paced multi-player action game for PC, Mac and Linux in which each player takes control of one of many different eyeball-like character and jumps his way through 5 wonderful planets and 150 tricky levels.

The Eyeball Invaders - ThumbDiscover The Eyeball Invaders world through an exciting single player adventure mode or tackle the challenges with your friends! The game will let you challenge up to seven other players over five hectic modes of play, for some local eight-player brawling madness! And if you prefer playing online, go through the steam community and game integrated lobbies to find yourself more challengers!

Control your jump power and leap left or right to catch the Orbs in the glimpse of an eye. Stick to the walls and use them as launching platforms to jump even further! Watchwords: jump, stick and brawl! Feels like something you’d like to play? Then do something about it and head over to Steam Community, where we’re waiting for your votes to get Greenlit!

Vote for The Eyeball Invaders here!