Fresh Creatures 4 news

Hello everyone!  We know you’ve been waiting for some time now and I wish we could show you some gameplay but we’re still working on it and we want to keep it under the lid until the quality is there where we want it to be before showing it to you guys in a video of some sort.

Still, I think it’s time we show you something new right? So here is “Master Shee”…

I’m fairly sure that the Shee don’t need to be introduced as we’re among fans here :)

As the Creatures series has always been shy on details about the Shee, we made the choice of exploring further this part of the Creatures lore. It’s probably a bit different from what all of you have been imagining for the last 10+ years but I hope you’ll grow fond of it.

About Master Shee, he’s a pretty funny fellow and embodies the “naïve geniality” trait that defines the Shee. He will be your main counsel in Creatures 4 and provide you with all the information required to play the game.

The development of the game itself is moving forward. Among other stuff (a lot of other stuff), we’re currently working on the in-game science kit, the critters and plants. The whole team is working very hard on a project that grew to be a lot more complex and a lot cooler than we envisioned initially.

That’s it for now. We’ll do our best to show more “behind the scenes” stuff from now on until we’re ready to show you the game again.

Take care!

  • Travis


    now I’m worried…

  • Travis

    is this willy wonka or creatures?

  • cribou

    Why are you worried Travis?

  • Creatura

    I’d have hoped to see the Shee race slip out and into the public domain but w/e, this won’t stop me from writing fanfiction :P

    He looks kinda very human, but not bad. Not bad, you’ve captured the crazy sciency look.

  • Armand

    Inspired by “Back to the future” ??? Because he looks like to Emmett “Doc” Brown ^^

  • Alan Zucconi

    Hi Cribou!
    Well, I have to say that I am a little bit worried too. :-p

    All Creatures fan (including me!) have huge expectations about the game (including meee!), and I think that some of them are quite unrealistic. We played Creatures when we were young, so it is hard that a new version will give us the same “emotion”, no matter how good it will be.

    Despite this, I have to say that Creatures 4 seems to head in a different direction from the previous ones. I know that the market has changed, but I feel that (even if there is a “4″) it will be a completely new game. It doesn’t mean that it’s a bad game, but only that this will probably upset the current Creatures community.

    I like the real norns. They seems to be very furry and please-cuddle-me-with-your-mouse, even if they are a little bit different from the original ones. However, I really don’t like the new Shee. Not because it’s ugly, but because it’s not a Shee. It seems that his clothes is vaguely inspired by the one shown on the Creatures 1 manual ( ). However, the actual picture that we have in our mind when we thing about the Shee are these two: and .

    For a “funny” and “clumsy” helper, I would appreciate much more an Ettin, or something like that. Yep, this Shee looks a little bit like Willy Wonka (ref. Travis) and this completely destroy all the expectations about the majestic (and somehow scaring) sods we all dream of for years.

  • Arch

    Quite a bit different from what I’d imagined the Shee to look like. Very human. Not terribly alien.
    As much as I was expecting something different I do like the style and he looks like a very sciency, but still friendly. I think he’ll be a fine guide for Creatures4.

  • C-Rex

    He looks a bit like a Norn crossed with a human hahaha. I just hope he isn’t too annoying in-game, constantly sending notifications to the player.

  • Rha

    Uhh..I don’t know, maybe the Shee still could use some changes? Making the eyes different would already alienate it enough but it would still look like a friendly guy (I’m thinking of Kit Fisto
    Also why does it have 5 fingers-
    It actually looks like an adult Norn and the Norns like it’s babies, it could be confusing to people new to the game-

    I do really like the Norns though, and what we have already seen of the world.

  • Jessica

    It’s great to hear about the science kit, plants, and critters! The Shee has been a very mysterious figure in Creatures mythology. Although Alan is right about the actual in-game images, I always had it in my mind that the Shee possibly represented humans. Their appearance has never been locked down, and although I do agree that some of those images might depict the Shee, Alan, I disagree that everyone has that picture in their mind. What makes the Shee so interesting is that they’re shrouded in mystery, and can be open to different interpretations. The Master Shee pictured here is quite different, and maybe a little unexpected! Yet perhaps players will grow to enjoy him… The possibility still exists to tie him in with the original Shee, at least in imagination!

    I’m staying optimistic and hopeful for Creatures 4! I haven’t put any expectations on the game yet: Fishing Cactus might have chosen another game to work on, and in the absolute worst case, this project has brought a lot more attention to the previous titles.

    Thank you for the update: I look forward to more news in the future: Hopefully soon!

  • Andrea Di Stefano

    We thought a lot about how to represent the Shee, especially since the official material about them is quite scarce.
    We see the Shee as a race of funny scientists, each Shee having it’s own weird yet charming personality (this doesn’t mean we can’t think of a more serious-looking Shee at some point). We really see the Shee as having very distinct personality even though they are part of the same race.
    The Willy Wonka or Emmet Brown comparisons are actually quite welcome as they represent the kind of geeky yet eccentric look we were aiming for.

    It is also a very conscious decision to not make the Shee too alien: the Creatures 4 world is pretty alien already and we wanted Master Shee to be a character that players could understand and, in a way, relate to.

    Thank you for your feedback!

  • Don

    I’m looking forward to seeing the Science Kit.

  • lauren

    i don’t have an issue with this design personally although i can understand how some others might feel but i think he might be fun to play with so we shall see :3 his design looks fun and quirky. like quirky cookies good xD

    i think you should share a little sneak peak at a critter you’ve put in it because i do love the creature critters and i’d love to see something you’ve come up with. i know we’ve seen the little chameleon things but we want mooooore :D

  • Bruno Urbain

    For those who like the Shee design (or those who don’t…) share the stuff around you (Twitter FB). Let’s generate some buzz around the new C4 and expand the fan base a little bit more so we can gather even more feedback, it is quite valuable :)

  • Moose

    Oooh. That Shee looks interesting. I hope that they won’t just be kindly and gentle. The Master Shee will be the main counsel? I hope there’ll be some sort of “unreliable narrator” elements, like sometimes he’s a bit coldly remote, detached, or just absent minded- such as, for example, forgetting that creatures need oxygen, and advising you as such.

    Mainly I just hope that the Shee will be a bit scary and intimidating instead of lovey dovey.

  • caprimoon

    Hm. I always imagined the Shee to be tall, be extremely thin but have very wide shoulders, have many long, stick thin limbs, and in old fashioned three piece suits. Sort of like a cross between Sachiel and Slenderman. I’m liking this design, though, it seems both new and familiar.

  • Pretzelcoatl

    I’m actually screaming and howling. I really like this idea for a Shee. While I usually invisioned them as those strange sticky creatures that look more like the mythological Sidhe, having a dude that looks like he came out of one of my favorite movies talking to me in one of my favorite game series is absolutely amazing. I love him already. ;_;

  • Alex P. Twigg

    I am liking the Shee design. You have a very skilled concept artist on your team over there. I also like the idea of seeing how the Shee will be involved in the game over time. I am more pleased that BigBen are supporting your choice to expand the game to a higher level…they could have told you just to publish what you had, so this is a very good thing.

    For those of you with concerns over the game, maybe you just need to let your imaginations go a bit further. I am not thinking of this is an old creatures game but in 3D, but whole new base that could be the start of something much greater than it’s predecessors. New technology and creative freedom could broaden the scope of this game tremendously!

    For the devs I have a couple of techie questions that you can feel free not to answer if the time is not right:
    Will the game be using the euphoria engine to generate creature animation?
    Will the models be able to make use of normal maps?
    Did moving the handling of graphics to GPU free up much in the way of CPU usage?

    Thanks, and make sure to have a beer every now and then!

  • Rochelle

    I love the design.

    Some people in the Creatures community are being pretty Bridezilla about all of this. *RAWR* this is not the way I wanted it! LOL.

  • Don

    You could also compare him to a pink version of the film Avatar: ;)

  • little.oak

    As a creatures fan, I can’t help but feel all “Noo, that’s not a Shee. What have they done? *cries*”
    This is because I always pictured the Shee like this (, These look totally different from your Shee design, more serious and mysterious. No huge ears or bright colours.

    But if I try to think of this from the perspective of a new player, I think it could work. It looks like a fun character in the role that you described. I don’t know. Maybe I just have to let go of the image that I have in my mind. Times have changed, and it’s a whole new game, not just an update of the previous creatures games.

  • Travis

    Well I’m worried just as Alan Zucconi said. I think maybe his coulors come off a little bit to childish, I’m all for quirky, but it seems to be selling to children, instead of universal…he looks to human, his skin should be an off color, like a pale blue green, and his eyes should be more egg shaped and black. he can still look friendly and quirky, but to me he looks like a human, we can all still relate to an alien, give us more credit lol, we came this far before any shee interaction, and the previous games barely had any involvment with them. I think creatures in the previous games were fun and quirky, but not overly childish and obviously complex, seeing this picture makes me think it will be a little bit kiddy…I am however thrilled that you are even putting a shee in the game and with such an important role :) sorry that I seem hard to please it’s just a new direction I just need to get used to. no matter what I will still be rooting for c4!

  • Alec

    Stop killing the game! Do you have no one on your darn blasted team who actually played the games! That’s not Shee, that is a character from the PlayStation game Jak and Dexter! <.< For the love of all that's holy stop making this game preschool friendly! Turning the game into Sesame Street junk! !@#$
    Look things up!

    As the Creatures series has always been shy on details about the Shee, we made the choice of exploring further this part of the Creatures lore.

    Well you didn't look to darn far did you! The community had pictures of Shee everywhere and is /accepted/ You dug through old playstaion game and !@#$% their character images!

  • Travis

    Alec it does look liek jak and daxter! wow… :/

  • Alec

    Yes it does, and image to prove it! Now mix that image with a stolen reference and posture from Back To The Future and you have that creep up there. Then! Mix the colors from Viva Pinata and you have him perfectly.

  • AquaShee

    I think he’d look a lot like the Shee statues once he puts his goggles on, glowing eyes and everything. Perhaps the statues were inspired by fully equipped Shee scientists.

    I really like this design. His brightness will likely tone down a bit once he’s rendered ingame, but I can really imagine him doing crazy science stuff that would result in Norns.

  • Alan Zucconi

    Aahaha oh my God, hope I didn’t start a riot! ;-)
    I think that one of the problem is that so few information have been released about Creatures 4 that we are all getting crazy! :p It would be nice having some “insight” of what’s going on. The release time is pretty close, and the fact that you don’t feel confident yet to show us more of the game is a little bit worrying! :p
    And yes. This is just a *desperate* attempt to get some *real* screenshots! ;-)

  • Jessica

    I see some resemblance to Jak and Dexter… However, there are a couple of other characters the Master Shee could resemble, which have been mentioned by others. I wouldn’t go so far as to say that this is a stolen character design, though! I’m pretty sure there would have been similarities with other characters, no matter what the Shee ended up looking like.

    I agree with Alan: In-game screenshots would be absolutely wonderful! I can’t wait for those!

  • Irukandji

    I feel it’s too childish as well. I don’t think it’s a bad idea, it would definitely expand the creatures story, but I think it targets the game to young kids and excludes the older folks who would enjoy it more without the goofiness.
    Also, I’ve always had a thing against humanoid characters in games about some sort of critters/little worlds. I guess I like to make up my own story and rules too much. Which I don’t think is being truly taken away or anything, but it’s different having another presence there.

  • Andrea Di Stefano

    Hey it’s true the he looks a bit like Jak (without the adventurous look and action gear).
    Actually we didn’t look at Jak as an inspiration (we looked at Doc.Brown though, we love him) so this comes as a bit of a surprise!

    It’s also true he looks more colorful although our intention was not to make it more appealing to a younger audience (which is something that we took into consideration for the Norn redesign for example).

    Ultimately, I guess it simply reflects the kind of characters we like :)

  • Creatura

    Oh don’t fret you people. Shee have always been very open to interpretation, the important thing is the feel they give not their appearence. They’re geniuses, quirky, british. Admittedly he doesen’t look british much, but the important two are there. And he’s tall as skinny and wears a lab coat.

    Fret about the fat, tailless norns, or about the oversimplified interactions and f**ing floaty hearts, there’s no need to be rude about this piece of pretty concept art.

  • Andrea Di Stefano

    Also, we looked at the pictures from the wiki you guys are mentioning from day 1. We didn’t want to go for a scary and omnipotent look of the C2 statue as we felt it didn’t match the original depiction of the Shee. We even tried capturing something from the C1 manual pic –> Looked a bit too much like Dracula if you ask me…

    @Irukandji: There are 2 reasons we chose to have the Shee in the game. The pragmatic one is that we have goals and things to achieve in the game and we didn’t want for everything to be delivered by some sterile interface. The creative reason is that we wanted to expand on the initial Creatures lore and create new opportunities for cool content and not going for a simple recycling of what was already there.

    @Moose: Creatures has always been about experimentation and we want to keep that so you should expect Master Shee to have some surprising requests.

    @lauren: The critters will probably surprise you too I think, we’ve allowed ourselves to go a lot more alien-y in Creatures4

    @Alan Zucconi: don’t worry about the riot :) We’re always expecting criticism when we announce something which is normal considering the long life span of the series. I have to say that overall the reaction has mostly been pragmatic and kind of “wait and see” which we’re perfectly happy with. We don’t shy away from the choices we make knowing that Creatures 4 won’t please everybody. It’s never easy taking criticism (you tend to focus on that one angry comment instead of the 10 good ones) but it’s what happens with a passionate community and it’s way better than no feedback at all :)

  • Andrea Di Stefano

    Ow, in our defense, we’re dialing back on the floating hearts ;)

  • Alan Zucconi

    @Andrea Di Stefano:
    Hi Andrea! :D Ahaha, yes, can’t deny that I am a little bit negative! ;-)
    I am a developer too, so I know how important feedbacks are for a project. It’s nice when someone says “Ohh it’s lovely! Perfect!” but this doesn’t give any help on what to add / to remove / to improve! :-)
    In these years I asked myself “Alan, if you had the chance, how are you going to do the new version of Creatures?” so… :p …I am really keen in providing you all my feedbacks. Good ones… but most of all… terrible ones ahahah! ;-)

  • Alan Zucconi

    However, my stronger criticism was about the choice of re-use the “chemical engine” of Creatures 3.
    A creatures’s DNA can literally “override” physics laws and create oxygen, or whatever from nothing.
    If there are no real rules, the evolution itself fits on barely nothing.
    It would be nice (and much more challenging!) having some strict chemical reactions that can’t be changed, and using them to generate all the rest. For example, “Life” can’t be altered in any way, but “Oxygen” or “ATP” can be obtained from some other reactions that the DNA has to chain together. I like Science, and Creature’s chemicals are much more like alchemy than chemistry! :-)
    However, I think that such a chance would be quite challenging, especially when it comes to find the right “balancing”. :p
    Oh God. Another negative feedback. :p You are going to hate me ahahh! :-)

  • ChosenPredator

    Maaaan I really hope there is some GENUINE evil stuff in the world you guys are making, I don’t want everything to be kirby dream land and cuddly fluffy hugging kid stuff I want some genuine predators for the creature some type of other species or critters that evolve on their own in other sections of the map…just really hoping for a living breathing world with actual opposition to keep things interesting..heck maybe the creature will make some kind of pack with another species and learn from their culture and habits – so far so good but yeah the shee looks waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to much like the jak & daxter character I wouldn’t mind some changes because he also looks like Lion-O from the thundercats movie except older.

  • norngirl

    I agree – that dude look a LOT like Jak&Daxter , not just a bit -_-’
    In fact – it was the first thing that came to my mind,before I noticed other people saw it!
    also the color and the the way he look is also a little faint of viva pinata (that – I could say is a bit)
    (sure jak&daxter is my fav games – at least 1 to 3 + the jak x racing one, along with viva pinata…however theyre nothing similar to creatures – not even viva pinata XD )

    I don’t say the pic is bad – it’s even cuter then the c4 norn themself (sorry),
    but it dosn’t scream the shee to me,it look more like a nice and kind hearted doctor character in Jak&Daxter style
    (it’s not only Jak ya know,go and have a look at the random character from that game,you see why Jak&Daxter comes to mind)

    For me – C2 statue of the shee (along with the faint hints scattered around C1 (the sunken shee statue anyone?)
    and the hints on C2 (laptop,the power up messages and of course,the allmighty shee statue,as stated first)
    will Allways be the shee for me,alien like and stuff…also I don’t count the C3/DS one as that was as the original creator wasn’t on board when it was made as far as I know…it also look to human as well.

    Also – I do know we haven’t seen more then one area of C4,but that one shown isn’t at all alien-like,
    it looks very earth-ly,big treehouse,chameleons,ladders,forest like…hopefuly the other areas is more alien like o.o
    still,wouldn’t harm if this guy was more alien like still…perhaps he is a evolved shee..but as far I heard..she is blue and judge by the c2 pic (and me thinks the c1 one is probably would be same) has blue color and white hair…and big alien eyes..

    oh well,my corncern is not realy the shee afterall,as I seen various people thinking the shee is more human like and
    such…however I DO hope the norns will still get back theyre tails and theyre cuteness…also
    hope the other breed of norns will look entirely different – so we don’t only have to mix and match same norn – just different sizes and a slight shape – such as mixing different ears,faces,tails etc – now That would surely be something cool,rather then just re-paint same similar norns in different color and textures..

    as right now – it’s too much mogwai-ish look to them *minus the cool ears and the big cute eyes*

    I know that I said may sound rude,but It’s not my intention – I only want to point out things compared to the originals to how far we know about C4,
    but hey!
    All I have to say is,
    in the end when it’s done, only then can we see if it’s truly a C4 or more of a spinn off in a online version,
    but kinda like a CA version ;P

    (also note people – CA (Creatures adventure,as well playground, DID have same engine as C3,so they haven’t dumbed it down,just made it more limited,
    just some CAOS cracking and just by use a genetic editor and open a CA norns genom,you see everything is there..just changed to be more limited!)

    Also yes – I do think C3 dosn’t look so advanced either – because it might be more of Caos controling there as well creatures surviving based on instincts -_-
    I must say – C1 and C2 feel more alive because it’s not so hard coded,nor isn’t it use a lot of Caos script so heavily either >_> I find my C1 and C2 norns do more random things then my C3-DS ones who just eat,sleep and breed X_X

    and I can’t help but have my reminder’s again (Ive seen 2 people now posting c1 fluffyheaded fem norns as a ref of cuteness – gotta agree,I don’t know anyone who disliked the fluffy/pixie line of norns)
    Im glad also more people is aware the tail was gone XD

    Now,to my norn reminder >: D
    *improve new norn to be more…nornish?*
    *C4 vs mogwai – where is the tails*
    *all past norns*
    sorry fishing cactus – but we want norns,not mogwai norns XD

    Im still gonna lurk around for news of C4 and see what the result may be in the end :3
    may it be a spinn off, another creature yet with none creature feel to it or basicaly a (hopefuly)
    fun time sapper,I just have to wait and see the final look of it,but a true C4?
    well I don’t think I can consider that – duo to it’s online,leveling,using external payments along with never ever be able
    to own the game (even as being playable as offline) , 5 areas,not be able to go to a nursery and pick and hatch own egg (as far I know) and in fact – not even grendels are from the start …^^’
    *ettins? well yes those too,but if we go way back to C1 – no ettins ;P )
    There might be more I could keep finding what makes the creature formula here..but with those things missing,
    dosn’t feel truly C4 to me,and some may agree with me (and maybe some don’t?)

    well thats all I can say – Not that I know if you care to read what I have to say? XD
    Also if you do – I hope you guys will feel offended, is just pointing it out from a true creatures fan….
    (note: if something is typed in crazy – it’s because im a fast typer ,so blame it on my keyboard ;P )

  • Achenar

    I’ve always been a bit cautiously optimistic about this project – and I’ve got to admit that the art that’s been released lately nudges me towards ‘cautious’ rather than towards ‘optimistic’.

    A lot of it is because, of course, there have been more than ten years since I originally played the Creatures games. I was twelve then! But even then, the impression I had of the Shee was that while their lore was a bit quirky and British, at the end of the day they were also remote, and the worlds that the Norns inhabit are a little dark (this is especially the case for Creatures 3).
    I think that duality – cuteness against a background and a history that’s darker and a bit unforgiving and brutal – is what made me enjoy the games so much. Creatures 2 and 3 gave me a bit of a sense of panic – the Norns were cute and clever, but they weren’t clever enough not to get into trouble that could kill them. Only my paying close attention (and locking the doors) could prevent them from getting into that sort of trouble.

    The art we’ve seen thus far is lacking that duality, and does seem a lot like the game is going to be marketed to six year olds. I think the question is whether the game is going to be marketed to the original fans – who are all ten years older now, a bit more mature, and will savour a little darkness – or whether it is going to be marketted mostly to a new market.

    This was always going to be a hard project for you, because not only are Creatures fans very, um, enthusiastic – but it’s been ten years and we’ve all grown up a little bit.

    I’ll still be sticking around and looking for news about C4 – but with what we’ve seen so far I’m not pinning any hopes on this being a game I’ll want to play. So far it is looking a lot like a childrens’ game…

  • mysti

    I like the way he looks, no, it’s not how I imagined it, I would appreciate something more alien still, but it gives a good impression of what a shee is best known for; being a quirky scientist, and I’m happy to settle with it.

    I’m actually kind of pleased that the series has finally caught up with the shee.
    Will the character get a name besides ‘Master Shee’?

  • little.oak

    I always imagined the Shee to be blue and alien like. This seems too…human.
    Also, please give the Norns a tail. I can’t believe that I didn’t notice that before. I actually like most of the Norn design, but they need a tail. It will make them so much cuter. It’s not a Norn if it doesn’t have a tail.

  • mk-grendel

    Interesting Shee design, you used the shee-statue as reference – right?

    But it looks to human like for my taste, i would remove the nose and give this creature a skincolor no humans have, e.g. snow-white, blue, purple, red, green etc

    but take a look yourself

  • Malkin

    Thank you for showing us a new picture! The character design is growing on me – will we see female Shee?

  • mk-grendel

    @Malkin there is nothing like a female shee – that’s the reason they become extinct!

  • Ghosthande

    I like him! Not as fishy as the C3 Shee, and you can see why the Shee might have engineered Norns to look the way they do.

  • Doringo

    Looks alot like Albert Einstein in my opinion.

  • Irukandji

    Thank you for responding to me, I appreciate it!
    The goals and achievements aspect does work well with having a character like Master Shee, and I do like the continuation of the Shee story. Like others said though, I’m hoping the game still has the mysterious and dark elements of the previous versions. I hope he’s made to only be a helpful guide if the player says that’s what they want.

  • Travis

    please paint the shee a light greenish color for skin tone at least, i can live with him looking that way but he just doesnt fit with that skin tone. and make his clothes less bright!

  • j

    Fishing Cactus, your Shee = FAIL!! That picture would be very appealing if I were two years old.

    Also, there is no more than 4 months until release and you don’t have ANYTHING to show game play? I smell a disaster coming or at the very least another postponement.

  • Andrea Di Stefano

    @Alex P. Twigg: Thanks about the encouragement! I also like a lot the work our artists are doing, it’s not easy to create a new world from scratch. Quick answers. 1) Nope, we’re using good old fashioned animations and a separate physics engine. Euphoria looks awesome and I’d love to work on that someday but I feel it’s destined to bigger-scale projects. 2) We don’t have the need for normal maps at the moment (and we try to focus on the essential to minimize the rework between platforms anyway) but there’s nothing technical preventing us from using them. 3) I’m guessing it does, but I honestly have no clue so I’ll forward the question to our awesome tech team.

    @norngirl: no offense taken :) we appreciate the constructive and dedicated criticism

    @Alan Zucconi: I actually agree with you on the chem. We had several months of catching up to do in terms of understanding how the Norns work. No one in the team was a hardcore modder like some of you guys so we understood many things as development was taking place (and sometimes we still understand new stuff!). The Norns (AI, genome, chemistry) impose us many limits we didn’t necessarily foresee in the beginning and with which we had to deal.

    @j: we’re working as fast as we humanly can to avoid any further delay (I suspect some of us are super-humans but maybe they’ll just die of exhaustion at some point, hope not!). We’re a team of about 10 people on the project and it’s a pretty huge project when you factor in the 3D aspects of it all (art, physics, animation, etc.)

    @mk-grendel: The first thing we did was looking at all the material for the Shee that was in the past games (The Shee statues from C1/C2 mainly) but also on the wiki (which I never had the chance to mention how a goldmine of information it has been for us, thanks!). We also looked at the lone Shee chronicles and everything we could find. After that we did several iterations on the characters and some of them were more alien-y even. The version of the character we’re showing now is the one everyone on the team agrees is the coolest one.

    @Malkin: nothing planned at the moment (and if it was, I’d wait a fairly large amount of time before announcing another “OMG-what-are-they-doing” announcement like this aha :) )

  • Dinofan137

    If the other games were shy about de Shees, why are they wanted to put them in C4 ? Can’t they do as in the other games, where only a little number of clues show the Shee’s presence ?