Creatures 4 at the Gamescom 2012 in Köln!


Fans of Creatures, Fishing Cactus is not leaving you alone in the… sun :3, here is what you’ve been waiting for since way too long: some fresh news about Creatures 4!

Like every year, our team went to the Gamescom in Köln (Germany) and presented a new demo of our beloved game.

Gamescom is the biggest videogame event in Europe, where over 100.000 gamers and the vast majority of industry insiders flock every summer. What better setting to present new games or improvements on existing long overdue projects? :lol:

If you had a chance to see our demo at Gamescom 2012, you’ve surely noticed that the game is finally running smoothly and is really getting closer from the vision we had for it.

Creatures 4 - Gamescom 2012


Since Gamescom 2011 we’ve introduced a starting tutorial and it was great to see players get into the game quickly and cleanly this year (compared to the general disorientation of the public twelve months ago :D ). We also added some new features like the Norns speech abilities, the Science Kit and the Ecosystem!


Basically the tutorial helps new players learning how to play and getting acquainted with the game mechanics. A series of mini-quests will help you resolve some common problems like how to breed your Norn, how to keep him happy (or miserable, for the sadists) and how to interact with the flora and the fauna of each area of the universe.

Norns Speech Abilities

As most of you already know, infant Norns can only talk incomprehensible Bibble. They develop their ability to speak socially understood Handish only when the player conditions them to that.

Creatures 4 - The Science Kit

 Science Kit

The Science Kit is one of the most complex instruments in the game and it will blend several features from the kits found in the previous versions of Creatures. The current Science Kit is a heavily work-in-progress version and the one available on release will, however, most likely differ in several ways.

In a nutshell, the Science Kit will tell you the “stats” and conditions of your Norn and you will dispose of a window full of items you can use to evolve your little creatures.


Butterflies, pawless four-eared rabbits, beautiful flowers and lonely Oliphants are finally interacting with each other on Sphericus, the planet on which the game takes place. Every area of the universe sports its own gushing flora and vivid fauna. Although in this demo we were forced to disable the unfinished and unstable customization mode by locking placements of the various decoration objects, in the release version you will be able to freely move them around at will.

The demo version also delivered a glimpse into some work-in-progress interfaces, such as the hatchery, the splicing machine and the Norn collections.


Creatures 4 - The Hatchery Eggs MenuThe Hatchery

The Hatchery machine provides the player with Norn eggs and is one of the most important spots in Creatures 4. Therefore we have really focused a lot of time and energy on this aspect of the game and we are quite happy with the final result.

Unfortunately the Hatchery Eggs menu was disabled to make the experience more linear in the demo, but in the final version you’ll be hatching eggs any way you like them.

The Splicing Machine

Next to the Hatchery Machine, that two egg-shaped cocoon is the Splicing Machine. You can buy “genes” and play mad scientist by mixing these genes to spawn precisely the type of Norn you want, completing your Norns Collections. We were thinking of renaming it BCWYWF (Be Careful What You Wish For) but “Splicing Machine” sounded more familiar ;)

We will publish many more Gamescom pictures on our Facebook by the end of the week and more inside information about C4 will be dropped in this very space soon.

  • Anthony

    I’m so excited for this game! I played all of the originals back when they first came out, I’m thrilled to see it return! It will be interesting to see how it stands the test of time.

  • ChosenPredator

    Awesome update, I still hope there is some sort of package where we can buy the whole game to get all the nifty stuff you have to pay for, for experimenting. I can’t wait to see what everyone else says ….ddyyyying to experiment, there is also a youtube video out that i link showing some of the thing you’ve describe, like the rabbit thing actually eating a plant which was waaaay awesome and one of the things i was hoping for so we could have other things to watch and see evolve beside the actual norns – hoping there is more unique creature to interact with in the future.

  • Jessica

    Thanks for the update! I’m quite happy to see some new features emerging into the news: I’m pretty excited about the ecosystems, splicing machine, speech, and science kit. So, basically, everything! I look forward to seeing more pictures and reading more information about Creatures 4. Any news is always most welcome!

    Teaching a Norn to go from speaking “Bibble” to “Handish” sounds like an interesting process. I hope this is something that will be an enjoyable way to bond with Norns: I really like having some sort of connection with my creatures, although having the ability to enjoy wolfing runs is always fun, too!

    The customization mode also sounds amazing! That’s one thing I absolutely adore, and with the recent release of Amaikokonut’s Garden Box (, I think it’s become apparent that customizing our worlds is something to enjoy.

    Thanks again for sharing this bit of news!

  • Norn_Master

    Any plans for a USA release? I am pretty excited about this game.

  • Quetzalcoatl

    My body is ready.

  • Alex P. Twigg

    Good times, I am glad it all went well for you. I bet it was cause for a mini-celebration!

    The one word in the update that made my day was “Sphericus.” I am so glad to see you pushing the story forwards.

    I know this may be wishful thinking but…any chance of releasing that demo for download?

    Have fun, be good,

  • Kanilb

    The game looks very good so far, I’d just like to ask, will we be able to export our norns ?

  • Don

    Looking good :)

  • Casey

    I am so excited! Who else of the early fans want to become facebook friends to play together? caseylnash at gmail dot com

  • Alec

    Still waiting on a date here. I have spoken to ever game store where I live and they have never even heard of the game.. Not looking good here..

  • Mysterics

    The norns in the norn collection look really cool, I figure those little icons in the hatchery must represent the 4 main breeds.

  • Andrea Di Stefano

    @Mysterics: exactly. again, those are work in progress visuals but that’s the idea :)

  • Jason

    Thanks for the video, but I have a couple of comments. In the video, the ball was being picked up by the hand a number of times, but it was being picked up with the index finger extended. There needs to be an animation that shows a grasping motion to pick things up. Also, what’s up with the white outline around the norn when zoomed out? It makes the norm look like a paper-doll cutout or that it’s not really in the environment. It’s a little distracting in my opinion. I am assuming it is for the purpose of highlighting which norn we are interacting with, but I’m not a fan. Maybe tone down the white or make the outline smaller/not as thick. These are just minor concerns, but it’s the small things that make a good game into a great game.

  • Pirate-rob

    Wow looks amazing, can’t wait for C4 to come out.

    (by any chance is it going to be released on C1′s birthday? that would be pretty epic)

  • Andrea Di Stefano

    @Jason: the white outline is a concern to us too and we will definitely tone it down or do something else. But yeah, it’s there to highlight the selected Norn and not considering the visuals, it works pretty well.

  • Jessica

    Nice updated images, by the way! Much easier to see what’s going on, and the border adds a rather nice touch. I guess I’m on board with everyone else about finding out about the release date… Need to plan ahead for when I can put everything else in life on hold for a day or two of Creatures 4! Maybe more. We also have the CCSF 2012 (Creatures Community Spirit Festival 2012) that I’m coordinating this year, and it would be awesome to incorporate C4 somehow! Expect to be bugged by me soon. Ha ha!

    I love the egg patterns! Are they just randomly generated, or does each pattern give a clue as to what’s inside? I rather like the element of surprise, although it would be neat to have the egg colors mean something.

    Keep up the great work! And feel free to share any little bit of news at any time: Even a screenshot every now and then is appreciated!

  • silvia.mandrioli

    Hi everyone (and tnx Andrea for saving me when things gets really technical! :P ),

    You still don’t know me, I’m the new Fishing Cactus PR Manager and I promise I’ll present myself in an awesome news next week and you will learn all about the filthy details of my private life :P , but right now I feel like answering some of your questions, if it’s fine for you :)

    So for who still thinks the game will be distributed just in Europe: you are wrong! The game will be distributed worldwide. So cheer up, U.S. fans! You will play Creatures 4 too! Btw, when the game is out and your game store near home doesn’t have it, well, you could tell us anytime its address and we’ll try to get in touch with them and make it delivered down there, what you think? ;)

    About releasing the demo for download, I’m afraid, but right now it’s not something we planned, however…never say never.

    The question about exporting your Norns requires a quite complex answer and we are prolly gonna make a post about it to clarify a bit the concept.
    Creatures 4 is foreseen to be a multi-platform game. This means you will collect your eggs, you will be able to share them with your friends and you will also be allowed to play with your own eggs on different platforms, without having to restart the game. In a way, in the morning you’ll play Creatures 4 on your iPad on your way to school or work, then in the evening you could continue your game comfy on your PC! You won’t have to redo what you have already done in the morning.
    On the other side, you won’t be able to import Norns or eggs from previous versions of the game. Portability comes at a price and, as you know, you can’t always have it both ways.

    I’ve seen you are already trying to make friends to play together and this couldn’t make us more happy about what we are doing here, but, as a reminder to someone who has already posted his email address publicly, keep in mind this is a public site and everyone could read it. And btw, I got a great news: today the Creatures 4 website opens up! So we will have a really cool site on which we could talk endlessly about our Norns Collections! You will, however, continue finding updates here, on our Twitter and on the Fishing Cactus Facebook Page.
    So don’t despair! We are almost there! Yay!

  • Bruno Urbain

    Cheers Silvia up guys, she’ll be your main provider of fresh news about what’s going on C4 from now on, and she has a lot on her plate! :)

  • Jessica

    Thanks so much for the information, Silvia! The link to the official site is amazing, too: It’s been shared with lots of the community so far, and we all seem quite happy with the news! I’m a bit overly excited, naturally, but this is a wonderful day for Creatures 4 information! Good luck with your new job, Silvia: Any and all news you can share about C4 will be wonderful! You’re off to a great start!

  • Darkarma Forum is up peeps!

    And all of this looks totally awesome.

  • ChosenPredator

    Hey quick question non of my friends on my facebook are really into gaming and if they are it’s pure FPS games, if i wanted to share this game in another way beside facebook, (so i don’t intrude friends/family with things they might not be interested in) will there be away to do this through other means? or is it sort of a forced social networking thing I will have to go through?

  • Katie

    Yay! Thanks for the update! Any news on pre-ordering this and the older Creatures games?

  • Toni

    Please have a ‘wild’ mode available in game. One of my favorite things to do in the original Creature games was to get rid of the Grendel and just let them progress and evolve wildly with very minimal interaction from me. It was fun to see the outcomes each generation. It was exciting to see them get a slight color tint, or pass on language. Even seeing them pass on quirks (weird walk) or habits.

    Especially since I’m (and a lot of people are) burnt out on most Mobile/Facebook game models, please allow for this ‘wild’ sandbox mode where I don’t have to worry about timers, or time management, or needing to spam people.

    Maybe this can be set up as different worlds. Sort of like Minecraft where you could pick between creative or the regular game, but still have the option to come back and make another.

  • Shadowski

    Will we be able to purchase the collectors edition of the game online and have it shipped to us? I know that the website says that it will be available in stores, but considering that the only copy of a Creatures game I have ever seen in the U.S. is the copy of C3 that I bought back in 2003 at a bargain store (Big Lots), I am not particularly hopeful that I will ever find the C4 Collectors Edition in stores. I appreciate any info you can give me on this!

  • mk-grendel

    first, great to see new pictures!

    second, @ silvia.mandrioli – you need a talking cactus as avatar!

    and nw, i played some free to play games on facebook, will we need to add a big group of random people we don’t know at all for leveling up? Because this always ends up by adding randum people and don’t care about them at all…

    …but there is a other option, one that makes peple even more addicted (and makes us more fun) – let people make groups, small parts, with own chat protocoll. They can level eithe alone with the random people they don’t know – or join a group. Make some features just fr the group and give extras as soon as you join the group. In case they can connect their worlds, they will make their own rules.

    Make sure there is something they can acces only in a group and only when all of them are online up to the same time!

    I guess this is something for a later update or similar…
    …but this could be really interesting for wlfing runs, e.g. a extra world, that runs only when one out of the group is online, with teamwork it could run weeks in case people manage to make a timetable for each person

  • Demonica

    @MK-Grendel I don’t think that would work out for me very well since I live in the states but probably would like to join German groups. I work 16 hours a day and being online at the same time as everyone else would mean I’d have to get up extremely early (which I do anyways) but also go online right away before I have to go to work.
    I am not entirely sure I understand your idea of Groups entirely but Chats with different breeders would be a huge plus for me :-D

  • Demonica

    @Silvia mandroli: would you guys really do that, having your game delivered to a game stop near me? I live in Oregon, USA in a pretty small city. So I’ll definitely give you the address of a game stop near me. How afraid I am that there’s not enough creatures for everyone LOL

  • Margaret

    I have also been a Creatures fan since its first inception and I have owned all the versions including the online Docking Station. I have not played in a long time as I was awaiting C4 to come out and had recently run across Docking Station a couple weeks ago and was thinking of downloading it again. I will try to view the demo. I can’t wait for it to come out also. I live in Canada in a small town as well. I look forward to hearing from you. Will there be a mailing list that we can be added to for e-mail updates? I would like to be added to it if there is such a list. Look forward to the game!!

  • Bruno Urbain

    @Demonica: the game is free to play with a client to download so there is no “world” barrier to enjoy the experience… :)

  • Jason

    I keep getting an error that says the server is down when I try to go to the Creatures 4 website. Anyone else?

  • Alec

    Me. 0-0

  • TehSamm

    I keep having issues trying to get onto the Creatures 4 website. I just get a blank page on both my pc in Firefox and on my android browser on my phone. I am one SAD cat =^;.;^=

  • Andrea Di Stefano

    Hi, we are aware of the issue but Fishing Cactus has no direct contact with the website admins. Nonetheless, we’re trying to solve to get in touch with someone who might solve this and hopefully sort this out soon. Thank you for your patience :)

  • TehSamm

    I think I speak for everyone when I say: Thank you for trying to deal with issues you might not have control over to keep us crazy fans happy :)

  • Andrea Di Stefano

    No problem, least I can do, but unfortunately I’m not getting any answers at the moment. I hope we can solve this before the end of the weekend :(

  • Alec

    >< Please. I had fun chatting yesterday.

  • ChosenPredator

    I think control should turn over to fishing cactus you guys must be pretty mad that it has been down this long, almost 24 hours now, hope you can answer some of the questions on the forum when it’s back up.

  • mk-grendel

    it is not an as big problem with the website – actually it’s good! because this will help, think of this after the game would be released – yeah, horrible!

  • Cleo

    Yesssss!!!!! Just what I wanted to hear about the game- ecosystems, science etc. :3 I’m getting excited! Even if it’s not quite the same as the original Creatures series, it looks like the general sandbox idea of the game will continue with very cool genetics and life systems :3

  • ChosenPredator

    yeah, I guess whoever manages the website isn’t exactly doing their job especially since fishingcactus has this website promoted that its up every where, this stuff happens though I guess but you’re right Mk-grendel I hope they don’t let it happen again, love the forum their. :)

  • Andrea Di Stefano

    Right now the website seems back online :)

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  • LoneSheeGirl

    While we’re all chatting about Norns…would it be possible to buy accessories for your Creatures? I know most people probably like Norns with just their fur coats ;D. but it might be fun to have cute little hats or scarves or earrings or little accessories to put on your Norns just for fun. Maybe for Grendels and Ettins too, if you plan on putting in an option where you can select them? Just throwing it out there, and so glad the website’s up! ^^

  • NORNGod


    I love the new screen shots on the official site. The game is really looking beautiful. Particularly the “beach” and “cavern” environments. They are looking quite stunning! Bravo!

    I’m curious; how do the creatures move through each environment? Do they walk to the edge of one environment and they automatically pop in to the next via a loading screen? Or are there actual “paths” between each area the creatures can travel and the player can watch them go through in real time?

    Basically, I’m just trying to get an idea of how expansive the world is.


  • ChosenPredator

    Silvia@ this is for you if you were serious about getting the address and the game to certain stores we made a thread you can look over :-)

  • silvia.mandrioli

    @ChosenPredator Aww, that’s sweet! I’ll put it in my favs :D Thank you so much :3

  • LoneSheeGirl

    BTW….I don’t know if you cacti are allowed to share this yet, but do you have an official release date, or even a specific release month? You said the game would come out in Q4 2012, which you said would be around September or December. Well, since September’s started and we haven’t heard anything…do you think you would be able to give us even a vague idea of when we can download our Norns? :P

  • Furret

    I am so excited aaahh! I played these games when I was tiny, and it stuck with me. I have been waiting for this for such a long time! So happy its finally being made. I hope the game doesn’t get cancelled. Best of wishes.