The Creatures 4 official website is finally live!

Creatures 4 - Official Website Homepage

 As someone remarked on our commentaries to our previous post , the Creatures 4 website has reopened its doors! So today we’re gonna tour you through the website features to make sure n00bs are not left behind! ;-)

If you’ve never heard of Creatures, in the “What is Creatures 4” section you will have all your questions answered. The next step is to sign up, if you haven’t done so already! You can log in through Facebook and become fan of the Creatures 4 Facebook Page or follow the game on Twitter. To never miss a thing about your favorite game and always be the first in the know, subscribe to the Creatures 4 Newsletter!

Creatures 4 - Official WebsiteWith your brand new account you can interact with the community on the Creatures 4 forum, which is of course where you will hang out most of the time from now on. And if you want to make new buddies you definitely need to introduce yourself in the dedicated section, where thousands of fans are waiting exactly as you are!

If you grow tired of chatting you will find an awesome Goodies section where you can download all the screenshots and wallpapers you want, learn what’s new about Creatures 4 and if you’re up for some history lesson, in The Creatures Series section your curiosity will finally rest.

I guess that’s all for this quick introduction to the Creatures 4 website, but if you have more questions you can always check the FAQ!

Have a safe trip on Sphericus ;-)

  • ChosenPredator

    Awesome website everyone should join it, it’s growing fast and will be one of the best hubs for a creature community.
    quick question though, will the collectors edition be distributed through the big game stores in canada/USA like Gamestop/Electronic Boutique?

    I know the only reason i found the original creature was because it was huddled in the back of the worlds biggest book store here in Toronto, lol. I hope it gets better marketing/exposure this time.

  • Azumizai

    Already looked at the site, and I’ve of course signed up. This is getting me SUPER STOKED. I loved the online community of creatures, so to see a official site makes me SUPER EXCITED. WOO!

    Awesome work guys~

    I might be drawing fanart soon~

    *cuddles Cavern Norns in a corner*

  • Matt

    Great, as a Belgian Fan, it really warm my heart to see you guys so dedicated.

    I don’t understand though why the website is split between in so many regional URL. It really hurt your pagerank on google don’t you know ?

  • Bruno Urbain

    @Matt: The website is currently being run by Big Ben Interactive and we have little control over the way they are organizing their community and thus pagerank. However I think they don’t want to exclude players who are actually not speaking English.

    @Azumizai: We are all looking forward to see that!

  • ChosenPredator

    @bruno do you know if it’s going to be released in gamespot stores (collectors edition) or is this something big ben is handling just curious, hoping it releases in the big game shops up here in the north.

  • Bruno Urbain

    @ChosenPredator: We are not aware of a clear plan on where the game will be available at retail (especially outside of Europe). However I’m pretty sure Big Ben will provide an opportunity to purchase the game (collector edition) online through a secured Amazon store or similar trusted online solution including shipping on an international level.

  • Mia

    Just registered! I’m glad it’s easy to set a password even if the account was made through a Facebook link. I’ve been a part of online communities and games were it was impossible to create a password, even if the account was made independently and only linked to Facebook later…

  • Malkin

    Is it just me, or is it down again? :(

  • silvia.mandrioli

    Hi Malkin,
    Me too I’ve got some problems connecting to the creatures 4 website. I’m trying to get the problem resolved asap. Thank you for informing us :)

  • Leala

    Thanks for checking it out Silvia!

  • Malkin

    Thanks – it’s up again! :D

  • sam999

    Seems good but for one problem.

    There is no game store near my house. I live more-or-less in the middle of nowhere. But you said that the Collectors Edition will be sent to stores. The question, could you guys please also have it available to be bought online, and get shipped to the buyer’s home? Make it purchasable on in other words. Please? I think would really boost business. There’s no way for me to get a copy otherwise.