Master Shee lessons-time on Creatures 2!

Creatures 4 - Master Shee Yeah!The history lessons of Master Shee keep going! This time about Creatures 2.

The action still takes place in Albia, but centuries have gone by and the planet has been destroyed by a volcanic eruption caused by the taking off of Lone Shee’s spaceship, called Capillata.

Lone Shee is a bit of a geek type scientist. He was so focused on his research on the Warp (a system to transport Norns over the Internet) he didn’t quite notice his friends abandoning the planet on The Ark and leaving him behind!

Creatures 2_thumbSo he took his spaceship and used the volcano to boost it into space and started searching for the other members of his species.

Rumors says he hates the orange color, is furred, invented the Albian beer, loves tea and chocolate cookies and can smell Grendels from miles away.

In C2, the Lone Shee let Ettins in charge of the destroyed Albia, but they actually became a nuisance by stealing everything they found lying around. He admits himself it wasn’t his best move. Players however kind of enjoyed it because they could finally breed a new species!

Creatures 2_thumbThe most interesting improvement of this sequel is its ecosystem. However, due to the game complexity, a bug made its first appearance, dubbed the OHSS (the One Hour Stupidity Syndrome). This illness caused the affected Norns to become totally idiots after one hour of play, forgetting important things like how to eat or sleep.

The first Norn on Creatures 2 had a name too and it was Alice, this time.

You can close your history books for today. Class dismissed. See you all next week!

  • ChosenPredator

    What I am curious about have you guys run into anything from your version of creature 4 that has made you gone “Holy smokes that is amazing!” , any of the devs can answer this, curious about your WoW moments…also if you’ve played the previous ones what was your favorite things about them.

  • LoneSheeGirl

    Yes! You mentioned my favorite Shee! Hallelujah! (excuse me if I spelled it wrong XD) Is he related to Master Shee? Could he even BE Master Shee? (Maybe not; he does hate orange and Master Shee is orange…) But anyway, I’m surprised that you mentioned OHSS. I’ve heard of it and knew it was a big thing, but still….I’m surprised you knew about it. Always good to hear you’re on it. Looking forward to Master Shee spilling the beans on C4. ^^

  • mk-grendel

    Good old memmorys, at the last picture, you can see one of the two places I breeded my norns – always wondert why they got enough air in this glas ^^

    I guess I had to lock them in because of OHSS

    and a last thing about the hidden stuff in c2 – is the big blue sea creature hidden behind a rock in the second ocean somehow related up to geats? (never saw it ingame – just the myths about it and the image files)

  • Azumizai

    When you guys release the Collectors Edition and it has the previous games on it… is Creatures 2 going to be plagued with “One Hour Stupidity Syndrome”? Because that was a serious fault, and made it very hard to play unless fixed by fans. :/

  • Jason

    Since you have apparently forgotten there is a Creatures 4 website or that there is a creatures community eagerly waiting for any kind of information, I’ve decided to ask this here instead of the website.

    What is the release date? We are less than 2 weeks from 4th quarter 2012. I think it’s time to start releasing some real info.

    Also, where is this “FAQ” that was mentioned?

    Is your new PR person actually doing anything? I’ve noticed very little from her.

    You guys do realize you are handling things poorly, right? It’s a sentiment that is gaining ground in the community.

  • sam999

    Just make the Collectors Edition work with community mods. This way you don’t have to update it to fix the endless hoards of bugs people keep pointing out.

    For example, OHSS has loads of community-created genetic patches.

  • Jessica

    I, too, am getting concerned about the lack of involvement. From the start, I was impressed with the open discussions Fishing Cactus had with the community. Most of our questions were answered within a few days, and even little bits of information created lots of excitement about Creatures 4! The biggest question that’s currently looming over the community is the release date. Will there be another delay? Are too many features up in the air to nail down a date?

    I don’t mean to be rude or nasty. I’ve been a supporter of C4 from the very start, and desperately want it to do well. I know I don’t speak for everyone, but the lack of information and sudden disappearance of any dialogue is starting to become worrisome. What will happen after the game is released? Will we have to rely on one another to solve issues? That’s not a bad solution, as the Creatures community has always been helpful, but I certainly am worried that there won’t be any strong official support.

    Please take our concerns as constructive criticism! Creatures is a game near and dear to many, and to see Creatures 4 flounder is the last thing we want to see. We were told we would receive behind-the-scenes updates when the Master Shee image was released, yet nothing else came of that. There was also the Tuesday news installment, which lasted for maybe a month. I hope that this sudden silence turns around quickly. Many of us are poised to spread the word about Creatures 4… But there’s no new information to really share at this point.

  • sam999

    Here’s my attempt at summing up the eight major things that as far as I’m concerned will make or break sales of Creatures Four and the Collectors Edition.

    1. Will third-party modifications work on the Collectors edition versions of old creatures games? Please say yes? This is what will settle if loads of people buy the Collectors edition or not. There’s no point in owning the old creatures games if they no longer work with the supply of community-made mods/improvements.

    2. When you say three games, do you mean Creatures One, Creatures Two and Creatures Three/Docking Station or just Creatures Three. Please say you mean Docking Station as well….

    3. Will you be hosting your own version of the Docking Station server. You don’t really need to, see the link at the bottom of this list, but some people would like it.

    4. When you call them Mac-compatible do you mean fully Mac-compatible with fixes for some of the major Mac/Creatures bugs such as catalogue files unzipping in the wrong places, rainbow spew and the lack of a Wolfing Run option?

    5. Creatures crashes a lot and gets slowed down to the point where the only way to get it working again is to delete it from my computer and re-install from the disc. Please say that the Collectors Edition versions of the old games will be able to install an unlimited number of times. I swear not to abuse this or share the software, I just really want my Creatures games to work.

    6. There is no game store near my house. I live more-or-less in the middle of nowhere. But you said that the Collectors Edition will be sent to stores. The question, could you guys please also have it available to be bought online, and get shipped to the buyer’s home? Make it purchasable on in other words. Please? There’s no way for me to get a copy otherwise.

    7. How “old” a computer can the Collectors Edition versions of the old games, the ones that don’t require internet connections to operate at least, run on? An E-Mac? Note – this and question three are probably the least crucial. The login disabler is common knowledge in the Creatures Community and my old E-Mac is on its last legs to the point where I’m saving up for a replacement.

    8. What, in your view would be a good Mac computer for running Creatures Four and the Collectors Edition as well as more normal programs like photoshop, textedit, preview, basic stuff anyway; while also being relatively affordable?

    Thanks in advance for your answers.

  • ChosenPredator

    Fishing Cactus/Big ben, honestly start hiring some of the creature community people to work on the forum/Facebook page..some of the people who’ve been super hardcore fans for years and years and know the insides and out like a mechanic with a car, you can get this community so easily involved in the project and make so much money off of your hardcore fans speaking for you.

    I personally have already got more then 10 people ready to play this game just by being social about it on forums, also reminding people who played the previous version about it and have them curious to check it out but the worse part is there is such a lack of information for these people to grasp onto they’ll immediately move onto the next game.

    what i want to see most is constant interaction no more apologizing , bioware always has people who work in the company around answering people questions, Indie developers are always answering questions…this game isn’t call of duty where it needs secrets..

    there also needs to be some clarity about who runs things..its confusing it seems big ben is now the people doing all the talking … who is really in charge of this game…oi.

    please post your next update on the forum in the news section as well and stick it if possible so you can participate in the forum because the blog still seems to be the place to come to get direct contact with you guys.

    Hope i don’t sound rude or anything I just want you guys to make $$$$$ and for the creature series to have some limelight in a good way.

  • silvia.mandrioli

    @Jessica I’ve already answered here:
    why we are not answering your questions as usual ;)
    There’s not a date yet, but I can give you a time span: Q4 2012 – Q1 2013. The release date is not completely depending on our development, it also depends on which time of the year is actually convenient to launch the game, for instance.
    What is clear at this point of involvement is that:
    1. the project will never be canceled, you can be assured of that. And however, this is not how Fishing Cactus proceeds.
    2. the game will be released. We don’t know exactly when, but it will.

    @Sam some of your questions were answered before by Andrea. And Bruno answered already to your 7th question. I understand it’s hard reading ALL the comments of the blog, but just try to keep a look to our previous answers, pls. For the questions who can’t find an answer on the blog, Andrea will answer within days, give him a rest :)
    And pls quit repeating your questions over and over again. We see them, will answer asap ^^

    @ChosenPredator: this decision is up to Bigben, which is taking care of the Official Website. If you submit your suggestions to them, I’m sure they won’t get unheard. I think the distinction between the roles of BigBen and Fishing Cactus in the production of Creatures 4 is not yet clear to you. I’ll try to explain it: at this moment Fishing Cactus is developing the game, Bigben is an investor and they are taking care of the website and the forum of the game. Nothing is fixed, nothing can’t change, but right now we are just developers. This means that all the questions you have should be submitted on the Creatures 4 website. Here will try to answer you, but, obviously, since it’s not the right place, you won’t have an answer right away, otherwise will pass our days answering you and not developing anything :D

    So, be patient, guys.

  • sam999

    O.K. I’ll quit posting those questions. All I want is answers. Eight answers, either PMed to me on the Creatures Four site, E-mailed via the E-mail I needed to add to post this comment, or added to the FAQ on the Creatures four site. Those questions in particular.

    Sorry if I sounded rude, I’m just kind of vexed by the silence.

    P.S. the eight questions I have eight posts up from this are the most up-to-date versions.

  • Jessica

    That comment you linked to doesn’t say anything about why questions are not being answered… It simply states that more suggestions and ideas are welcome while the breeding system is being worked on.

    So now the game could be delayed until Q1 2013? That’s news that should definitely be announced everywhere, because never has a delay been mentioned until now. I understand that development morphs and changes over time, yet aside from some grumbling, most of us haven’t been opposed to delays necessary to improve the game. It’s just important to post about this, so that Q4 2012 doesn’t go by while we all wonder what’s happening.

    We were never told to stop asking questions on the Fishing Cactus blog… This is the first time I’ve heard that all questions should be directed to BigBen on the Creatures 4 web site. Stating that this is obviously not the right place is, quite frankly, rather rude when no one was aware of this news. The silence from BigBen means that most of our questions aren’t answered on the Creatures 4 site. So it’s like being stuck between a rock and a hard place. With many others, I’ve commended Fishing Cactus for their commitment to listening to and conversing with excited fans looking forward to buying and promoting Creatures 4. To be told to be patient and stop asking questions here is counter to all we’ve experienced over the past year or so.

  • Jason

    @Silvia, WOW!!!!! I have to admit that you are coming off rather rudely. Did you, as a PUBLIC relations professional, just tell a member and fan of the game to stop asking questions?! Who cares if Sam asked the same question more than once? If they had received a sufficient answer then they wouldn’t have asked again. I am astounded that you would respond in such a way. I am not entirely sure that you know how to relate to the public.

  • LoneSheeGirl

    Ok, I’m not exactly an expert on public relations, but I’m wondering what’s going on with Fishing Cactus and Creatures 4. It might be a good idea to back off for a while, but if they’re not answering questions on the Creatures 4 website, then can the fishing cactuses tell us where we CAN go to post the occasional question? If we’re coming off as demanding, it’s only because we’re excited for the game. I’m not trying to spread the flames of arguements, but all I’m saying is that perhaps we should find where exactly to post a question if we have one and to give Fishing Cactus some space. Perhaps in a week or so we’ll have more news.

  • silvia.mandrioli

    @Sam: I’m just starting to know the Creatures 4 community, so, it would really be of help if you repeat me for which fan site you are collaborating. Because, maybe, if that’s the case, we can set a more rapid system for you and your community to have your questions answered. :)
    On the other side, if those questions come out of your own personal curiosity and you have already posted it on the Creatures 4 site, they’ll get an answer from the Creatures 4 website staff and there’s no point in re-posting them here.


    It simply states that more suggestions and ideas are welcome while the breeding system is being worked on.

    …and that we are busy developing the game, so that’s why we are not answering.
    There ‘s not an official communication about the releasing date. We definitely would release it before Christmas, but we are not sure we can make it yet. So, yea, none is aware of this, because the decision has not been taken yet. Anyway, we’d like to let you know we are doing our best to not disappoint you.
    You can keep asking your questions, of course, but since this is not the Creatures 4 website, you’ll probably won’t have an immediate answer and what could happen is that to some of your questions there would probably be an answer on the official website, so you’ll be anyway redirected there. That’s why we set up an official forum and website, for you to have a specific place where you can ask your questions and interact more directly with other players and with us.

    @Jason: No, I don’t tell a member to stop asking questions. I just tell him where he can finds his questions answered quickly. And the Creatures 4 website is the right place to start. Actually, we care if players ask double questions. For us means spam and double work. I’m not against an ‘UP’ once per week, but… daily sounds to me more like spam ^^’

  • Malkin

    Hi Silvia,

    In regards to this:

    “… this decision is up to Bigben, which is taking care of the Official Website. If you submit your suggestions to them, I’m sure they won’t get unheard. I think the distinction between the roles of BigBen and Fishing Cactus in the production of Creatures 4 is not yet clear to you. I’ll try to explain it: at this moment Fishing Cactus is developing the game, Bigben is an investor and they are taking care of the website and the forum of the game. Nothing is fixed, nothing can’t change, but right now we are just developers. This means that all the questions you have should be submitted on the Creatures 4 website. Here will try to answer you, but, obviously, since it’s not the right place, you won’t have an answer right away, otherwise will pass our days answering you and not developing anything :D

    Who should we contact at BigBen about the Official Website, for example, if the official website is to go down again? When it went down the last time, there was no email address on the page to let anyone official know it was down. I have looked at BigBen’s website, and I find it very confusing – I wouldn’t know where to begin to find someone to talk to about Creatures 4, or whether the C4 website is up or down. Thank you for letting the person in charge of the website know that it was down, even if it goes beyond and above your role – I’d appreciate it if you could please let us know who the person in charge of the website is so that we can contact them directly.

    Here, on the official forums, we were told that someone (who is Lord Shee?) is preparing a ‘blog post with answers from the devs on the most frequently asked questions’ – so that might be why you’re experiencing an uptick on blog comments with questions. It’s certainly why I posted my questions for the FAQ on the end of the C1 post. Hope this helps.

  • Jessica

    Nowhere in that post does it say that “we are busy developing the game, so that’s why we are not answering.” How in the world were we supposed to know the hidden meaning behind this comment? If the developers have been too busy to interact in the past, they’ve politely said so in very concrete terms.

    The official web site has become virtually deserted by the official staff. I also thought that the site was set up by BigBen, not Fishing Cactus? It would be great if the official site was used for potential players to interact directly with the Creatures 4 team. As it is, that’s just not happening.

    “And pls quit repeating your questions over and over again. We see them, will answer asap” As Jason said, this sounds a lot like asking someone to stop asking questions. I’ve been asking about the release date numerous times, and I kind of got the same message that I should just stop and “be patient.” Also saying that a curious person who’s interested in the game is spamming is just uncalled for. If someone had addressed the issue, there would be no need for it. We’re getting no responses, no feedback, and suddenly our good relationship with Fishing Cactus is starting to sour.

    Malkin: In the legal mentions of the Creatures 4 web site, there is the link to an e-mail address of which might be a possible point of contact. I hope your questions are answered, though, because it would be nice to know who we could contact about any technical issues on the official site.

  • Jason

    @Silvia, i beg to differ. You did ask Sam To “pls quit repeating your questions over and over again. We see them, will answer asap ^^” on your post on Sept 21st. Again, if these questions were being answered in a sufficient manner or a timely manner, then he would keep asking. This game was announced over a year ago and many questions have still not been answered in that time. In my opinion, ASAP means soon and not over a year.

    Also you are the PR manager for Fishing Cactus, correct? So isn’t it your main priority to interact with the public, i.e.the fans and community, which I would assume include answering questions? I have every confidence that many of the other folks at Fishing Cactus are working hard doing their jobs which would be developing the game. However, since you are the PR manager, you should be spending a large part of your time answering questions. I’m sure those questions are coming from multiple sources, but the fan questions should be considered some of the more important ones in my opinion. The issue the community is having right now is that the level of community involvement has actually declined since you were announced on the FC blog as the PR manager. The unrest in the community has also increased in the time you were announced as PR manager which I believe is a direct correlation with the decrease in communication. You can try to pass the buck to Big Ben if you wish, but FC cactus felt your announcement as the PR person was important enough to be posted a blog so in my opinion, you are to go to person for our questions….or at the very least the person we should turn to to post our concerns about the lack of involvement from the developer/distributor on the official website.

  • sam999

    It’s settled. I posted a full list of the questions, which have now grown in number to eleven in the Creatures Four Forum. This will be the final post of questions, unless I come up with some original ones. I’m sorry for re-posting again, but you guys did keep saying that the Forum was the right place to post.

    With that in mind, I’ll stop posting questions on the Fishing Cactus blog.

    Have a nice day, and please answer the questions.

    P.S. This is the topic –

  • Sara

    Oi! what’s going on here! I don’t check in a while, and I find drama XD Come on guys, the game isn’t even OUT yet!

    @other fans: If they say they don’t have a release date, it means they’re still developing the game and they DON’T KNOW when they’ll be finished, so it’s useless to ask for estimates. Just assume the game will be announced at least a month before release, until then, just assume it’s over a month yet!
    @Jessica, you know Sam, he’s a bit insistent, it’s legitimate to ask people not constantly repeat the same questions, and some of those 9 are either silly(“what kind of Mac should I buy”), or in the competence of the publisher (“will there be DRM on the older games”) Even then, it could have been handled much better, especially as we’d expected updates to INCREASE not decrease with the new hire…

    @Silvia: Anche tu però… PR vuol dire sopportare anche i bimbi come il nostro Sammy. Quello che piacerebbe a tutti sarebbe una bella risposta due o tre volte la settimana o qui, o nel forum. Scrivi come va, rispondi alle domande + nuove, come vuoi basta che ci sia qualcosa di cui parlare. Non è facile aspettare senza notizie!

    Ti faccio un piccolo riassunto sulla Creatures Community. In origine, era un mucchio di “home page” personali su siti come Geocities, unite da vari webring. per parlare, si andava tutti assieme sul newsgroup Alt.Games.Creatures. Ai tempi non c’erano molti bambini su internet.
    Poi il gruppo si comincia a frammentare, emergergono I singoli forum, principalmente: quello ufficiale di Gameware Developement (ora chiuso), poi c’erano Treesprite’s Grove, e Albia2000 che ora sono pressochè defunti. La popolazione era composta da bambini sui 10-12, ma soprattutto giovani e alcuni adulti. Diciamo anche abbastanza pari tra maschi e femmine. Insomma, eravamo un gruppo molto eterogeneo!
    Ora rimangono Creaturetopia, creato dopo la chiusura di Gameware, che ora è abbastanza vuoto, e Creatures Caves, ‘l’ultimo rifugio’ che è anche un posto dove trovare arte e mod per la serie. Ormai è rimasta in maggioranza la vecchia guardia, gente più o meno di età universitaria. Se vuoi vedere questi, vai appunto su

    @ Everyone: Such a cute and colorful game will attract lots of new blood, often in the form of young children, who can be annoying and stupid. Remember these are the ones that will grow into our new modders artists and geneticists, so: correct with honesty and kindness, don’t try to escalate conflict, we have to try and pull togheder on this.

  • silvia.mandrioli

    The contact Jessica gave you is sure the good one for this kind of problems. And in case that contact is not working either, you can tell us. This really doesn’t bother us. We are always pleased to help, when we can.
    Probably there was no email contact because the website was brand new at the time. Now they have added it.
    If you find the site confusing, you should tell them. My word is definitely less powerful than yours.

    Ok, thanks for the explanatory. Now it’s clearer. Yeah, it’s true we received some of your questions from BigBen. Of course if you have posted them just here and not on the Creatures 4 site, they probably won’t find an answer. What I’m trying to tell you here, is that Creatures 4 website and forum should be your MAIN reference for what it concerns Creatures 4.
    It’s not that we don’t like talking with you, it’s just this blog is not only for Creatures 4. We have other products and other priorities, which go beyond this awesome project.
    Of course if you signal a problem will try to look into it, but that exactly the difference between Fishing Cactus and BigBen: we “can try to look into it” and we can’t promise to solve it or to find the solution, BigBen HAS to solve it or compel us to solve it.
    There’s a hierarchy and it has to be respected.

    @Jessica I’m sorry if I haven’t been clear, but I hope the misunderstanding is over now. I know Andrea has more charm than me ;) , but unfortunately from now on most of your interactions with Fishing Cactus should pass through me^^’. Btw if you need a direct contact with me for your fan site, I can give you my email address. No problem with that.

    The decision of re-opening the Creatures 4 website was set by both parts. But BigBen is developing it and administrating it.

    We are not aware of the politics BigBen is adopting for administrating the website, but I’ll find out and get back to you with some info.

    About the release date, well, yea, since we don’t have an answer, keeping asking is a bit pointless, don’t you think? ;) When we’ll decide it, you’ll be the first to know, of course.

    Netiquette rules apply everywhere, even on the Fishing Cactus blog: if you ask the same question twice in a row, you are spamming. I’m sorry, life sucks, I know. :P

    There’s a difference between spamming and asking for an answer in a reasonable time (let’s say one week at least?). I’m perfectly fine with upping a question or a list of questions. What was strange was that the questions arrived here and not on the forum. So, definitely, something is wrong either because who posted the questions didn’t know he should use the Creatures 4 website or because something is not working on the Creatures 4 website. Either way, we can’t answer them here. Not anymore.

    Your good relationship with Fishing Cactus is not souring at all. It’s moving forward from one place (our blog) to another one (the Creatures 4 forum). I know having a dev all for yourselves to whom you could ask questions anytime you want was awesome. I’d always wanted one for myself, portable and who doesn’t take to much space, but… they haven’t invented them yet. Unfortunately they still need feeding and sometimes they go on holiday too :D
    You will have your answers, in due time, I’ll make sure of it. But, I know you don’t like it (and this will be my catch-phrase from now on XD) you need to be patient :D

    @Jason: It seems to me Andrea did a pretty good job answering ALL your questions from the start, but if still some of them haunt you, you can post them on Creatures 4 forum.
    Yea, I’m the PR Manager of Fishing Cactus. Meaning I take care of public relationships which, usually, doesn’t involve talking to players. This is the job of Community Managers. Just to be clear: I’m not a Community Manager of Creatures 4. Or at least they haven’t asked me to be one of them yet, so basically my job is defining the communication policy of Fishing Cactus, publishing news, press releases, newsletters, answer your comments on the blog (not on the Creatures 4 forum!), organizing events and journalists interviews.

    Creatures 4 fans’ questions should be answered on the Creatures 4 forum (am I repeating it too often? :P ) and by BigBen’s team. I agree with you on the fact that you definitely need an answer and it’s my job pointing out these communication issues to BigBen, however.

    I’m a bit sorry you all thought I was taking care of the Creatures 4 forum :( . This was a HUGE disappointing misunderstanding, even if I’d be honored to.

    We posted a presentation news because from now on each time we have a new team member we will present him/her on the blog. Let’s say, before there wasn’t someone taking care specifically of communication, so… everything was done on the rush and quite well, against all odds, but now, if possible, I’d like to set things straight, like leaving developers working and me being the filter between you and them. I know this sounds to you like unexpected “silence” or “lack of communication”. Actually, it’s exactly the contrary. It means there will be a specific communication addressed to you and to you only and not just pieces of information diffused here and there and from time to time. Obviously I can’t speak for BigBen, but this is what Fishing Cactus will do. This is also the perfect environment for developing a game on schedule, which is what everyone wants.

    @Sam thanks ☺

    @Sara Grazie per le dritte ☺

  • LoneSheeGirl

    I agree with Sara. We should just be patient and stick together. We don’t want a prickly relationship with the cactuses, so we should be a bit more patient. Since not all of us use the forum, maybe BigBen will be able to have contact with the community near the game release. And it would be wonderful if C4 was before Christmas, if they can do it. Imagine a little Norn under the Christmas tree! :P And in the meantime, we can always just keep playing with our old cute-but-simple Norns until we get the new fluffballs on the block. :D

  • Jason

    @Silvia, so the take away message, as I understand it, is that you don’t know when things will change about the recent lack of communication with the community and “community manager” isn’t really your job so please continue to ask questions on the Creatures 4 forum even though they aren’t being answered and stop asking you.

    Does that sound about right?

    FYI, I never thought that you were running the Creatures 4 forum. We just came back to the FC blog because the C4 forums weren’t providing any info and past experience taught us that we would have better luck here. Yet now it appears we can’t get any info at either site.

  • ChosenPredator

    I just want to know why we get more answers here then the actual official forum, lol.

  • Jessica

    No one official has posted on the Creatures 4 forum in days… Nearly a week. There are all kinds of questions being raised. I posted a rather vital topic regarding the legal mentions and privacy policy. Still no response, and I hope that the one major issue I uncovered is just a typo. But with no response, now I’m beginning to wonder if my personal information is being sent to third parties.

    Communication suddenly broke down. I don’t understand how you can say that the relationship with Fishing Cactus is moving from here to the new forum. Like Jason said, we can’t get information anywhere. The Creatures community is stubborn, yet our intense dedication to the series seemed like it would be an asset. That’s how we’ve felt from the start, when quick discussions with Fishing Cactus made us feel like our ideas and questions were useful. Now, asking about the release date is “pointless”. Yet my persistence got the first mention of a Q1 2013 release date. I wouldn’t call that pointless… It’s uncovered another possible delay.

    I’m all about banding together to support Creatures 4: I love the Creatures community! I’m still confused about what’s happened, though. I’ve typically visited the Fishing Cactus blog on an almost regular basis because the comments sections have been so active. Now it seems like this channel of communication is being shut down, and we suddenly have no place to go. As already stated, we get no information from the Creatures 4 forum. So again, it’s like we just have to stop asking questions and making suggestions.

  • Sara

    Alright, then instead of asking Big Ben’s questions here we should just be asking that someone get back to the forum!

    But as Silvia said, she works for a company which works for Big Ben, the hierarchy is the other way round, she’s not supposed to tell THEM what you do.
    So do what she suggests: Write to Big Ben! email them, not with the questions, but telling them there’s questions to be answered on the froum. And make it formal :D begin it with “Dear Big Ben” and end it with “I would be most grateful if you would reply as son as possible so this matter can be resolved to everyone’s satisfaction,

    Meanwhile I should actually sign up and see what all the fuss is about.

  • mk-grendel

    @Jessica “So again, it’s like we just have to stop asking questions and making suggestions”

    I started using it in that way a long time ago….
    …i hope somebody reads them and some of them into the game!

  • Alex

    Haha, I like the little tie together stories!

    ~An old fan.

  • LoneSheeGirl

    There doesn’t seem to be a way to comment on the C4 website, but I just wanted to say thanks for answering all those questions! I’m looking forward to the game; it looks very promising. And I can’t wait to learn more about the Shee….hmm..your mysterious answer to the Shee question is making me wonder about what we’ll discover about the Shee in the new game..

  • Malkin

    Hi Silvia,

    The Creatures 4 Official Website is down again. I tried emailing the address, and got a mailer daemon error – sorry, no mailbox here by that name. :( While the forum was up, I did start a topic to ask if the address was the right one to use in case of downtime, but received no response. I know it’s not your job to do this, but could you please get in contact with the C4 web team again to get them to reboot the website?

    Thank you.

  • Andrea Di Stefano

    Hi Malkin, just sent them an email. Hope to hear back from them soon!

  • TehSamm

    I think Andrea deserves a “Dev of The Year” award :-)

  • Malkin

    Thank you! :D Congratulations on the Joystick article! :)

  • Andrea Di Stefano

    cool, seems to be back online.
    You know, the cool thing about that article is that Joystick is the mag where I knew about Creatures in the first place back in ’96. It’s kind of heart warming to see C4 in there :D

    By the way, I haven’t heard back about the contact email yet. I’ll keep you posted asap.

  • ChosenPredator

    anything new coming out for us regarding creature 4? any new interview videos from paris week?