History of Creatures: Lone Shee’s amazing journey through the Warp.

Master Shee is calling you back to school and this time to teach you about the Docking Station incident.

This story related to the Lone Shee’s journey aboard his spaceship, the Capillata, looking for other members of his species all around the galaxy. And what a journey! Lone Shee took the opportunity to travel through the Warp. Many different worlds he visited and many beautiful Norns he managed to shelter in his spaceship. Some of them discovered, some of them created, each and every one of them extraordinary.

Lone Shee had a pleasing journey overall, except maybe for the lack of teas and cookies. However, he had never imagined that he’d find some Grendels in his own spaceship. But he did nonetheless! He wondered how they managed to get there and then begun to suspect that they knew about the Warp

Helped by some incredibly scrappy Norns he knocked the intruders down but found they dropped something in the Capillata. While inspecting it, Lone Shee noticed a “B” marked on the surface of it and remembered a creepy old fairytale about some evil kind of Shee called Banshee. Could those things be some Banshee’s eggs? So, in the nick of time, he threw some eggs, through the Warp.

At last, landing on Sphericus, our mad scientist attempted his journey’s final act. He didn’t quite encounter what he was after though: staring at him with his ruby-red grindelish eyes, a Banshee welcomed him.

Oh, and one more thing… While touring space, Lone Shee crossed paths with weird species called Eyeball Invaders – Check that out over on Steam Greenlight (and do cast your vote! We need your help to make the cut. Lone Shee is ordering you to!)

  • LoneSheeGirl

    YEEES!!! You know about our Lone Shee, and he’s alive!! ^^ I suspect that Master Shee IS the Lone Shee. I hope there are other Shee on Sphericus, because I think we all believe that our endearing but rather absentminded hero deserves to be reunited with his buddies and his tea! Thanks for retelling his story here and letting us know that he’s alive and well. I don’t suppose anyone would donate their tea to this poor, tea-deprived Shee until he lands on Sphericus to help us with C4…? ;D

  • Pirate-rob

    I would’ve assumed Master she is not the Lone Shee as firstly there’s a rumour that he doen’t like orange and seeing as the master shee wrote this article, wouldn’t he refer to himself as “I”?

  • Yuna

    Unless of course he’s totally full of himself… In France, they got that famous actor Alain Delon who’s notorious for talking of himself at the third person :D

  • http://www.fishingcactus.com Andrea Di Stefano

    Aha, so many mysteries!
    I won’t reveal anything yet but it’s true that we want to take the opportunity to extend the Creatures lore.

    Nedless to say, we are very respectful of all the work the community has done and we look at it for inspiration and ideas.

    To give you some insight, we are right now in the process of writing the in-game story; if you have things you want to discuss and share, That’s the time! ;)

  • http://www.fishingcactus.com Andrea Di Stefano

    @Yuna: hey that never occured to us as an inspiration. That’s a good one though!

  • http://lilliumwhitenorns.blogspot.co.uk/ magpie-angel

    i really can’t wait to see more of this and although you may not be allowed maybe if you let a little bit of information slip then it can subdue us community a tiny bit because we are hungry for anything you can give us. even if its some more informations on critters

  • LoneSheeGirl

    Make a love interest for the Lone Shee perhaps. I think a Shee in love would be hilarious, and I’d love to see a female Shee make an appearence in Shee lore, since all the pictures seem to be of males. Also, if you plan on voicing Master Shee, is it possible to make him sound like he has a British accent? After all, Creatures was originally a British game, and what with the tea and biscuits thing, I always imagine Shee as having a British accent. Maybe you could also write new Lone Shee stories for the new Norns in C4. As always, I look forward to whatever you can dream up!

  • http://gemwhite.com Darcie

    I’d rather not see Shee in the new game because Shee are intended to be as smart as humans, and the technology isn’t there yet. Part of what made the franchise so great is that even in it’s own world story the life forms were artificially created and part of a science experiment.

    I’m looking forward to seeing how the AI in the new game works, I’m building a new intelligence system of my own right now that has good promise for evolving into a higher life form, but it’s just a prototype and isn’t a pretty game… that will take some funding. I sure hope the industry starts picking up on real AI and AL again once they see Creatures 4, not just to improve the odds of my project getting enough funding for me to keep working on it, but for the pursuit of sentient artificial intellects to resume with all the technological updates we have had over the last 10 years in which it remained mostly stagnant.

    I got to say, The Lone Shee has a rather hard time getting rid of grendels, lol. How many ships has he jumped now because of them?

  • ChosenPredator

    please don’t make it like a fan fiction though there is some horrid weird ones. I know this is a F2P game but i think one thing lacking in these games is no one cares about the stories, with creature you have a good core and now the freedom of creating an entire universe hopefully you guys make something epic and in the process introduce new threats beside the grendels

    I’ll throw my money at you guys if you manage to do an amazing story instead of a throw-away one.

    I made a thread about story here: http://www.creatures4-thegame.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=134

    if you guys want to check it out :-)

  • http://www.fishingcactus.com sophie.schiaratura

    @ChosenPredator: I’d like to read it but the topic does not exist.

  • Hebi

    I really hope Master Shee isn’t the Lone Shee. First, he doesn’t fit with the C3 design and then, it wouldn’t make much sense considering that there probably won’t be any Banshee in C4 or Grendels.