Slash Monsters: Frantic Deep Sea Action for iPad, iPhone, iPod and Windows 8 (updated Nov 9 / bug-fix report)

UPDATE – Nov 9th: A new update for Slash Monsters has appeared on the Apple AppStore this morning and it fixes absolutely all the bugs that had been previously reported. No more memory crashes when restoring, no more unwanted pop-ups when playing offline, no more trouble — Just plain fun. If you have Slash Monsters installed on your stylish smartphone or tablet, you can head on to the AppStore right now, where the new update will be pushed to your device in a flash. Apologies for the inconveniences! If you haven’t downloaded Slash Monsters yet, now is the right time to do just that ;-)

Destroy the deep sea invaders and save the ocean! Our brand new “Slash Monsters” is now available on iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod) and on just-out Windows 8, and even better, it’s a free download!

Everyone already knows that the ocean is in danger, but now the sweet starfishes are extinguishing even faster, and not because of pollution! Some nasty pink octopi are after them and they’re not coming alone! Jellyfishes, sandworms and even sea urchins want to kill these helpless creatures! At the power of your fingertip, you’ll perform awesome combos to slash your way through them all. For an invidivual presentation of each enemy type, along with exclusive tips on how to defeat each and every one of them, head on to our Facebook. Oh, and if you find the artwork as gorgeous as we do, keep in mind that there are 6 different worlds to explore, through 36 adrenaline-pumping levels ;-)

Naturally, you’ll also get to compete with your social and virtual friends through leaderboards, achievements and whatnot. And while talking online, you can visit the game official web site through the url. You’d think we paid top dollar and carefully planned the acquisition of such a cool-ass domain name — But funnily enough, would you believe that we found out it was available totally in accident just last night, and snatched it for a few bucks right on time for today’s launch. Now, ain’t that good karma?

Slash Monsters iPad & iPhone

Published by our friends from White Laser Games, Slash Monsters has been under development internally since the beginning of the year, with no less than eight of us working on the game. Guillaume Bouckaert designed the game with our mighty Bruno Urbain, who also served as producer. Programming has been performed by our resident wizards, but on this one they’ve used a tremendous amount of help from Maarten De Meyer, who has been moonlighting with us for the last six months. Cédric Van Putte handled quality control testings, while the Windows 8 side of the project was managed by Laurent Grumiaux. Besides our own, we can’t thank the guys over at Tokkun Studio enough for their wonderful visual art! (and Amandine Flahaut for reworking them here and there). Here’s hoping you lot enjoy playing the game as much as we enjoyed brewing it :3