Creatures 4: GangNorn Style, Instagram Voyeurisme & something for the Ladies…

A packed update this time around as we’ve let a bunch of norns go wild and loose and we all know what can happen when you do that ;-)

Our animator has spent a few days on a funny angle to present you our latest progress on the Norn Creatures. See, after getting viewed over a cool billion times down on Earth, Psy’s intergalactic hit Gangnam Style has now reached Sphericus, the planet where the cute intelligent Norns race now (tries to) live. Enjoy ;-)

You probably have already noticed it on the official web site, some lucky few have even been gifted one while visiting Paris Games Week, a limited sample batch of small Norn figurines has recently been produced… And one of them has escaped from the box and is now hiding in our offices, stealing sneak peek photographs of our gang at work, paparazzi style! Follow our little Norn reporter’s Instagram feed right here.

Our Sophie Schiaratura has also opened up a little something for you girls*: a Pinterest account full of cuteness all around. We will soon run some special activities there… If you’re into nail-art and that sort of things, go subscribe immediately and pin away, ladies*!

(* If you’re a male, you’re welcome to take a look around too – We won’t judge you.)

On a final note, some of you heard rumors about it so we might as well go on the record: we won’t be ready to launch before the end of the year. The team is knee-deep in crunch time, learning to adjust their bodies and brains to less sleep at nights and more caffeine during the day, but there are still a few bullet lists to cross out. We currently hope to enter bêta phase in January. “Hope” means: it might as well be February that we wouldn’t be totally shocked. That’d translate into a live date around March/April 2013 or so. “Ship when it’s ready” is our stance on this one. Expectations are high and we know it — We can’t afford to drop the ball by rushing it out. We’ve spent too much care on this so far. We will very soon deliver you with a more thorough, radically transparent update about what’s been happening on the development side of things this far. Keep an eye on this space.

  • JD

    Another delay…..deja vu. I would have lost interest in this game a long time ago due to the delays if it hadn’t been for my past experiences with Creatures.

    Fishing Cactus, so far you aren’t doing a good job caring for the Creatures legacy.

  • Laura

    Someone obviously didn’t read this part carefully enough:

    “The team is knee-deep in crunch time, learning to adjust their bodies and brains to less sleep at nights and more caffeine during the day, but there are still a few bullet lists to cross out. We currently hope to enter bêta phase in January. “Hope” means: it might as well be February that we wouldn’t be totally shocked. That’d translate into a live date around March/April 2013 or so. “Ship when it’s ready” is our stance on this one. Expectations are high and we know it — We can’t afford to drop the ball by rushing it out. We’ve spent too much care on this so far.”

    Just cut them some slack. It is obvious that they do actually care… Thank you for the update, Fishing Cactus! Most of us do appreciate how hard you’re working and that you only want to give us the best quality game as possible. :)

  • Scott

    Agreed. I guess the 3rd time was NOT the charm. Disappointing.

  • GirlySatan

    I understand not being able to meet deadlines due to difficulty with code and the sort…So its not a big deal if we are delayed a little longer. I can’t see it being a big deal since we have been waiting for years previously anyway! You guys have other work on top of that, and I can CLEARLY SEE that you care a great deal about the Creatures legacy. Don’t listen to naysayers! you guys are working hard to make a quality game, and we all appreciate that. Just the fact that you even picked it up, and listen to the community, and keep trying to make it amazing, you guys are doing FAR MORE than what anyone else has done before. Thank you!
    Plus, there will always be negative Nancys out there, hehe. Don’t let them get you down! =)

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  • Anthony

    Love the update!!! Thanks so much you guys!!!

  • mk-grendel

    and i ment all those ‘a delay – i don’t care for this game because of that’ people would be gone a long time ago… but i guess that was the last one – therefore – now you can take the time you need – only the real fans and the hardcore creatures addicts are left.

    - but in case i’m wrong and they nag again because of the date – ignore them i mean if they are still here, they will be still here in a year or two (i hope it doesn’t take as much time – but i guess you know what i mean)

    but because of all those norn dolls- i really hope we can buy our own favourite norns as dolls someday (maybe a later update – don’t know) in our favourite pose ^^

  • litoll

    “A delayed game is eventually good, a bad game is forever bad.”

  • Don

    Love it! :D

  • Amy

    I’m quite excited, it seems like a fair release date timeframe to me. (:

  • LA

    Really looking forward to this game and take as much time as you need. To rush the game and publish it with botched coding would be a true disservice to the Creatures legacy.

    Thank you for the update! It’s important that the developers communicate with their fans and you guys are doing a great job of that! :)

  • Islay

    I believe that the delays mean a better and less buggy game. If I have to wait a few more months for it, I won’t complain (too much !! :P ). Good job, FC, it’s looking good. Here’s to hoping it carries the name of the Creatures legacy well!

  • ChosenPredator

    I don’t really care I am going to support these guys no matter what – I actually appreciate them taking their time with it and even if it’s longer then this april/march date it doesn’t matter because this means they will have all the time in the world to refine the game and make it the best experience.

    The thing is people are going to have such high expectations now that the release is even further away, I am sure people are going to be even more critical if just something minor is wrong

    keep at it fishing cactus – might as well take a bit longer and add grendels in – I personally wouldn’t mind a Dec 2013 because April is going to be around Grand theft auto time and most likely the new Xbox 720/PS4 will be announced so it might be a busier holiday season

    anyways good luck!

  • Darcie

    I’m glad such a solid work ethic is going into it’s production. “Real” AI is pretty intense to build and the things that will go wrong that you never expected can be huge if you don’t take the time to do thing right ;)

  • lauren

    keep going guys i’m sure its going to be good i don’t mind waiting although i would of loved it to come out this christmas i’m happy to wait :D

  • Malkin

    What’s the name of the norn reporter? ;)

  • Casey

    I am so excited! I will just keep waiting and working hard. The more I make children learn things, the more the developers will do their job. Then I will have taught children many things and doubly deserve to reward myself with an awesome game. It also makes my day/week/month to have creature’s updates. It is so much fun to anticipate things. I very rarely get excited about stuff like this.

  • LoneSheeGirl

    Cute video. Seems like the Norns are up on the latest trends. Perhaps you could do a Nyan Norn next, if you need inspiration for videos…?
    I hope you can get it out around March, because that would be the best release date-only a few months of waiting. But if you have to extend to April, we understand. Keep cactusing and don’t let the Grendels get you down. Good luck everyone! Oh, and if anyone needs an Ettin for hire to bring you trays of espresso and tea…let us know. ;D

  • A Norn

    Original release-date: January 2012 Today’s release date: March/April 2013, “Ship when it’s ready.” Valve time anyone? (They do have their game the eyeball invaders in the Steam greenlight, Steam is owned by Valve. Don’t get the joke? look up “valve time meme’ on know your meme.) Keep up the good work, Fishing Cactus! Question: in the beta stages, if possible will there ever be an official demo to download from the creatures 4 website for the creatures community to test and review, instead of just showing up at game conventions with demos? I’d like to get my hands on that

  • Jason

    I would generally agree that a delay means a better game. Multiple delays indicates bigger problems in my opinion. I’m beginning to the think the complexity of this game is too big for a small company. Which makes me fear for the after-release support. I have faith they only have the best intentions with this game, but the constant delays have me doubting their ability to meet those intention.

  • Bruno Urbain

    Hello Jason,

    Fishing Cactus is a 30 developers company so not that small (and highly devoted and skilled people). Delays mostly come from the different shifts in the platforms we have to support to provide the best exposure to this game. Initially C4 was a iOS/PC only title and evolved to iOS/Android/PC/Mac… Adding a bit of complexity to the overall project (and bridged experience).

    We also wanted to add more to the game than we initially planned and refined several times the content to provide the best content/experience.

    Hope it helps you understand where time is spent :)


  • ChosenPredator

    Bruno will trying to make this game more accessible for IOS/Android take away from some of the more interesting complexities of the creature series into an ultra simplified format?

    I think that is one fear most people have is that the PC version which I think is what a lot of PC users complain about when a game that was originally meant for the PC goes to console and gets dumbs down & what made it great is strip to fit the console.

    I know you guys are making it the best game but I also hope it’s a game you guys can see yourselves playing for hours and making the PC experience the best experience.

  • pascal.clarysse

    Hey ChosenPredator, the visuals, audio quality and other such elements will have to be at a lower res on mobile versions to save on performance. But the lead platform is still PC, the devs will cram in that version as much as they can (same applies to MAC). And there will be no dumbing down of the mechanics on any platform, no matter what! The team is very much aware that what sets the Creatures series apart is precisely its inner-complexity. More details about in-game content and the journey so far in our next updates… We should be able to push one such update out in about two weeks or so (the team is fully focused on hitting a certain milestone in the meantime — please bear with us and enjoy this one till then :3 ).

  • pascal.clarysse

    Better put: if we had wanted to make a lame pet game, we could have just registered the trademark on “cool pet game”, produce something in three months and be done with it. Once one goes out of his way to work almost two years on the Creatures series, one must be after something else ;-)

  • Arch

    I understand the first delay (maybe the 2nd also?) was due to the code being much harder to understand that initially expected.
    I’m curious as to whether these further delays are more coding issues, or because you guys at Fishing Cactus have decided to go nuts and add a whole heap more content? Is this difficulties with getting the game up and running, or is it scope creep?

    Honestly I’m not bothered by either option (probably a combination of both), just curious. Having done a little genetics work I can understand why the Norn brains would be crazy to try and understand.
    I guess scope creep would be slightly better, because although it can be frowned upon, it means FC and BB are pushing the game to be bigger than first imagined. Which is kind of exciting.

  • mk-grendel

    “We also wanted to add more to the game than we initially planned and refined several times the content to provide the best content/experience.”

    YEAH!!!!!!!! *dances* (no not the ganganorn style – normal dance!)

  • ChosenPredator

    @Pascal thank you for answering :-)

    I was wondering do you think big ben would be interested in making a toy norn/grendel line sort of like skylanders? except with the norn toys they could be limited edition figures you can collect and also unlock for use in the game?

    so a special rare edition action figure norn can be bought from the store and then unlocked in a game…don’t know if you find that idea interesting but it seems disney is trying to get on this toyline business/video game mixing thing.

  • Andrea Di Stefano

    @ChosenPredator: Bigben is definitely interested in this possibility. They’re the ones that came up with the Gamescom/ParisGameWeek figurines and they rock. They are a big player in the game-accessory market so they would definitely have the backend to handle this kind of merchandising. I think the skylanders concept and implementation are great and I would love to see figurines that unlock new breeds in C4.
    To my knowledge there are no solid plans at the moment in that respect but everyone’s been thinking about it for some time now :)

    On a more general note, let me thank everyone for the support! As Pascal said, we’re doing our best and our fastest to release the game and rest assured we’re as committed today as we’ve been since day 1.

  • LoneSheeGirl

    Just a note to ChosenPredator’s comment…could you also make Norn, Ettin, Grendel, and possibly Shee plushies? You don’t have to make them unlock anything in the game, but it’d be nice to have all our favorite cuddly (and scaly) Creatures characters made into ‘norndolls’. Personally, I’d love to see a Fallow or maybe a Zebra Norn plushie, but any breed or character is appreciated! ^^

  • Mysterics

    I wouldn’t mind items that unlock stuff, if you do it /better/ than Skylanders did, the skylanders figures were not that good quality in terms of sculpt and paint, figures like the ones included with the collectors edition would be great.

    More choice would be great too, I would love an official norn plush.

  • Ginene

    ANother delay, I appreciate the dedcation to actually getting the game finished before it’ realeased, but be wary you don’t fall into developement hell.

  • lauren

    oooh i love the skylander idea! its a good way of getting people to spend more currency on the game as well skylanders did very well in the respect. i want a fallow norn and zebra norn plushie <3

  • genesis

    @lauren even if they just make 3D figures out of your favourite norn, people would buy them! Just remember the the amount of norn-dolls!
    In case a norn would life, let’s say around 8 hours, people would really love them and make a special collection of their loved ones – okay – now it sounds a bit creepy – like having your stuffed dead animals al over the house….

  • ChosenPredator

    Well I am glad that idea went over pretty good lol :-) I was thinking how much money that franchise was making activision so why not get the creature series a piece of that pie before the other guys start coming along with their toy/game ideas.

    It’s also a great way to slowly introduce kids to the game building a strong toy/plush collecting audience and a future audience of youth to the creature game franchise.

    *throws money at devs* lol

    hope big ben does this

  • Mia

    As long as the norns aren’t assaulted with the ugly stick then I would consider purchasing a figurine.

    I can wait for another delay, but I admit I’m starting to get worried. I hope the convention demo’s aren’t sucking too many resources.

  • Yme

    This looks cool, although from the demo (not the one with gagnamstyle) it seems like the Norns are a bit too obedient, and that detracts from their “free will”, wich worries me a litle.
    Anyway, as this game is multi platformed, with Android being one of them, are you doing anything special for tegra devices? The tegra chip can handle heavyer graphics-settings then other phones/tablets.

  • Ginene is down.

  • sophie.schiaratura

    @Ginene: Thanks! We’ll fix it as soon as possible :-)