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Master Shee lessons-time on Creatures 2!

Friday, September 14th, 2012

Creatures 4 - Master Shee Yeah!The history lessons of Master Shee keep going! This time about Creatures 2.

The action still takes place in Albia, but centuries have gone by and the planet has been destroyed by a volcanic eruption caused by the taking off of Lone Shee’s spaceship, called Capillata.

Lone Shee is a bit of a geek type scientist. He was so focused on his research on the Warp (a system to transport Norns over the Internet) he didn’t quite notice his friends abandoning the planet on The Ark and leaving him behind!

Creatures 2_thumbSo he took his spaceship and used the volcano to boost it into space and started searching for the other members of his species.

Rumors says he hates the orange color, is furred, invented the Albian beer, loves tea and chocolate cookies and can smell Grendels from miles away.

In C2, the Lone Shee let Ettins in charge of the destroyed Albia, but they actually became a nuisance by stealing everything they found lying around. He admits himself it wasn’t his best move. Players however kind of enjoyed it because they could finally breed a new species!

Creatures 2_thumbThe most interesting improvement of this sequel is its ecosystem. However, due to the game complexity, a bug made its first appearance, dubbed the OHSS (the One Hour Stupidity Syndrome). This illness caused the affected Norns to become totally idiots after one hour of play, forgetting important things like how to eat or sleep.

The first Norn on Creatures 2 had a name too and it was Alice, this time.

You can close your history books for today. Class dismissed. See you all next week!

Shifting World 3DS available in European stores!

Thursday, September 13th, 2012

Shifting World Demo free on eShopAs you probably already know Shift is one of our biggest successes, with almost 16 millions players worldwide, and we are developing and porting it from one platform to another as fast as we can offering you each time a new game experience and new content to have fun with. This time around, it’s the Nintendo 3DS we are shifting.

We started developing this new edition in December 2011 in partnership with the owner of the license Armor Games and two different publishers, Rising Star Games for Europe and Aksys in the US. The game has been released in Europe last friday! And if you want to try it before buying it, a free demo version is on the Nintendo eShop on your 3DS!

Don’t lose this opportunity because Shifting World will totally plunge you inside the world of Shift and this time in full-on 3D!! And that’s not a gimmick either, it truly affects gameplay here. You will have to constantly switch between 3D and 2D views to find your way through 60 levels and 5 worlds. In the demo version you will have access to one level and you won’t be able to play the Time Attack Mode, the option that allows you to play the game against the clock, but you’ll basically get just about enough to fall in love with the game!

Flip your 3DS open and download the Shifting World demo right now!

Creatures 4: a bit of history!

Monday, September 3rd, 2012

Creatures 4 - Master SheeWe know that most of you are already fan of Creatures from the start, but we think it’s time to wear the clothes of Master Shee and start doing some history lesson for whom of you who have never heard of this awesome game before. So, what is Creature 4 or C4? No, it’s not an explosive, even if its content really caused an explosion of fan all over the world and the years. If it’s called “4”, it obviously means that before there was a “3”, a “2” and a “1”.

So let’s start from the beginning!

Creatures 1 - NornCreatures 1 was released in 1996 and it was about two strange “creatures” (it couldn’t be other way!) or species called Norns and Grendels. Norns were created to entertain and serve tea and biscuits to the Shee, the ancient inhabitants of Albia, the world in the shape of a coin where the game takes place.

And in the beginning there was Adam… erf, no, sorry, Ron. Yep, you understood well. The first Norn was called “Ron”. The real history of his name have nothing really mythical, except that Ian Saunter, the development director, once did a demonstration using that name for the character and the demonstration went so well that he kept using it praying the success repeated itself and apparently it did!

Creatures 1 - GrendelGrendels, instead, are a failed genetic experiment made by the Shee and the most feared enemy of the Norns. They depend from a Queen for reproduction, the Grendel Mother, who never actually “moves”, she’s just a tube in a tree. The first Grendel was a descendant of Cain, who was the first naturally-born child of Ron and Eve, obviously!

And speaking of “entities” which made history, one of the over-mentioned men in the biblical adventure of Creature is surely Steve Grand, the responsible for the architecture and programming of the artificial life game engine.

Enough with the lessons today, cya next week!

Fishing Cactus keeps growing!

Friday, August 31st, 2012

Fishing Cactus - Silvia cactusIt’s kinda strange writing my own presentation and publishing it. It’s like asking yourself the questions and giving the answers at the same time , but… that’s how it is, so I won’t hesitate any longer.

Since a few weeks you have probably noticed (and I definitely hope so, otherwise I’ll need to wake you up a bit more, I guess!) our blog has finally become more active. Yea, well, there’s someone behind it, and that someone is me! Nice to meet you, Fishing Cactus fans, I’m your new PR Manager. Bruno has great plans for me (I hear an evil “MOUHAHAHA” behind me)…


Fishing Cactus - Silvia welcome


The Creatures 4 official website is finally live!

Monday, August 27th, 2012

Creatures 4 - Official Website Homepage

 As someone remarked on our commentaries to our previous post , the Creatures 4 website has reopened its doors! So today we’re gonna tour you through the website features to make sure n00bs are not left behind! ;-)

If you’ve never heard of Creatures, in the “What is Creatures 4” section you will have all your questions answered. The next step is to sign up, if you haven’t done so already! You can log in through Facebook and become fan of the Creatures 4 Facebook Page or follow the game on Twitter. To never miss a thing about your favorite game and always be the first in the know, subscribe to the Creatures 4 Newsletter!

Creatures 4 - Official WebsiteWith your brand new account you can interact with the community on the Creatures 4 forum, which is of course where you will hang out most of the time from now on. And if you want to make new buddies you definitely need to introduce yourself in the dedicated section, where thousands of fans are waiting exactly as you are!

If you grow tired of chatting you will find an awesome Goodies section where you can download all the screenshots and wallpapers you want, learn what’s new about Creatures 4 and if you’re up for some history lesson, in The Creatures Series section your curiosity will finally rest.

I guess that’s all for this quick introduction to the Creatures 4 website, but if you have more questions you can always check the FAQ!

Have a safe trip on Sphericus ;-)

Creatures 4 at the Gamescom 2012 in Köln!

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012


Fans of Creatures, Fishing Cactus is not leaving you alone in the… sun :3, here is what you’ve been waiting for since way too long: some fresh news about Creatures 4!

Like every year, our team went to the Gamescom in Köln (Germany) and presented a new demo of our beloved game.

Gamescom is the biggest videogame event in Europe, where over 100.000 gamers and the vast majority of industry insiders flock every summer. What better setting to present new games or improvements on existing long overdue projects? :lol:

If you had a chance to see our demo at Gamescom 2012, you’ve surely noticed that the game is finally running smoothly and is really getting closer from the vision we had for it.

Creatures 4 - Gamescom 2012


Since Gamescom 2011 we’ve introduced a starting tutorial and it was great to see players get into the game quickly and cleanly this year (compared to the general disorientation of the public twelve months ago :D ). We also added some new features like the Norns speech abilities, the Science Kit and the Ecosystem!


Slash them all in Slash Monsters!

Tuesday, August 14th, 2012

Have you ever dreamt of imposing your hands to make things move like the Mini Darth Vader does in the famous Volkswagen commercial? Imagine being able to do just that with the power of your bare fingertips! In our new free game Slash Monsters, you slash your way through 6 challenging worlds and 36 adrenaline-pumping levels!

Slash Monsters is a free marine action game in cartoon-style coming out by the end of this month. All kinds of mutant monsters are lurking deep under the sea to invade the Planet!

Your final goal will be to save the sweet starfishes from some nasty pink mutant octopi that are after them. Octopi are not their only enemy: jellyfishes, worms and sea urchins want to wipe out these helpless creatures! Can you slash them all before it’s too late?

Many awesome combos will help you earn more pearls and unlock new achievements. But that’s not it: you can also compete with your friends on who is the most lethal slayer!

Screenshot Slash Monsters iOS Android Gratos Gratuit Free

More info will be shared soon, so stay tuned to hear more about Slash Monsters and how to save the ocean from the deep sea invaders!

IndestructoTank is out!

Thursday, June 21st, 2012

Hey folks, our new iOS and Android game is now available on both the AppStore and Google Play, it is called IndestructoTank and will blow you away by its pure arcade experience!

The plot? Quite simple: as the pilot of an indestructible tank, you have certain responsibilities – Kicking Butts!

Link to iPhone/iPad (iOS 3.0 and above):
Link Android version :

Indestructotank available on iPhone, iPad, Android

In IndestructoTank you use the enemies’ weapons against them as you catapult yourself through the air and destroy the enemy air force! Upgrade enemies count to max your combo but watch out for your fuel as an empty tank means an inevitable explosion! Just take a look at the trailer.


A bigger update on Creatures4

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

Hello Creatures community, we know you’ve been longing for some solid info about Creatures 4 and we’re sorry we couldn’t deliver something sooner.

I’ll start with the bad news that probably most of you already guessed: Creatures 4 has been delayed, again! I know, it sucks but at least we can say the project is in good health and both Bigben and us are investing a lot of effort in it! The current release date is Q4 2012.

The reason for the delay is that we’re simply not finished yet. In terms of development we still have quite some work to do and some features are demanding (bridging the game between all the platforms etc.).
It’s a mix of revised design, harder-than-expected-features, harnessing the underlying Creatures systems and so on; it’s a hard project in all respects and we want to do it justice. So, that’s another delay, yeah. I hope you guys can bare with us a bit more.

We can’t show you new pictures or videos yet (we know you’ve been asking for them, a lot :) )  but we can give you some details about some questions that have been going on for some time.


Got talent? Join Fishing Cactus!

Friday, May 11th, 2012

Hello guys, we have a couple of positions to fill inside the company as we are growing the ranks. Feel free to spread the word if you know some people around you that might be interested and who are corresponding to the profiles.

These are the positions we are actively looking for:

- Experienced mobile product manager (job desc)
- PR Manager (job desc). Job description is in French but English speaking are welcome to apply!
- Senior Game Designer (job desc)
- Senior UI & 2D artist (job desc)
- Several Senior Mobile Programmers (job desc)