Algo-Bot – How does a robot think?

So we’ve established that Algo-Bot is a game that will teach you the logic of programming. How are we going to do that without being dull and boring? That’s a very good question, and one that we actually asked ourselves when we took on the project. Luckily enough, we think we found the answer.

In Algo-Bot, you’re given control of a little robot dude. You don’t control him directly, you don’t make him jump on mushrooms by pressing a single button either. Instead, you set up a sequence of orders for him: go straight, turn left, go straight again, turn right, etc … . When you’re done creating your little sequence, you pass it onto the robot: it will go around the power plant, following your orders. In a nutshell, the player manipulates sequential commands to order Algo-Bot around in an attempt to reach the given goal of the level.

Of course, your little robot can’t just roam freely, it has a job to perform. It must carry around toxic containers, sort them out and re-arrange them, and call on smaller robots to help him when he has too much. And you have to provide him with orders for every step that he takes.

Imagine the following situation: you have to get your robot around a specific arranged path, and you can see that this path is repeated a few times along a mission. What you have to do thus is to create a separate sequence of orders that you call each time you want the robot to go through that path. Exactly like how functions work in real programming! By solving small problems in the game, you’re learning the logic behind it all. You’ll be able to play with programming concepts such as variables, functions, conditions and groups.

So that’s our Algo-Bot for you. We’re currently in finalization stage with this Serious Game and we hope to deliver it by the end of the month. Be sure to check it out when it comes out! We’ll of course keep you abreast when it does.



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  • Mia

    Oh my god. This sounds really awesome. Also, high-five to whoever came up with his necktie!

  • Sophie Schiaratura

    Thx! It’s nice to see comments like that :-)

  • Samuel Marin

    Nice approach ! Could also be fun if the robot could learn by itself its job using a genetic algorithm/neural network and a fitness function (using some basic movements and controls as genes/inputs). This could teach you the logic behind genetic algorithm.

  • idle

    Seems like an updated(and cooler) version of the logo turtle program they used to have in primary schools(in the UK anyway!), might be worth poking around the schools market if you haven’t already.