Creatures: The Mystic Norn

mystic_thumb1Despite being likeable and affectionate, the Norns often proved a tad basic when it came to helping out on scientific matters. Feeling the need for a more rationally minded companion, the Shee set out to engineer a new Norn breed.

Expectedly, a fair amount of Shee creativity went into the creation of this new breed, leading to some unexpected results.

At first these new dark-furred Norns behaved as the Shee had hoped and proved very resourceful in helping their creators in their daily tasks. The Shee were delighted and amazed that their new creation turned out so flawless, even more so that these Norns developed a curious and almost supernatural connection with the surrounding world. For instance, on several occasions the Shee were able to detect environmental abnormalities and threats by looking at their small furry companions’ behaviors. This new Norn breed would turn visibly uncomfortable whenever anything abnormal would near.

This unique trait led to this particular breed being named “Mystic”.

Sadly, with time the serious character of these Norns turned into deep-rooted melancholy; Mystic Norns were often seen alone, their blue eyes gazing hopelessly beyond the confines of their home.

In truth, Mystic Norns were always a less playful bunch than your typical Norn but this new turn in their personality definitely stemmed from something deeper, a new desire for freedom, exploration and connection with their environment that the Shee did not intend for them.

While to this day the Shee believe a Mystic Norn wouldn’t be suited to life in the dangerous wilderness and prefer to restrain them from setting out on their own, no Mystic Norn ever resented its generous creators for limiting its freedom. Instead Mystic Norns resigned themselves to see the desire for a more adventurous life as nothing more than a far-fetched dream. Or is it?


  • don21a

    Sweet :) I’d take one home ;)

  • Crystal Taylor

    I love this idea for a norn!

  • Linda Lundqvist

    Nice! i hope there will be some gameplay videos to see. I mean, its not nice to tease with nummy awesomeness forever you know? just look at duke nukem forever :c dont repeat D:

  • mk-grendel

    Sounds like my new favourite Breed!

  • magpie-angel

    this is my favourite breed so far i love them although i love the wildling norns as well. they have a sad sounding nature but a good breeder should be able to make the little ones happy :3

  • Marco S.

    I really do believe to make the game itself and the universe more interesting there should be “Wild norns” in the world that your creature can eventually breed with once you discover a group of them – maybe hostile or welcoming? but whatever makes the game interesting beside watching the norns themselves is discovering pieces of mystery and new norns unknown to shee (with no pay walls of course all discovering should be natural)

  • Leah Moore

    I love this! He is so adorable. I always enjoy norns that are more a loner type so we can venture out and explore together, sounds like he’d be a real inquisitive type which is perfect! I really love the pattern on his head as well :)

  • Milky Tea

    It’s not a far-fetched dream! I’ll adopt one and help it explore the whole world! :D

  • JSD0108

    The “Creatures 4 The Game” facebook page has stated a couple of times recently that the game will be available “by the end of the year Has it been pushed again?!

  • Gaf Neon

    Hey guys I notice you’ve been to some gaming conventions why is there never any photos/video footage of the stuff it would be really nice to see more of the game if possib;e