Creatures Online: live session

shii_okay_smallAs promised the live session is coming with tiny modifications. The idea stills the same: you will be able to see the game in live and question the team on the chat. Following the feedback we got from the community, we decided to drop Google Hangout and go with Twitch instead. It came to our attention that Twitch would be more suitable due its history with the community and furthermore, the tests we carried out seem to point at a better overall streaming quality that Google Hangout.

So, tune it on the 27th of June at 8PM (GMT+1) and join us on our channel. The live stream will be accessible to everyone but if you want to access the chat room make sure you have an account on


As for the chat room, moderators from Fishing Cactus and ProSiebenSat.1 Games will both be on the chat to make sure that we have got all the answers to your questions. To easily recognize us and keep the place clean, the team will be in red color, so please do not use the same color. Sometimes the chat room is a little bit fickle and the page needs to be refreshed twice to be able to see it.

  • genesis

    I guess the language of choice will be english?

  • Adrien Grumiaux

    Good news, I’ll be there !

  • Al Lucard

    Just for clarification… 8pm (GMT+1) is 1pm PST, right?

  • Malkin

    Should we make a list of questions, like we did for the Live Q & A session?

  • FishingCactus

    No it’s 11am PST. But don’t worry, we will remind it on twitter and facebook 1 hour before the event.

  • FishingCactus

    Yes it will

  • FishingCactus

    Not necessarily because the idea is to have your feedback about what you will see of the game.

  • Céline .S. Sauvé

    Odd. My earlier comment seems to have disappeared?

    Will this be recorded? I believe TwitchTV has that function.

  • Malkin

    How long is the live session planned go for? As far as I can make out, 8 pm at GMT +1 is going to be 5 am for me!

  • FishingCactus

    Less than 2 hours. We will play 1 hour and if the chat doesn’t turn to chaos we will play more.

  • Zid Morin

    Are you going to record so that we can watch it after the stream? I might not be able to watch it live.

  • FishingCactus

    Yes we will :)

  • Al Lucard

    Unfortunately I missed the live feed… is it available to watch now?

  • FishingCactus
  • Malkin

    Just watching through the post-session video (thank you for uploading it!!!!)

    Why does the cookie reduce hunger for protein if it contains no protein?

    Has the Aqua Norn been renamed to the Froggy Norn?

  • Andrea Di Stefano

    The reason for that is…that I…forgot to put it in yet :D
    It was on my todo list. It’s fixed now, thanks for spotting that

    About the Froggy Norn, yes! So, it’s a bit more complicated than that actually. At first we had five breeds, each one defined by it’s morphology (slim one is the water Norn, normal one it the Hatchery one, etc.).
    What we observed is that this was fairly limiting and 5 breeds weren’t going to make the discovery of new breeds compelling for long enough. So we decided to separate the concepts of breed and morphology and basically say that you can have several breed with the same body shape.

    So, Froggy Norn is a breed shaped as an old Aqua Norn. I hope this makes sense!