Creatures Online Update #42

Weekly Update #42: Incoming closed beta

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Hello everybody,

With the closed beta incoming, we had a lot of things to prepare and it took us most of our week. That’s why this will be a small update!

However, we still managed to :
- update the localization file with some new entries
- fix some arrows displayed as default textures in the world monitor
- do a small improvement of our backsave system




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  • CaseyM

    I hope this is open to all countries! I don’t care if it’s not in English I’ll figure it out <3

  • FishingCactus

    The BETA will only be accessible from 1 country but the finish version will hit EU.

  • CaseyM

    Oooh what country gets to BETA test it?

  • Sheryl Clyde

    Well I would be very interested in a new creatures game because frankly it is one of the most advanced artificial life software games there is.