Creatures Online Update #53

Weekly Update #53: The Altar Machine

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Hello everybody ,

Today, I will present you the Altar Machine!




If you drag and drop a Norn on this machine, a short animation will be triggered and the Norn will disappear forever in an ethereal light. Thus, some genes are dropped which may be used later in the Splicing Machine.

It may be a way to ensure older and dying Norns will let the place to young ones. Of course, it can rise some ethical questions, like a lot of things in the Creatures series… Norns do not seem to really care though, as they will wave you a last goodbye while standing on the machine.

That’s all! Have a nice week.


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  • Avenot

    Hi there! :)

    Do you have any idea how long it will take until the Creatures Online website is back online?

    Also, could you post new weekly updates here on the FC blog while the official CO forum is offline? Or is there nothing to report right now?


  • FishingCactus

    Hi Toa-Nuva!

    The person in charge of the website will fix it as soon as she can.

    And we’ll post the updates here.