Creatures Online Updates #54-55-56

Weekly Update #54 & 55: Let’s have a Mojito to celebrate! 

Hello everybody :),

This week we finally were able to test the game with the latest version of Mojito (Fishing Cactus’ game engine). Updating the game so it would be compatible with the latest version took some time (the game was running on an old version), but it finally bear fruits :) . Some bugs appeared in the process and need to be fixed, though.

It was an important step as it was required for working on the Android version, and it also increases the overall performance of the game.

As for the game, some crafting recipes have also been added, mostly for decorative objects. Overall, we are currently more focused on bug hunting!


Weekly Update #56:  The Localization

This week we continued the testing and were able to remove some old bug reports on our database. When testing, we also wrote down a lot of tasks regarding the localization (missing translations, typos, texts not fitting on the screen) and thus have updated the localization file.

On the programming side, we ensured the Facebook features were functional on Android devices, and also fixed a lot of rendering bugs which appeared with the last engine update.

That’s all! Have a nice week!


Example of one of the fixed rendering bugs: the overlays used in the tutorial were not displayed anymore. As you can see on the left, they are now present again.

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