Creatures Online Update #57

Weekly Update #57: Special abilities and XP

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Hello everybody :) ,

Here is a small recap of the latest changes on Creatures Online:

-          As you know, the genes you can change in the Splicing machine are cosmetic. But now, you may also discover that sometimes after a Splicing a Norn can have some special “abilities” like repairing the machines faster or gaining more nutriments when eating grass / mushrooms, depending of the Norn’s genes.
It is more like a small “extra”, you won’t be forced to splice a very specific Norn in the gameplay and there is not only one combination possible to have an ability.

-          XP obtained has been tweaked to reduce the gap between players playing with a few Norns and those playing with a lot of them. Basically, having 4 Norns is no longer 4 times more efficient than having only one. It is still more efficient, but not that much.

As for the more technical tasks:

-          We continued to fix rendering bugs

-          We also finished the handling of inputs on Android

That’s all! I wish you a nice week :) .




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