Creatures Online Update #60

Weekly Update #60: The Science Kit in Colour

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Hello everybody,

The past weeks were focused on fixing bugs such as the following ones:
- Some speech bubbles are invisible
- Incorrect orientation for some cinematics
- Thought bubbles are displayed near Norn’s portrait
- Norns staying idle on ladders
- Some objects become gigantic after repair
- Norns are incorrectly placed when sleeping in nests
- Player’s order to the Norn is not displayed
- Nests do not rotate correctly
- Tatous are walking weirdly (they seem to do the moonwalk)
- No cursor displayed on the main menu
- Bridge on the plaja level is not correctly placed
- When selling an item, the selling feedback is not displayed
- …



We also updated some icons and descriptions for the item kit products. Science kit descriptions have now colored chemical names allowing a better basic understanding. We also changed the order informations were displayed on the level up screen, as it was somewhat counter-intuitive.



Concerning the Twitch session… We still have no information regarding the exact date. Of course, we’ll keep you updated!

That’s all. Have a nice week! 


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