Weekly update #69

Weekly Update #69 – The Ecosystem

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Hello everybody,

Sorry about the late update, it was meant to be posted Friday but we were a bit busy… anyway, let’s have an overview of Creatures Online’s ecosystem today! 

Here’s how the player can interact with ecosystem:
- Tap on a critter to wake it up
- Critters can’t be drag & dropped directly, but it is possible to move them like decoration elements after clicking on the corresponding icon on the interface allowing you to move / sell agents
- Small critters (such as insects) generally can’t be interacted with
- …but some can still be drag and dropped (for example, fishes)
- …and you can still tap on some other ecosystem-related things, such as bee nests

And here’s how the Norns can interact with it:
- Even though the players can’t interact with every insect, Norns can. Sometimes they hit or eat some insects, which you can reward or punish.
- Flowers, mushrooms & grass patches grow naturally and are randomly placed.
- Ecosystem varies depending of the environment. For example, the Hatchery consists mostly of flowers and butterflies. Thus, placing an insectivore critter may be a bad idea as butterflies tend to stay out of reach (yes, you can see the critters eating grass / insects)

 That’s it! Have a nice day.



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