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Gamescom 2016

Wednesday, August 24th, 2016

Hi Fox Riders,

This year again, we have been to Gamescom. This time was quite different thanks to the fact that we were part of the awesome Indie Booth Arena, which is the best place to meet other indies and play wonderful uncommon games.

It was also the first time that Epistory was showcasted during a public event since its release in March 2016. And guess what? People liked it! Some players, even told us that Epistory was the best game presented at Gamescom this year. What a compliment! 



Like every year, we met some wonderful people: some new and some who knew us from last Gamescom. Hope, we’ll meet again next year. 





Epistory: Major Update

Friday, June 10th, 2016

After weeks of hard work, we present to you the new and shinier version of Epistory with Mod & Profiles (multiple saves) support and more... You spoke and we listened. We understand it would have been better for most of you to receive the update in chunks over the weeks but given the amount of changes it was a lot easier for us to handle one big transition to the new version instead of several small incremental versions. We even had to stop planning for a workshop beta. 
Without further ado, here’s the changelist.

As always, we welcome your feedback and bug reports. 

Epistory: New Website and Merchandising

Monday, May 2nd, 2016

Hi Fox Riders!

Last week, our website has been updated to a wonderful e-shop  where you can buy t-shirts, papermasks and more of Epistory. 

Let people know how crazy you are about Typing-RPG-Adventure games and specially Epistory 




Epistory is now out on Steam!

Friday, April 1st, 2016

Hi Fox Riders! Epistory is finally fully released. Can’t wait for you to discover the end of the game. Good luck with hours of game waiting for you.

Also, we’d like to thank all of you for the support and love during the early access. Don’t hesitate to share our new trailer around you.

In the coming weeks, we plan to fix the very few remaining bugs you could find in this version. We are even thinking of adding more languages.

But now let’s party!

Play the game here.

How extra budget can increase your visual quality… and put you into troubles!

Monday, March 7th, 2016

This article shows the difficulty of maintaining Art Direction consistency on a project when its scope and visual quality suddenly increase during production!

First, we’ll explain the assets creation guidelines we decided at the beginning of the project. Then we’ll see how quality problems emerged as the production budget increased, and how we dealt with them!


Art constraints for small budget

When we started the production of Epistory (codenamed “The heroine of no tale” in those ancient times), the sales expectations were quite low because we thought we were targeting the niche of typing games. We already wanted a unique art direction, made of unfolding environments and paper-crafted items, but the budget constraints made us humble concerning the visual quality of each asset. So we ended up with those production guidelines to create game assets :

  • Simple geometry
  • All assets using the same multi-usage shader
  • No complicated texture mapping (basic planar UVs)
  • No unique texture per asset, only generic colored patches gathered in a few textures

basic asset epistory papercraft origami

Despite our small budget, all those assets put together created a simple but pretty cool look :

epistory papercraft origami

Those constraints made us 3D artists sad but it should have allowed us to make all assets and environments in time for the game release, so we were quite happy with it! But that was before we started communicating on the game…

Change of scope

The art team was producing the first levels of the game, and we started to spread some images and videos, building the community. At that point we understood that something was happening, youtubers were talking about our game, forums and conventions gave us very positive feedbacks. Our little typing game was becoming pretty popular, people were really loving it! The first round of Early Access conforted the first impression. As thousands of people added “Epistory: Typing Chronicles” into their steam wishlist, we realized that instead of making a funny but small scoped typing game, we could scale things up. We decided to transform it into a unique story driven adventure game, with lots of dungeons, collectibles, a scenario written by a real professional writer, and even give a voice to the narrator.

As the deadlines were pushed to 2016, the art team jumped at the chance to put more visual quality into the game!

New quality standards

We wanted to make the most of this extra production time, and we put more details into the new assets, so we basically took the opposite of what we were doing until now:

  • More interesting paper-like shapes for the geometry
  • More and more complicated shaders
  • Clean unfolded texture mapping coordinates
  • Unique textures per asset (or one texture for the same group of assets)
  • A subtle but efficient vertical gradient (the base of the asset is darker than its top)
  • With unique texture coordinates, we could paint paper folds, and add details like hand painted highlights on the edges and Ambient Occlusion (darker color at the junction between surfaces)

On those two images it’s easy to spot the quality gap. You can notice the polished shapes and the greater work made into the textures, which add a lot of depth and details to the assets :

advanced asset epistory papercraft origami

advanced asset epistory papercraft origami

The production time was obviously far longer than the old technique, because for EACH game asset, we had to unfold clean texture coordinates, calculate the Ambient Occlusion pass, calculate the vertical gradient, paint the edges highlights and details into the texture,…

We also put extra time to the environments creation process by adding an “artist layout pass” to polish each dungeon, and by working more on the lighting setups and effects. And the overall visual impact was far better than before!

icemountain epistory papercraft origami

The problem was that we quickly found out that the “old” assets looked dull compared to the new ones, but we couldn’t afford redesigning all of them…

Assets wars

With each new asset being prettier than the last, we soon spotted a problem in the consistency of the art direction and assets quality !

There was too much difference between the old “flat” assets and the new “detailed” ones :

versus epistory papercraft origami

Unfortunately the budget was not so big that we could afford redoing all the former game assets to match the final style!

That unexpected constraint gave us the idea of showing a progression in the art style through the game, and we implemented a chronological progression into the overall papercraft quality of the adventure. That is to say the first part of the game is made of more basic shapes, and the quality of the papercraft technique evolves to be more and more noticeable as we progress into the game, following the steps of humanity evolution:

1- At the beginning, as the world unfolds for the first time, you will see the “basic” objects in the “nature” theme

evolution 01 epistory papercraft origami

2- Next, in the first dungeon you will be able to spot some prehistoric assets, made of archaic papercraft assets

evolution 02 epistory papercraft origami

3- As you continue your journey through human evolution, papercraft techniques evolves to show ancient civilizations

evolution 03 epistory papercraft origami

4- Later, you will travel through complex origami buildings, and much more, but we won’t spoil you the pleasure of discovering it in the game!

evolution 04 epistory papercraft origami

We managed to add a real meaning to this papercraft evolution, but still we decided to redesign several old assets to match the quality gap. We’ve done this only for the assets we could see all over the adventure. Moreover, by doing those important assets prettier, they would be easily noticeable at the beginning of the game, where the assets are simpler, and better integrated in later dungeons, where the assets are polished.

The combat, exploration and teleporter tiles redone from scratch:

reworked assets epistory papercraft origami

The conclusion of this article could be that it’s far better to know the scope/budget BEFORE beginning the production process! If the scope suddenly increases, you will have to choose between more content or more quality, but keep in mind that most of the time you will not be able to use a trick like we did, and you will end up redoing all of your assets from scratch! And as artists will always tend to increase quality if you give them extra time, do not forget to keep an eye on them!

Epistory Arrives on Windows, Mac, Linux March. 30

Thursday, February 25th, 2016

Hi Fox Riders! The moment has come to announce that Epistory – Typing Chronicles will leave early access and be released on Steam on the 30th of March 2016. We are so enthousiastic and we can’t wait to read your feedback about the last chapters of the game. So, if the game isn’t yet in your Steam library, it’s you last chance to get it at the Early Access price! As a bonus, find below some screenshots of the upcoming chapters and a short teaser made with love. See you on the community hub!










Creatures Status – Fishing Cactus Official Statement

Thursday, January 21st, 2016

Update on CreaturesHello to the Creatures community. Many of you have heard or read that the development on Creatures Online was halted. We wanted to make an official statement as things haven’t been communicated very clearly as far as we know and we have been receiving a lot of messages from the community on our channels (FB, Twitter and such…).

So while it saddens us a lot, the development of Creatures has effectively been put on hold since September last year due to many reasons we can’t legally talk about. At the moment we stopped the development, we can say that the game was close to Alpha with all races, toys, environments, crafting system, AI, genes, ecosystem and recycling machine in place, we were really close to be ready for a softlaunch. To achieve that stage, the team pulled out tremendous efforts  over the past 3 years and the last moments of development were a pretty difficult period for the team. As the publisher and legal owner of the IP, Big Ben made the call to pause the development of the project. Regardless of our implication with the game and its loyal community, we are not in a situation that allows us to change this decision.


We are very sorry that the old time Creatures community is left in the dark, we truly feel this is a waste of great, positive energy and good will from all of you and we wish the situation could be different. Pausing the development so close to release is still something we are recovering from,  it is now in Bigben Interactive’s hands to keep you informed on what will happen next. Throughout the development of the game, with its ups and downs, we tried to have a very transparent communication on the development as we know you are such a great community, with great expectations too. We hope you appreciated this approach as much as we did.

We also received several complaints about the status of the official Creatures forums being spammed and invaded by bots, please note that Fishing Cactus has no control over those channels anymore (including forums and websites). This work was originally handled with great care by Sophie who was doing the community management and curation, Lucas and Andrea who were providing updates and posts to keep you updated on the progress of the game.

As far as Fishing Cactus is concerned, the future of Creatures Online now lies fully into Big Ben Interactive’s hands. Despite what angry people might say, we have poured really a lot of efforts, energy and love in the Creatures game and we wish it will see the light of day, someday, somehow.

For now we are moving on, focusing our efforts on our new game Epistory (an atmospheric adventure typing game) that is already available on Steam Early Access.