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Creatures 4: GangNorn Style, Instagram Voyeurisme & something for the Ladies…

Tuesday, November 13th, 2012

A packed update this time around as we’ve let a bunch of norns go wild and loose and we all know what can happen when you do that ;-)

Our animator has spent a few days on a funny angle to present you our latest progress on the Norn Creatures. See, after getting viewed over a cool billion times down on Earth, Psy’s intergalactic hit Gangnam Style has now reached Sphericus, the planet where the cute intelligent Norns race now (tries to) live. Enjoy ;-)

You probably have already noticed it on the official web site, some lucky few have even been gifted one while visiting Paris Games Week, a limited sample batch of small Norn figurines has recently been produced… And one of them has escaped from the box and is now hiding in our offices, stealing sneak peek photographs of our gang at work, paparazzi style! Follow our little Norn reporter’s Instagram feed right here.

Our Sophie Schiaratura has also opened up a little something for you girls*: a Pinterest account full of cuteness all around. We will soon run some special activities there… If you’re into nail-art and that sort of things, go subscribe immediately and pin away, ladies*!

(* If you’re a male, you’re welcome to take a look around too – We won’t judge you.)

On a final note, some of you heard rumors about it so we might as well go on the record: we won’t be ready to launch before the end of the year. The team is knee-deep in crunch time, learning to adjust their bodies and brains to less sleep at nights and more caffeine during the day, but there are still a few bullet lists to cross out. We currently hope to enter bêta phase in January. “Hope” means: it might as well be February that we wouldn’t be totally shocked. That’d translate into a live date around March/April 2013 or so. “Ship when it’s ready” is our stance on this one. Expectations are high and we know it — We can’t afford to drop the ball by rushing it out. We’ve spent too much care on this so far. We will very soon deliver you with a more thorough, radically transparent update about what’s been happening on the development side of things this far. Keep an eye on this space.

Fishing Cactus keeps growing!

Friday, August 31st, 2012

Fishing Cactus - Silvia cactusIt’s kinda strange writing my own presentation and publishing it. It’s like asking yourself the questions and giving the answers at the same time , but… that’s how it is, so I won’t hesitate any longer.

Since a few weeks you have probably noticed (and I definitely hope so, otherwise I’ll need to wake you up a bit more, I guess!) our blog has finally become more active. Yea, well, there’s someone behind it, and that someone is me! Nice to meet you, Fishing Cactus fans, I’m your new PR Manager. Bruno has great plans for me (I hear an evil “MOUHAHAHA” behind me)…


Fishing Cactus - Silvia welcome


Got talent? Join Fishing Cactus!

Friday, May 11th, 2012

Hello guys, we have a couple of positions to fill inside the company as we are growing the ranks. Feel free to spread the word if you know some people around you that might be interested and who are corresponding to the profiles.

These are the positions we are actively looking for:

- Experienced mobile product manager (job desc)
- PR Manager (job desc). Job description is in French but English speaking are welcome to apply!
- Senior Game Designer (job desc)
- Senior UI & 2D artist (job desc)
- Several Senior Mobile Programmers (job desc)

A micro Creatures 4 update

Friday, May 4th, 2012

norn creatures 4 icon Hello to Creatures community out there craving for some Creatures 4 news… We know you are a lot lurking in the shadows :)

We are not forgetting about you, do not worry, we see the comments you are posting and we know all of you are waiting for some news to be released about the game. As you can imagine, the team is highly focused on working on the game right now integrating one of the most exciting part of the Creatures series, breeding.

Things are moving quite a lot internally (if it is internal, it is normal if you don’t see a thing) and we’re currently discussing with Big Ben to determine what info we can actually release to you in the coming weeks. Be patient!

Shifting World Japanese Trailer

Tuesday, April 24th, 2012

Giant kinect experience by FC @Festival VIA

Friday, March 30th, 2012

Hey guys, yesterday was an incredible night as both Fishing Cactus, Microsoft Innovation Center and Technocité presented the games created by students during the Kinect Camp at the VIA festival. It was even cooler as the games were projected on a huge big screen on the “grand place” in Mons near the city theatre. Just take a look at the screenshot below.

Giant Kinect Gaming Experience


Fresh Creatures 4 news

Friday, March 2nd, 2012

Hello everyone!  We know you’ve been waiting for some time now and I wish we could show you some gameplay but we’re still working on it and we want to keep it under the lid until the quality is there where we want it to be before showing it to you guys in a video of some sort.

Still, I think it’s time we show you something new right? So here is “Master Shee”…


Fishing Cactus – “tout s’explique” sur RTL-TVI

Friday, September 16th, 2011

Hier soir, Fishing Cactus était une fois de plus sur les feux de la rampe sur les chaînes francophones Belges. Cette fois-ci c’est dans la très populaire émission “tout s’explique” de RTL-TVI qui était consacrée, devinez à quoi? Aux jeux vidéos bien entendu!

C’est près de 10 minutes de séquence vidéo pour une journée complète de tournage dans nos locaux. D’autres sociétés sont bien entendues mise en avant, l’autre studio emblématique en Belgique, Larian Studios et les classiques Ubisoft ou Insomniac. Si vous ne connaissez rien au monde du jeu vidéo, cette émission vous permettra de découvrir ce qui se passe derrière le miroir et a été très bien réalisée.

La version complète est disponible via ce lien:


The uncensored truth about Creatures 4

Monday, August 22nd, 2011

Hi Creatures fans!

We’re finally back from Gamescom and it’s been an incredibly exhausting yet satisfying experience. The Creatures 4 team worked extremely hard to get the game to the state it was at the show and while we’re still far from our goal, most of the guys on the team have not slept for some time and really worked their ass off to deliver the demo on time.

Since the lid on the project PR has been lifted I can now talk more freely about the game and give you most of the information you’ve been eagerly waiting for. Before reading on, please keep in mind a couple of important points:

Creatures 4 is more than a new chapter in the series. It’s a complete reboot for the Creatures IP and this means several things I will tackle in this post; most of all, it means that we wish the game to be an evolving product which will hopefully stay with us a long time. Free-to-play games  live as long as there are players to support them and who allow us developers to listen to community requests and feedback to make the game better and richer with content. We see the initial version of the game as a starting point which we will improve upon with updates and new content.

So, let’s get to it…


Paf le Chien en fanfare sur iOS et Android

Monday, April 18th, 2011

Paf sur Android et iPhoneAdictiz écoute ses fans, qui réclament à corps et à cris l’arrivée de leur chien préféré sur leur téléphone et c’est Fishing Cactus qui s’en occupe :)

Paf le Chien est enfin arrivé sur iPhone & Android ! L’AppStore et le Google Market n’ont pas pu résister aux assauts du chien préféré du web ! Gratuitement en plus. Il n’est pas passé inaperçu par les joueurs puisqu’il est actuellement en tête du chart gratuit FRANCAIS sur l’AppStore..

Paf Le Chien disponible sur iTunes AppStore iPhone
Version iPhone

Paf le Chien disponible sur Android Google Market
Version Android

Paf le Chien sur iPhone et Android

Paf le Chien, vous connaissez surement la blague, mais connaissez-vous le jeu ? Après avoir séduit plus de 7 millions d’utilisateurs sur Facebook, le voici qui débarque enfin sur iPhone et Android.

Le principe est sympa et simple : donnez un bon lancé à Paf le Chien à l’aide de vos doigts pour le faire s’envoler le plus loin possible tout en rebondissant sur les poules (ou dindes) qui parsèment le parcours. Paf le Chien ne demande qu’un peu d’habileté pour exploser les records de distance.

Personnalisez Paf avec des items pour améliorer ses performances. La fusée ou le deltaplane vous feront planer plus longtemps alors que les super poules augmenteront l’efficacité de vos rebonds. En tout 5 objets peuvent être utilisés pour atteindre la première place du classement mondial.

Vous pouvez même comparer votre score avec vos amis sur Facebook, Twitter ou via la plateforme sociale OpenFeint. Réussirez-vous à battre les 30 défis que Paf vous propose?


• JEU GRATUIT (c’est déjà pas mal) !!!
• Un jeu défouloir au gameplay simple et addictif
• 5 objets différents à utiliser et combiner (et plus à venir)
• Plateforme sociale OpenFeint (sur Android ET iPhone)
• 30 défis et classements mondiaux
• Connectivité Facebook et Twitter et comparaison en temps réel de vos scores avec vos amis

Pour terminer nous sommes attentifs aux commentaires des joueurs, si vous voulez de nouveaux objets, diminution de la publicité ? Un petit commentaire positif et constructif suffit !

Faites passer le mot, nous débloquerons 1 nouvel objet si nous atteignons 200.000 téléchargements.