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Rant time: On reviewers setting price expectations for consumers

Thursday, February 24th, 2011

Rant: On reviewers setting consumer price expectations.

These days it’s a common thing to read quotes like “the game is overpriced for what it offers”, “the game should have a campaign, without it, I’m not buying it”, “really, only 50 levels?”.

Fine, no problem about this, WHEN TALKhomer_rantING ABOUT 50€/$ games!

Those quotes actually come from 1$ games’ reviews, and not only from the consumer themselves (who I don’t expect to be familiar with game development), but also from professional reviewers. I’m doing a fair bit of “everyone in the same basket” here, no offense.

I’m addressing this issue after reading this review of SHIFT Extended (PSP Minis) which states: “At 3.99, it is extremely over-priced, regardless of the number of levels available”… Now let’s consider that SHIFT Extended has gathered very positive reviews and is ranked high up there with the best PSP Minis games, offers around 4 hours of gameplay, took some months to produce and that…well, 3.99$ is less than the price for a movie ticket. (not trying to advertise SHIFT Extended, just making clear it is viewed as a fairly good game).

Is this a far-sighted advice to consumers from someone who is supposed to know how game development works?

Don’t think so.