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Epistory: Fluffy Friday #2 – Adding critters.

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2015

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Bite sized news for small stuff. Today: Adding critters.


After our world building, level crafting & dungeon inaugurating, we were left with a grim realization. For all the beauty in display, we were missing something crucial. We had a beautiful but empty painting. A canvas ready for: Life! *crackling thunder*

critters idle2

So, here they are presented with their idle animation. Minding their own business until you come along:

critters run2 text2

They’ll spawn in small groups where it’s relevant and flee when you come close. Now that the system is in place we could add more variety if we find the time. It’s not completely done but I can already tell you it adds a lot to the look & feel of the game.

We’ll show more soon and I wish you a nice week.

Creatures Online Update #49

Thursday, August 21st, 2014

Weekly Update #49: “Surprise” animation and Android version

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Hello everybody,

This last week we made the Norns more reactive to what happens around them: they will do a “surprised” animation when an object appears next to them (after buying one in the shop, for example) and most of the time will look sad when another Norn dies near them.

Also, we continued to work on the Android version. For example, we fixed a bug with Norns sometimes appearing with a totally black texture.

That’s all! Have a nice week!




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