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Weekly Update #64

Monday, February 2nd, 2015

Weekly Update #64 – Why is debugging mandatory?

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Hello everybody,

Concerning the main advancements of last week:
- We fixed a bug with the “rubber band” (the line you can draw from a Norn to an object on mobile device to give orders more easily) which was not displayed
- We also fixed some compilation errors (Unicode related)

…and that’s all. Sorry to have only some debugging information to share with you once again, but debugging is mandatory (unless you would like to have this kind of Norns).

Have a nice week!


Most plants can’t be grown underwater, but some of them can.


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Creatures Online Update #49

Thursday, August 21st, 2014

Weekly Update #49: “Surprise” animation and Android version

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Hello everybody,

This last week we made the Norns more reactive to what happens around them: they will do a “surprised” animation when an object appears next to them (after buying one in the shop, for example) and most of the time will look sad when another Norn dies near them.

Also, we continued to work on the Android version. For example, we fixed a bug with Norns sometimes appearing with a totally black texture.

That’s all! Have a nice week!




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Creatures Online Update #39

Tuesday, June 10th, 2014

Weekly update #39: The Nests Crash

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Hello everybody :)

This week we fixed one remaining crash with the nests (when teleporting a Norn which was in a nest).

The game can now also supports Turquish localization, we just need the translated corresponding Excel file.

There was also some various tasks done such as a better transaction history, a small modification of our way of building versions sent for testing, and we also implemented a way for us to easily interact with the Java libraries specific to Android.

That’s all for this week ! We wish you a nice week-end!




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