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The traditional Christmas newsletter and our wishes for 2014

Tuesday, December 24th, 2013


Dear Santa,

We have been very good and prolific this year. Now and then we have been oddly and spiky but most of the time as jolly as a cactus can be.

The Cacti worked so hard this year, I am afraid they are just about to turn a little bit grinchy. You know how it is, especially at this time of the year. I guess your elves are busy and grumpy too. At least, I hope your reindeers, penguins and polar bears are getting along. Talking about penguins, we may have got something for you: it’s a game called Learn 2 Fly. We’ve been working on it for a year now and it’s almost finished. Don’t hesitate to spread the word!



Fortunately, we will invest the new building by the middle of January which should make us merry as crickets. It will be the perfect occasion to rest and have a joyful feast.



Our planning for 2014 looks promising: There is an opportunity to develop more Fishing Cactus branded games.

We started with Algo-Bot. This serious game has been developed for Technobel with the participation of the EU. They were so satisfied that they allowed us to extend the development and commercialize as a full game. That brings us to a brand new adventure: crowdfunding. If by any chance you are interested in coding, Santa, it’s the right game for you. Cherry on top, the game recently won two awards: Top 5 best indie game at Indie Prize Showcase and Best Serious Game HR – Training at Serious Game Expo.



Not to be outdone, our other projects are making good progress. In particular, the game we are developing with Child Focus. This one is going to be pure genius. It’s a serious game meant to make teenagers responsible and aware of their use of social networks.

Let’s talk less serious! We just signed a game that will keep us busy in 2014. This game officially gave us the Wii U developer status. So, don’t be surprised if you find our games on your list in the future.pelican_pano_north_pole

So many different games, wonderful universes, beautiful ornaments that are Fishing Cactus’ pride with on tree-topper, Piratoons an awesome pirate game that will also be released under Fishing Cactus brand early 2015.

All this blabla to tell you something, Santa, we have been very kind this year but we don’t need anything for ourselves. If you really want to give us a present, it would be great if you could visit our friends and all the people we had the chance to work with and fill their socks with Candy Canes and beer because we want nothing more than thank them this year.

Thank you and best wishes for 2014.

The Fishing Cactus Team

Best Wishes For 2013 and Happy Holidays

Wednesday, December 26th, 2012


Time has come to thank every single person who supported Fishing Cactus during this smashing year. Last year, we were in a hurry for sharing our wishes but this time, and because it’s beginning to look a lot like 2013 (and because we survived the 21st of December of course!), it seems like it’s the right time to have a look at what we have done this year and what’s coming for the new year.


Walking on a Cactus Wonderland

The time when we’ll put our spiky foot on the floor of the Fishing Cactus brand new building is approaching. Santa signed our loans and validated our plans. All we have to do now is to place the first concrete block. Planned for early 2013, we’ll of course celebrate it accordingly!

Fishing Cactus goes to China in 2013

Fishing Cactus just signed for a video games training in China from the 4th to the 15th of March. For the occasion, one Artist and one Game Designer will fly to Asia to represent us there and coordinate small art teams (think GameJam).

Tales From the gaming trenches

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when at the glow of their screens, the cacti asked themselves: “what have we done this year?”

First of all, we worked for a very well-known publisher (soon to be announced). The work we have been delivering opens us doors to other collaborations. You’ll learn more about the game by the end of January.

We collaborated with Reak-Lab and White Laser Games on a web browser game called Thormae. It should reach beta stage just before February. The team in charge of the game has spoiled their baby and it is now time to see all pieces come together for the final polishing phase.

Next, we are quite glad to say that Creatures 4 which we have been developing with Big Ben Interactive for more than a year is finally on a roll. After quite long wait, we are on the verge of signing a distribution deal with a big player in the online games industry who will be responsible for the distribution of C4.

Then, as many of you already know, Fishing Cactus has been working for a while on Serious Gaming. Our passion and our faculty to simply turn serious things into awesome games, gave us the opportunity to work on many different projects this year.

One of those projects that makes us very proud is called Algo-bot. The game aims to teach you, in a very Fishing Cactus fun way, the basics of programming logic. But we’ll tell you more about it on a next post :-)



Last word

As you can guess, it has been a very interesting year and from the team point of view, things have been rockin’ around the Christmas Tree! Best wishes for 2013 and have a happy holiday!

Promos to Redeem Before the World Ends (Update: World-End delayed – Promos cont’d thru Xmas)

Wednesday, December 19th, 2012

Edit: The End of the World got delayed apparently. The Mayans must have mis-calculated the timeline; we know the feeling ;-) In celebration, we extend all promotions through Christmas!

Edit #2: Rumor has it that the World did end yesterday, but the government covered it up. Not sure what to believe anymore :-/


Christmas comes early this year as we’d like you to have at least a few days to enjoy our promoted titles before the End of the World, which apparently is scheduled by the Mayans for this Friday.

First of all, Swappin’: our iOS and Android spelling game is now FREE to download! If you didn’t train your brain by playing it yet, this is your chance to die a bit cleverer. Wanna find out how it fares among other spelling games? Check out the AppAdvice quick review.

If you happen to be a French-speaking word-lover, you might also be interested in “Mots Croisés”, from our friends over at BigBen Interactive. It has also been dropped to FREE for the holidays season. Grab it now!

The last present is currently half-priced during the Holiday Season, also in partnership with BigBen. Judge Dee will bring you to medieval China in an iPad investigation game that is temporarily available for only US$ 3.99 (€ 3.59) instead of the usual US$ 7.99 (€ 5.99), for a limited time only!

Winter sausages & Star Wars

Thursday, December 17th, 2009

To celebrate Christmas and the departure of our interns, we did our tradtionnal winter BBQ and setup our illuminated Yoda Christmas tree!

Winter at Fishing Cactus

We are not Blizzard but this looks real snow no?

Winter at Fishing Cactus

As usual our BBQ features big sausages :) I’d like to thank Armand, Andreas and Marco for this delicious BBQ.

Yoda Christmas Tree

For those who missed the new blog theme take a look top left of this screen.