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Creatures Online Update #45

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014

Weekly Update #45: The Crafting Machine in detail

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Hello everybody ,

Sorry for the late weekly update ! It will be a bit different today. Between the technical tasks, fixes and things which cannot be showed because still in progress, I can’t really do the usual update. So let’s say a bit more about the Crafting machine instead.


Right above, you can see a simple screenshot of the crafting interface. It allows you to obtain some objects by combining various components. It mainly means that you have another way to obtain objects / agents (rather than buying them with the coins generated with time).

The components are obtained when Norns do actions (watering / cleansing a plant, using a toy, tickling a critter…), so it may be interesting to “push” new players to experiment the various actions Norns can do.

If you don’t have the required resources, you can buy them with some Golden Eggs, but all resources can be found in normal gameplay.

The categories on the left are still subject to change, but you will be able to craft genes to be used with the Splicing machine or potions / food for the item kit.

That’s all ! Have a nice day^^.

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