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Shifting World 3DS hits retail on 04/24 in the US

Monday, April 23rd, 2012

More than 20 million players have enjoyed the Shift series of puzzle platformers on Flash, iPhone and Android. Tomorrow Fishing Cactus, Armor Games and Aksys Games are proud to see the Nintendo 3DS version of Shift, called Shifting World, hit the retail market.

You’ll find the game on the shelves in the US tomorrow (04-24), on the 26th in Japan (named Shifting World: “Shiro to Kuro no Meikyuu”! so cool!) (by Arc System Works) and finally in Europe around June?

What are you waiting for? Go grab it!

Announcing Creatures 4 on iOS, Mac and PC

Wednesday, May 18th, 2011

creatures 4 norn icon ios apple iphoneTime to reveal one of the big project currently going on at Fishing Cactus, so here we go.

Bigben Interactive, Gameware and Fishing Cactus will re-envigorating the adorable CREATURES series in 2011! A little history, from 1996 to 2001, those lovely felines have entertained over 2 million players on PC, Playstation and handheld formats. Many awards have been won for the AI running behind the game and a major global game franchise established.

10 years after, Fishing Cactus, Bigben and Gameware are set to deliver a brand new game based on this incredible license. For thos who already know everything about Creatures, what this version is all about? The approach will be to maintain the characteristics and integrity of the earlier games. The new opus will be free-to-play and available on PC/Mac and iOS platforms – iPod, iPhone and iPad. A collector gift box full of surprises will also be created.

creatures4 new artwork screenshot

For the new born, what is Creatures all about?

Creatures models real biological systems inside your device. They come complete with their own biochemistry, brains, digital DNA, and an environment in which to live. It is a simulation game very much like the Sims but in a much more complex way!

None of the behaviors you will see in the game has been specifically programmed. The Creatures make their own choices, and learn from their mistakes. You guide them through their lives, helping them through the bad patches and enjoying the good times. When they become adults, your Creatures can mate, and their children have their own unique genetic material (meaning look).

The possibilities are boundless. Everything from their poses to the individual chemical reactions inside their bloodstream are genetically specified. Who knows? A tenth generation creature could possibly be considerably more intelligent than those you start with.

Creatures is all about Artificial Life. By modelling the building blocks of life, we believe it is possible to recreate life-like behaviours inside a digital device. From the original Creatures, released in 1996 to Creatures Docking Station, our free, internet-enabled, fully-featured title, we’ve been releasing the Norns, Ettins and Grendels of Albia to the world, where they’ve charmed players of all ages and introduced countless to the wonders of Artificial Life, genetics, biochemistry and programming through Creatures’ unique and advanced technology and engaging gameplay.