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Master F.I.N.D with Child Focus

Monday, May 5th, 2014


Is your teen safe on social networks?

Master F.I.N.D, the game we developed with Child Focus is the right tool to show him the dangers of social networking.

If used safely, social networking sites lets teens keep in touch with their friends and helps them express themselves. Our game is meant to help them understand the importance of keeping a bit of privacy and setting up properly their confidentiality settings. 

In this investigation game, your teens will play a web-detective and fight the cyber criminality. They will have to join a group of detectives from the F.I.N.D and infiltrate e-Talk (a Facebook-like network) to find clues, analyze them and use high tech super powers that will help support complex investigations and solve the most serious crimes.



 Master F.I.N.D is available in Dutch and French for FREE!


Dutch version:







French version:



En ligne:



Interview in Telemoustique

Thursday, December 31st, 2009

We’ve been recently interviewed by the popular Belgian magazine Telemoustique. While we are waiting a little bit for a complete scan of the paper version you can already find a big part of the interview directly on the magazine’s website and more specifically here. The interview is in French.

I’m also taking some time now to wish you a happy new year!