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Kickstarter momentarily canceled

Wednesday, February 5th, 2014

reboot_soonWe are profoundly grateful to those of you who backed Algo-Bot but the Kickstarter has to be momentarily canceled for important modifications.

It stills only 10 days to go and we still haven’t reached the 10% threshold of funding :) . Except if by an unexpected miracle the game raises $55,000 in a week, we won’t make it. Let’s be honest, the project raises approximately 150 bucks a day. No need to tell you that it’s not enough.

A deep analysis of our project and your comments showed us that we have 2 important problems that must be solved: poor visibility on the project (especially in the US) and thecommunication of the goals of the project.

 The communication

After talking with some of you and reading your comments, it appears that we have serious issues with our communication.  

First of all the message is not clear, what this game exactly is? Is it a game or a learning tool? For whom this game is meant for? Is it for kids, Programmers or programming students?

For example, according to Programmers, the inner-joke headlines were funny but could scare non-programmers. It remains a problem because the game is not only meant for Programmers and can be enjoyed by puzzle lovers? See? The message should be simplified.

The visibility

The press coverage we had represents 2% of the funds we raised which is nothing compared to your shares on social networks that raised nearly 43% of it. Thank you for that by the way!

The error we made here, was to count on press coverage to bring us backers instead of counting on our Kickstarter page to bring us backers and press coverage as a result of popularity.

One says that success doesn’t have to be a goal but always a consequence.


That’s the reason why we decided to cancel Algo-Bot KS campaign for a few months. Just the time to re-arrange the page and make the communication clearer and we’ll be back on Kickstarter. In the meantime our Greenlight campaign goes really well and be sure to spread the word around so the game can continue its ascension.

Finally, you, our beloved backers are welcome to sign up to Algo-Bot Newsletter to keep an eye on the project. Also, if you have any idea to improve the page, let us know! Thank you again for your support!  

Now live on Steam Greenlight!

Tuesday, January 28th, 2014

We’ve gone ahead and posted Algo-Bot on Steam.

By voting for Algo-Bot on Greenlight, you increase the chances that Valve will distribute the game through Steam. This is pretty important for improving the game’s visibility, and provides a secure, reliable way of distributing the game files automatically to our users.




Greenlight is extremely competitive, so if you’re excited about Algo-Bot, share the Greenlight link with your friends and vote “YES”! Your move!

Thank you!

Happy Programmers’ Day

Friday, September 13th, 2013

A few months ago, we celebrated the Moustache Day. Yesterday was the Video Games Day and we celebrated it, as well, the best we could by spending more time with games we like. But today is one of the most important days of the year for Fishing Cactus. Today is the Programmers’ Day and we decided to make a special post dedicated to our beloved programmers who are working very hard these days on a couple of secret awesome new games.  Also, we would like to thank programmers all over the world for the good work they do to improve our everyday lives.


 Nowadays, coding is coming to every industry you can think of. From your Facebook page to your newspaper online, including games and apps on your Smartphone, it’s everywhere. Without even knowing it, coding turns out to be the most important and desirable skill there is. It’s huge part of our future. At Fishing Cactus we are completely aware of that and that’s the reason why our Artists and Game Designers worked hand in hand with our Programmers to create a very special game named Algo-Bot. Games are mostly related to coding, now discover a game that offers a real coding experience.


Check out Algo-Bot’s Facebook page for more information about this coming game and feel free to spread the word all around you.

Creatures Online: live session round up

Thursday, July 4th, 2013

Creatures Online is now over and we would like to thank all the 85 of you who were on the chat and TUNED in to our Q/A. Special thanks to the ambassadors who helped in moderating this wonderful session. Our final thank is for ProSiebenSat.1 Games and Bigben Interactive who support us in our efforts.

Over 190 persons have seen the recorded version that was available on our twitch channel. Unfortunately this video has been deleted by But thanks to HelloInterloper, a version with the live chat has been recorded as well. And for those who haven’t seen those videos yet, you will be pleased to find below a third version with devs annotations.

We were extremely happy with the response to the livestream, hopefully we can get around to stream the game again up until the release.


Promos to Redeem Before the World Ends (Update: World-End delayed – Promos cont’d thru Xmas)

Wednesday, December 19th, 2012

Edit: The End of the World got delayed apparently. The Mayans must have mis-calculated the timeline; we know the feeling ;-) In celebration, we extend all promotions through Christmas!

Edit #2: Rumor has it that the World did end yesterday, but the government covered it up. Not sure what to believe anymore :-/


Christmas comes early this year as we’d like you to have at least a few days to enjoy our promoted titles before the End of the World, which apparently is scheduled by the Mayans for this Friday.

First of all, Swappin’: our iOS and Android spelling game is now FREE to download! If you didn’t train your brain by playing it yet, this is your chance to die a bit cleverer. Wanna find out how it fares among other spelling games? Check out the AppAdvice quick review.

If you happen to be a French-speaking word-lover, you might also be interested in “Mots Croisés”, from our friends over at BigBen Interactive. It has also been dropped to FREE for the holidays season. Grab it now!

The last present is currently half-priced during the Holiday Season, also in partnership with BigBen. Judge Dee will bring you to medieval China in an iPad investigation game that is temporarily available for only US$ 3.99 (€ 3.59) instead of the usual US$ 7.99 (€ 5.99), for a limited time only!

Shifting World 3DS available in European stores!

Thursday, September 13th, 2012

Shifting World Demo free on eShopAs you probably already know Shift is one of our biggest successes, with almost 16 millions players worldwide, and we are developing and porting it from one platform to another as fast as we can offering you each time a new game experience and new content to have fun with. This time around, it’s the Nintendo 3DS we are shifting.

We started developing this new edition in December 2011 in partnership with the owner of the license Armor Games and two different publishers, Rising Star Games for Europe and Aksys in the US. The game has been released in Europe last friday! And if you want to try it before buying it, a free demo version is on the Nintendo eShop on your 3DS!

Don’t lose this opportunity because Shifting World will totally plunge you inside the world of Shift and this time in full-on 3D!! And that’s not a gimmick either, it truly affects gameplay here. You will have to constantly switch between 3D and 2D views to find your way through 60 levels and 5 worlds. In the demo version you will have access to one level and you won’t be able to play the Time Attack Mode, the option that allows you to play the game against the clock, but you’ll basically get just about enough to fall in love with the game!

Flip your 3DS open and download the Shifting World demo right now!

Fishing Cactus – “tout s’explique” sur RTL-TVI

Friday, September 16th, 2011

Hier soir, Fishing Cactus était une fois de plus sur les feux de la rampe sur les chaînes francophones Belges. Cette fois-ci c’est dans la très populaire émission “tout s’explique” de RTL-TVI qui était consacrée, devinez à quoi? Aux jeux vidéos bien entendu!

C’est près de 10 minutes de séquence vidéo pour une journée complète de tournage dans nos locaux. D’autres sociétés sont bien entendues mise en avant, l’autre studio emblématique en Belgique, Larian Studios et les classiques Ubisoft ou Insomniac. Si vous ne connaissez rien au monde du jeu vidéo, cette émission vous permettra de découvrir ce qui se passe derrière le miroir et a été très bien réalisée.

La version complète est disponible via ce lien:


Paf le Chien en fanfare sur iOS et Android

Monday, April 18th, 2011

Paf sur Android et iPhoneAdictiz écoute ses fans, qui réclament à corps et à cris l’arrivée de leur chien préféré sur leur téléphone et c’est Fishing Cactus qui s’en occupe :)

Paf le Chien est enfin arrivé sur iPhone & Android ! L’AppStore et le Google Market n’ont pas pu résister aux assauts du chien préféré du web ! Gratuitement en plus. Il n’est pas passé inaperçu par les joueurs puisqu’il est actuellement en tête du chart gratuit FRANCAIS sur l’AppStore..

Paf Le Chien disponible sur iTunes AppStore iPhone
Version iPhone

Paf le Chien disponible sur Android Google Market
Version Android

Paf le Chien sur iPhone et Android

Paf le Chien, vous connaissez surement la blague, mais connaissez-vous le jeu ? Après avoir séduit plus de 7 millions d’utilisateurs sur Facebook, le voici qui débarque enfin sur iPhone et Android.

Le principe est sympa et simple : donnez un bon lancé à Paf le Chien à l’aide de vos doigts pour le faire s’envoler le plus loin possible tout en rebondissant sur les poules (ou dindes) qui parsèment le parcours. Paf le Chien ne demande qu’un peu d’habileté pour exploser les records de distance.

Personnalisez Paf avec des items pour améliorer ses performances. La fusée ou le deltaplane vous feront planer plus longtemps alors que les super poules augmenteront l’efficacité de vos rebonds. En tout 5 objets peuvent être utilisés pour atteindre la première place du classement mondial.

Vous pouvez même comparer votre score avec vos amis sur Facebook, Twitter ou via la plateforme sociale OpenFeint. Réussirez-vous à battre les 30 défis que Paf vous propose?


• JEU GRATUIT (c’est déjà pas mal) !!!
• Un jeu défouloir au gameplay simple et addictif
• 5 objets différents à utiliser et combiner (et plus à venir)
• Plateforme sociale OpenFeint (sur Android ET iPhone)
• 30 défis et classements mondiaux
• Connectivité Facebook et Twitter et comparaison en temps réel de vos scores avec vos amis

Pour terminer nous sommes attentifs aux commentaires des joueurs, si vous voulez de nouveaux objets, diminution de la publicité ? Un petit commentaire positif et constructif suffit !

Faites passer le mot, nous débloquerons 1 nouvel objet si nous atteignons 200.000 téléchargements.