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Fishing Cactus keeps growing!

Friday, August 31st, 2012

Fishing Cactus - Silvia cactusIt’s kinda strange writing my own presentation and publishing it. It’s like asking yourself the questions and giving the answers at the same time , but… that’s how it is, so I won’t hesitate any longer.

Since a few weeks you have probably noticed (and I definitely hope so, otherwise I’ll need to wake you up a bit more, I guess!) our blog has finally become more active. Yea, well, there’s someone behind it, and that someone is me! Nice to meet you, Fishing Cactus fans, I’m your new PR Manager. Bruno has great plans for me (I hear an evil “MOUHAHAHA” behind me)…


Fishing Cactus - Silvia welcome


Interview in Telemoustique

Thursday, December 31st, 2009

We’ve been recently interviewed by the popular Belgian magazine Telemoustique. While we are waiting a little bit for a complete scan of the paper version you can already find a big part of the interview directly on the magazine’s website and more specifically here. The interview is in French.

I’m also taking some time now to wish you a happy new year!