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Help us Greenlight “Eyeball Invaders” on Steam!

Monday, September 24th, 2012

It started as a collective effort … Pretty soon Nature prevailed.

Eyeballs Invaders have landed on a mysterious planet and they need to get as many energy orbs as they can to build themselves a new spaceship. Only one tiny problem: there’s not enough room on the replacement shuttle for all of them. Let the massacre begins, cause in the end, only one will survive and go home!

The Eyeball Invaders is a free to play fast-paced multi-player action game for PC, Mac and Linux in which each player takes control of one of many different eyeball-like character and jumps his way through 5 wonderful planets and 150 tricky levels.

The Eyeball Invaders - ThumbDiscover The Eyeball Invaders world through an exciting single player adventure mode or tackle the challenges with your friends! The game will let you challenge up to seven other players over five hectic modes of play, for some local eight-player brawling madness! And if you prefer playing online, go through the steam community and game integrated lobbies to find yourself more challengers!

Control your jump power and leap left or right to catch the Orbs in the glimpse of an eye. Stick to the walls and use them as launching platforms to jump even further! Watchwords: jump, stick and brawl! Feels like something you’d like to play? Then do something about it and head over to Steam Community, where we’re waiting for your votes to get Greenlit!

Vote for The Eyeball Invaders here!

Slash them all in Slash Monsters!

Tuesday, August 14th, 2012

Have you ever dreamt of imposing your hands to make things move like the Mini Darth Vader does in the famous Volkswagen commercial? Imagine being able to do just that with the power of your bare fingertips! In our new free game Slash Monsters, you slash your way through 6 challenging worlds and 36 adrenaline-pumping levels!

Slash Monsters is a free marine action game in cartoon-style coming out by the end of this month. All kinds of mutant monsters are lurking deep under the sea to invade the Planet!

Your final goal will be to save the sweet starfishes from some nasty pink mutant octopi that are after them. Octopi are not their only enemy: jellyfishes, worms and sea urchins want to wipe out these helpless creatures! Can you slash them all before it’s too late?

Many awesome combos will help you earn more pearls and unlock new achievements. But that’s not it: you can also compete with your friends on who is the most lethal slayer!

Screenshot Slash Monsters iOS Android Gratos Gratuit Free

More info will be shared soon, so stay tuned to hear more about Slash Monsters and how to save the ocean from the deep sea invaders!