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Kickstarter momentarily canceled

Wednesday, February 5th, 2014

reboot_soonWe are profoundly grateful to those of you who backed Algo-Bot but the Kickstarter has to be momentarily canceled for important modifications.

It stills only 10 days to go and we still haven’t reached the 10% threshold of funding :) . Except if by an unexpected miracle the game raises $55,000 in a week, we won’t make it. Let’s be honest, the project raises approximately 150 bucks a day. No need to tell you that it’s not enough.

A deep analysis of our project and your comments showed us that we have 2 important problems that must be solved: poor visibility on the project (especially in the US) and thecommunication of the goals of the project.

 The communication

After talking with some of you and reading your comments, it appears that we have serious issues with our communication.  

First of all the message is not clear, what this game exactly is? Is it a game or a learning tool? For whom this game is meant for? Is it for kids, Programmers or programming students?

For example, according to Programmers, the inner-joke headlines were funny but could scare non-programmers. It remains a problem because the game is not only meant for Programmers and can be enjoyed by puzzle lovers? See? The message should be simplified.

The visibility

The press coverage we had represents 2% of the funds we raised which is nothing compared to your shares on social networks that raised nearly 43% of it. Thank you for that by the way!

The error we made here, was to count on press coverage to bring us backers instead of counting on our Kickstarter page to bring us backers and press coverage as a result of popularity.

One says that success doesn’t have to be a goal but always a consequence.


That’s the reason why we decided to cancel Algo-Bot KS campaign for a few months. Just the time to re-arrange the page and make the communication clearer and we’ll be back on Kickstarter. In the meantime our Greenlight campaign goes really well and be sure to spread the word around so the game can continue its ascension.

Finally, you, our beloved backers are welcome to sign up to Algo-Bot Newsletter to keep an eye on the project. Also, if you have any idea to improve the page, let us know! Thank you again for your support!  

Now live on Steam Greenlight!

Tuesday, January 28th, 2014

We’ve gone ahead and posted Algo-Bot on Steam.

By voting for Algo-Bot on Greenlight, you increase the chances that Valve will distribute the game through Steam. This is pretty important for improving the game’s visibility, and provides a secure, reliable way of distributing the game files automatically to our users.




Greenlight is extremely competitive, so if you’re excited about Algo-Bot, share the Greenlight link with your friends and vote “YES”! Your move!

Thank you!

[Kickstarter Update #3] Internal Level Editor

Monday, January 27th, 2014

[Watch it on Kickstarter]

Hi folks!  

Thank you again for your pledges and support! As you can see, the project gets slowly funded, backer by backer but hey! Rome wasn’t built in a day! Was it?

We noticed that one reason may be the poor visibility we have on the project and it would help a lot to be featured by Kickstarter. According to my sources, one of the statistics that Kickstarter uses to determine who gets featured on the main page is the number of “Finished plays” which means the number of time your video has been entirely seen. We currently have 21,59% of plays completed and we need that number up over 75%. So, here’s my request: Please click play on the main project video, and let it play all the way to the very end. This is super important!

Now, let’s talk about something way sexier. I mean the Level Editor! Many of you backed $80 to have an early access to it and therefore the ability to submit your own levels for the final version of the game. So, we decided to briefly show you how it works. Please keep in mind that this editor is our internal version and it’s not as user friendly as the one you’ll get. Ladies and Gentlemen, please a standing ovation for Guillaume Bouckaert and his level editing presentation!


Hope you enjoyed it!  

Thank you for your support, and thank you for telling your friends about the project!  

- The team



[Kickstarter Update #2] Be the first people to see our new offices :)

Tuesday, January 21st, 2014

update_blog_#2[Read it on Kickstarter]

It’s Day 6 and we are only 5% funded. It’s still a looonnng way home. So don’t forget to share this campaign with your friends, your colleagues, your social network and all the programmers and puzzle lovers you know.

I know that, at almost a week from the beginning of the campaign, you’d like to see updates about the game but we have been very busy moving in our new office this weekend. As a proof, here is some pictures and a video of the weekend. 

You know what’s fantastic with the new building? WINDOWS! We now have windows and it’s just awesome. I am sure it will help us to increase our productivity. 


Thank you again dear backers!

If you have questions don’t hesitate to contact us.

Speak to you very soon!

-The team


Here’s the link again to share it around you:

[Kickstarter Update #1] 24 hours later…

Tuesday, January 21st, 2014


[Read it on Kickstarter]

From everybody here at Fishing Cactus: Thank you <3. Thank you for being fans Of Algo-Bot , thank you for spreading the word about it and thank you so much for the support you have shown us in your comments!

Depending on how the development is coming along, we will be posting some new prototypes or screenshots later this week to keep everyone enticed. If there is anything you want us to show or have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask them by dropping a comment in the comment section or sending a private message to this account.  

We are also happy with the overwhelmingly positive press we’ve received for Algo-Bot so far. Here are some highlights:

“I’ve played through several levels, and so far I can tell that Fishing Cactus has a good thing going (…) I’d highly recommend pledging to this cause, as Algo-Bot has found my favor”  The - Steven Cathy

“Seuls deux mondes étaient accessibles dans la version envoyée à la rédaction, mais ils permettaient de se faire un premier avis assez positif sur les mécaniques d’apprentissages” Gamekult – Boulapoire

“un jeu de type puzzle qui a pour ambition d’amuser mais aussi d’initier au code informatique ceux qui le souhaitent. Apprendre en s’amusant, ça c’est un concept sympathique.” Mondes Persistants – Arkehyna

Gamershell – Silviu Gheorghe

GhostStorm – Stephen Quinn

Pixelbbq – Brice Rebillard

We can’t tell you yet if the game will be a success but we can already tell you that it’s gonna be an incredible adventure. Seeing the team holding its breath when I pressed “Launch” really worthed it!

Thank you again!  

- The Team

Paf le Chien s’update, 750.000 joueurs déjà!

Wednesday, May 25th, 2011

Paf sur Android et iPhoneLa mise à jour tant attendue de Paf le Chien a été validée aujourd’hui par Apple et elle est lourde en modifications! Fishing Cactus et Adictiz vous ont décidément préparé de très bonnes choses.

Avant de rentrer dans le détail, on pensait à vous remercier pour les nombreux téléchargements du jeu, en effet c’est plus de 750.000 joueurs iPhone qui ont pu déjà s’essayer au lancer de petit chien! Clairement nous n’espérions pas atteindre ce chiffre en à peine un mois et demi. Du coup au lieu de 1 nouveau objet, nous sommes arrivés avec une mise à jour intégrant 2 nouveaux objets! Du coté de l’Android, les téléchargements sont plus faibles (presque 100.000 joueurs) et pourtant nous avons une communauté stable qui grandit de jour en jour et qui est très active. Nous avons rencontré pas mal de problèmes techniques mais nous sommes en train de faire le nécessaire pour améliorer notre code Android et vous donner entière satisfaction sur un maximum de téléphones!

Alors au programme de cette update iPhone (la prochaine update Android aura le même contenu):

- Deux nouveaux objets, dont 1 est gratuit. L’os (objet gratuit) nécessitera des meilleurs joueurs une dextérité sans faille pour atteindre des distances encore plus folles!
– Ajout du Apple Gamecenter incluant 32 achievements ainsi qu’un classement mondial pour les meilleurs joueurs
– Possibilité de couper le son et la musique
– Nous avons fixé plusieurs problèmes avec les ailes en papier ainsi que la collision avec les poules
– Meilleure intégration de Twitter et Facebook pour partager encore plus facilement vos scores avec vos amis
– Réduction du nombre d’affichages de l’écran de publicité et ajout d’un timer
– Ajout d’un système pour évaluer Paf le Chien (on compte sur vous pour faire monter la note du jeu)

La prochaine étape pour le jeu est d’atteindre 1 million de joueurs, nous rajouterons alors encore un nouvel objet et quelques éléments bonus. On compte donc sur vous!

:Shift: iPhone featured in Edge

Friday, September 4th, 2009

Shift iPhoneShift has been featured as one of the best 50 iphone / ipod touch games in the famous gaming magazine EDGE.

Here’s what they say about the game: “The sharp presentation and ingenious level design will make you flip the gameworld around to get your character to the exit. There’s not much to it, but what there is still make your head hurt.”

I take the opportunity of this post to remind you that we made a big and free update on the game adding several brand new levels.